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Why must I see your shadow everywhere I go?

I spot a man in a well-fitting suit and think of you. I wonder what kind of style you dig; and if love is a type of ocean, how deep would you sink? Would you float in emotions and let it carry you away? I see a man in headphones and think of you. I wonder if I’ll forever be alone or like the music he listens to, soothes his heart; you will be to me, you will be mine. Like fine wine, I want a love that matures into fruition. I want a love that takes me to a place of no contemplation but satisfaction and guarantee that my partner will be by my side; to tuck me in, hold me close, make me tea, share everything; from life’s teachings and challenges to achieving the highest chi.

I spot a man holding his partner lovingly and think of you. I wonder what kind of arms and hands you have. I wonder if they are strong enough to shelter me from the storm. Are they able to carry me home when I am injured, hurt, lonely, troubled or in need of our silent and peaceful place? Your hands must be made to fit in mine, for I haven’t yet met someone whose hands locked in mine, felt perfect. I haven’t yet met someone whose love fused in mine felt absolute and doubtless. I think of your lips. How will they taste in mine? Maybe as fresh as our love or tasteless, for we will be one of the same in disguise of a kiss.

I spot a smart, caring, brilliant, supportive and understanding man and think of you. Are these some of your qualities? Are these the qualities that make a man? I need you to be more than these qualities. Your presence will be a rarity, for like a gem you must be; hard to find and hard to tap. Like a game I must be, hard to pin and hard to trap. You will be man enough to say you are sorry and man enough to prepare a meal for your lady. I will be woman enough to surrender to all your needs. Your first job will be taking care of me and us, before anything else. Your drive will be my passion and together with our love we’ll mould our relationship’s strongest quality.

For a brief moment human beings brush shoulders with déjà vu. All of a sudden, people, places and things start to exist within us. Like hues, we can see what can’t be touched. We can taste and tersely grasp at what we don’t have. In the moment, the dead come alive. We create new people. Unrequited love is requited. And lost ones like moments return. Nostalgic songs and voices become brand new—the magic hardly lasts. In this moment, the skies are blue and the breeze is whispering into my ear. In this moment I stop to gaze at the world. I stop to gaze at myself though the mirror. Inspired, I realize that I write you love poems, but you never read any. That’s just because I have met nobody but your shadow.



For as long as it rains, can’t stop loving you. Tell it not to drop and I will unchain myself from your reigns. But because you don’t have that kind of power, were stuck together like the half and half of an hour-glass– feeling on each other as we fill each side we fall or rise with the sands of our time. Your words alone bring me back to life. Mine remind you of the kind of woman to wife and even though we’re apart; we’ll never give up in that which we share.

Feelings_Poetry_Art_windows_wallpaperFrom a land far away and above, he watches over me. It’s hard to understand or explain how he does it but when the London birds sing and the Kenyan drums beat like in Dakar, he feels me. When his flights delay, soar high or his favorite record plays, he reminisces of me. And sometimes, in the hour that memories subside, he tells all his secrets to the wind, which in turn travels miles just to whisper into my ear—that he misses me. And when the sun rises, nobody knows but I adore him the more. When the sun sets, it doesn’t matter because he’ll still wake up mad about me. It’s never like it used to be before, I am not shy anymore but different and open, the good-kind. Like a bird grasps daylight, I want to take flight into his world. For there, I am special and safe. And he’s the sightless bird flying above the skies, blind enough to watch over me.


Let’s Be Roomies

I am looking for a sizeable room. I heard you were looking for a mate, I want in. In it, I don’t need service, a bed or even ventilation—just you. And if we suffocate, we can learn to breath again. If we communicate, we can kill this illiteracy. Everyday could be our chance to read and write. Not fantasy novels or manuscripts but the language of two people.  Sounds like fun huh? And when we are done, leave me no room for doubt.

I want in. Give me room. In it, I don’t need doors, just your direction. Show me which way leads in OR out. Not to the hall but into your heart’s vault. So that if I stumble inside, it won’t be just my fault—but ours. It’s a lot to ask to co-habit without a television, we’ll have to make our own cinema. I have a vision. You be the guy. I will be the girl. We might mess up, so we’ll let God be the director, as He is always watching over us. And by the time He is done mending us, He won’t leave us room for doubt.

I want in. Give me room. In it, I don’t want to be judged or prodded. Don’t ask me questions but I will tell you of my imperfections. That’s because we all make mistakes, and I am just a student. Let me learn from you. Though inexperienced I want to teach you a thing or two, too. I am guilty of admiring you and wanting to fuse bits & pieces of me with your hues. Walk slowly so you don’t trip and fall over me. For I am not lonely but alright— so just walk up to me. And if your room is full, it’s cool. Just know that I won’t leave you room to doubt that I am enough.

Misty window

She’s a mystery unspecified, elusive yet real. In reality she’s your dream.  But in your dreams, she comes to life; changing faces and taking you to places you’ve never been. Every time you try to pin her down, she’s back at trading places; pacing royally up and down your mind, making your heart start racing like crazy. The hunt is on but she’s the unidentified stranger yet a companion. Her dominion has power over you. When she smiled, your problems disappeared for a second. And when you lied about her, it felt like you cheated on yourself.

Like secrecy, she is a matter of confidentiality. Other than in your mind, no one knows where you can find her. She’s the kind that’s hard to get but plays no games all the same. If you let her stray, she’ll come back. But if you force her to stay, she might not be fulfilled. And if you fill all the blanks, though available, she is still nowhere to find. The journey to her heart is one you’re willing to take as her hands have power over you. When she grabbed your chest, you lowered your guard and touched her breasts. And they felt like mountains of truth.

She’s indefinable. There’s something about her strength that’s similar to the oceanic waves. When you push her further, her currents hit back harder. When you are calm like the sea breeze, she’s the water that goes far away to hide. And she doesn’t come back till dawn. But she always comes back, you realize. But she’s still intangible. You want to touch and feel down the lace of her bodice and not keep chasing doors. You want to protect her from closed doors but she won’t stop running. In her pursuit, you’re stuck in a myriad passages learning one from the other. Though accused of insanity, you’re asleep brother. And if you’re still trying to find her, don’t bother waking up.

Dear May,

I want to be a better person. To write letters to actual people and not months, like you. To stick to my policies like glue. To be true to my friends, family and myself. To be selfless and kind. To be a one-of-a-kind woman. Not to lie. To listen and learn. To teach what I know. To practice and grow. To love in slow motion. To share emotions as much as emoticons. To give second chances. To breed a heart of forgiveness, one that’s full of happiness. To bleed love, and need it. To leave behind bygones. To be blind to see good where there is dark–nothing. Halting everything, to let God reign. To refrain from haste. To taste life, the good and bad. To hush and not rush. To let go of fall and pain to celebrate gain. To let it rain. To let is shine. To feel past my third button and be real past the bosom, be deep. To let the flowers of my life blossom. To let go of those which died. To be brave and not hide from my fears. And because June, December and the rest are members of your family–to you all, this is my prayer.

I want to be free–to feel the sea when I stand close to it. I want to find closure even when I can’t see the future. I want to believe in myself even when I fall. If I don’t have anything at all, I want to dream at all costs. For what’s it all for if I cant be happy? I want to seek the Lord’s guidance in all my days. That even in my heydays I may remain in serenity and humility. I want to find spirituality and the meaning beneath our individuality. I want to understand sexuality. I want to stand in the rain and feel the pain of the clouds for they cry too. I want to look around and not search for anything for it’s all before my blinded eyes waiting for me to be free.

I want to be free–to be art. For nothing will ever bruise or hurt me. I will be what you perceive me to be. For even I don’t know who I am–I am just human. In my art I want to be conceptual while at the same time contextual. My medium will be inspiration and not you. But if you stir my emotions then so be it, I will give you more. I want to be prolific. I will not be tied down to anything specific but diversity. So I want to sin, with you if you wish. Create and experience a city of hues with you. You might be as lost and unsure as I am but fate will ensure that we are set free.

Even when I am blind, I want to be free–to paint beautiful colours. I want a love that binds me to God. One that lies between me and just one man–his eyes will tell it all. I want to enjoy life, rip its fruits in no haste. I want to taste life’s pleasures like your lips and spicy tea. Chase after the suns rays, enjoy the wines of the great and eat food from your plate. I want a peace of mind. The kind that grants me the bravery to ask for things and not be afraid of getting nothing. For what’s a man, snap!-woman, with nothing if she’s got trust in herself? Probably everything & free :-)

Dear Fear,

Hey. Hello fear. Sometimes you are so near it freaks me out. At night when I pray you disappear but then when I don’t you reappear. You grip my heart, you strip me of my art, you rip me apart but I am still intact, just so you know. When I am low, you attack. When I am alone you distract me but by the larger part I am still me. Always will be, so leave.

Hello fear. You make me suppress my gifts. It’s like it surprises you that I am an empress. If I don’t express my needs then how will I get ahead of the rest? If I fail to pass your test, then you win. If I don’t chase you away from my nest, who will? If I say that I wasn’t afraid then I would be lying. The same way I can’t keep hiding from you, while dying inside. You no longer reside in me, so leave.

Hello fear. Let go of me so I can live in peace. But it’s not that easy, is it? If I believe in me then why do you still persist? If I resist to confront you now, then maybe you will keep insisting. You can’t be in front of me, so get back. Like a dog you keep barking at me, while I am the log which keeps lacking the strength to combat you. I now fight you, so leave.

Hello fear. You try to cripple me by causing ripples in my life. When I lost in the battle of love, it made me stronger. I moved onwards then I heard your rattle in the face of losing my job. I panicked but I surfaced with a lot, experience. Your appearance persisted as my friend jumped the hurdle unto heaven. I lost my mind but eleven months later, everything combined I found peace, so leave.

Hello fear. You are forceful but there is a stronger being, God. It’s all cool because I live through Him. You must have no clue that He protects me. That He is the connector to all things. That He is the forgiver to all the sins. That He Is the giver of life. You can’t see through this because you are blind, just leave my life’s stride. It might be a long and weary ride, but it’s one I am willing to take on, without you.

Hello fear, goodbye.

This man:

Like a wizard, he has me under his bizarre ways. I love how he sips on his coffee, how he skips on his pals only to meet me, how he leads making me follow. After a long day, he lets me un-button his shirt, if I am on the wrong he first listens to me before correcting me, he never scolds me, in fact when it is cold, he is never forgetting to hold me closer, the weather never mattered. Our combination is heightened by his generosity, when I leave my jacket behind, he gives me his sweater, its sweeter that he cares about these litu-things.

Like chilies, he is the spice to my food, always leaving me with a good taste. He is like a meal cooked in no haste as he tastes of nothing but good ingredients. When I am greedy he is always asking me to count my blessings. “Some people out there are needy but you are blessed, “he says. He stays with me throughout the year, so when they say that there’s been a drought, I don’t understand. He is like a good year’s supply, always implies what an ideal man is made of, it’s like a deal that’s hard to break.

Like a good poem, I never get enough of him. He makes me laugh at his silly jokes, I marvel at the litu-notes  he jots me daily. I adore him like crazy because he turned my hazy vision into a clear oblivion, no one else before him matters. It’s like with him I am promised of reaching my potential even the stars, I am rich for starters just because just like words, he brings new pleasure by the day. There’s no measure to the way he has made me feel like a no. 1 best seller.

Like the rain, he demands for spontaneity. In reality his affection takes control of my attention. He is the remedy to half my maladies, I am fully aware of his healing power. Every fortnight he gets me a flower for no reason but just so to make me smile. He is my light as I adore his honesty, he is not always right but wise, he never sways in his promises and I love that. So when they ask me why I accepted to his proposal, it’s because I fancy how he rolls, how he is versatile, I am into his lifestyle, his hairstyle, how he slides, how we ride and our entire camaraderie that nothing can hinder.

Hell, i’d be damned if i wasn’t into him!

He is my Radio

On MONDAY, he left me a note with a quote saying. “make hay when the sun still shines” that just made me smile. It reminded me of how lucky I am to have such a man who does not demand of me but commands my attention. With me, his intentions are always ratified. I am purified by his never ending compassion, I envy his passion when he embarks on any mission as he is always diligent. He is intelligent, always playing cool even when am wrong because he knows that i will eventually long for his explanations which he always gives me exponentially.

On TUESDAY, he brought me breakfast in bed. It’s really not the coffee but his steadfast commitment that I admire. It’s his unique quagmire that gives me the pleasure to never give into any incitement against him. With him, I want no haste but I wanna take my time. In line with that thought, I am in this for the long term, he is hot and all but I wanna see him age gracefully, I wanna turn every page of our story daily, I want him to stun the world by his goodness, shun the cold shoulder of its cruelty and in turn make that our novelty so that we can be an inspiration and an admiration to many.

On WEDNESDAY, he took me out on a date just because it was ladies night. It was his mandate to treat me like a queen and yes he did! He helped me sheen my hair then he held me close by the mirror whispering sweet nothings, just a part of his demeanour. He wanted to rip apart my sexy dress but like the gentleman he is, he waited till after out soiree at the Chinese restaurant. He always guides his restraint, never too much, never too little. When am brittle like coal, he treats me delicately like his doll, when the rough days have taken a toll on me, just his call turns me into gold. A state of happiness that can never grow old.

On THURSDAY, he stayed home with me because I wasn’t feeling too well. That’s the thing, he doesn’t own me, but he always acts like he owes me. In many ways I adore the attention he gives me, I am in realization that his candor is nothing like the gifts of this earth, his kiss is nothing but a gateway to my heart, missing him would be a hazard to my health, he appreciates all sorts of music even Mozart. In stealth, I anticipate to follow his footsteps, when I am hollow inside he feeds me with his positivity, he is selfless, just what I need. Indeed, he is not only into the finer things in life but he also tries to find where they lie.

On FRIDAY, he brought me carnations. My favourite flowers, every day with him is a revelation that I made the right choice. The height of our relations is not determined by hours but by the simple things he does for me. He tickles me just to take a picture of my dimple, he triggers my emotions just by his touch of me, he intrigues my devotions just by his actions. He rigs not to be with me but he has his sole right to share with me, I dare his complicity but he always tries new things. He made love to me on top on the washing machine, he is like caffeine, my addiction. When there is friction between us, he always is the bigger person, putting out the inner arson between us.

On SATURDAY, he took me to the park. It was serene just like the impact he has made into my life. I have seen a lot of birds but never seen one like the kookaburra we saw on that day. Same way, I have seen a lot of lads, they however left me in a hurry am glad the special one came along. I long for the day that I will be his wife so i can take the life-long stride with him. Being without him would be like an ocean without tides. Doesn’t matter where life takes me, I have already identified that I wanna ride with him, like music he is always ready to amplify my feelings for him, he has simplified my strife as now i know that I have a shoulder to lean on. I don’t have to show off to anyone as he remains my significant someone.

On SUNDAY, he took me to church even though I had trouble waking up. He never judges me the previous night when am taking shots, that’s because he is a man of different sorts of understanding. He also loves the crazy me, he went bungee jumping just because I insisted, he sent a telegraph across the world to his sister just because I suggested. He is interested in everything I do and say, you can call us the perfect accomplices. We are like a good dish, tasty and worthwhile. He is into how sassy I get, while at the same time sitting by the patio tuned into my classy radio. Not literally but metaphorically.

So when they ask me what frequency I listen to, it would have to be his (Love-Playing-Every-Day-of-the-Week :-)

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