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I was the Miss U.O.N 2009  1st runners up….AHEM! I wrote this piece a while back, last year, kept it to myself, now i wanna share it…….

Exactly a week before the Mr & Miss U.o.N pageant, all the contestants including me traveled to Murang’a Kandara. We went there for a charitable event, lets just say that by the time we left that village, we had treated over 250 kids and old folks with jiggers too.

To be honest, I wondered to myself what I was doing in Murang’a, I kept on hoping time would pass so I would go back to Nairobi after all, I was scheduled to have a girl’s crazy night out with Wanjeri and the rest. The soil was red, it was dusty, not my kind of thing! So the doctor showed us the 3 ways of how to wash the jigger infested legs with medicine, gloves on and kazi ikaendelea! My attitude was let’s get this over and done.

I want to think that i am a strong person so I didn’t even think of crying… I washed and medicated a couple of kids feet/legs like 10 kids until my eyes caught this little boy….
So I took him to clean his feet, something inside me drew me close to that kid to date I don’t know what it was. As I started washing his legs, I realized that he had the worst of jiggers compared to the other children. His case was a bit severe. As it caught my attention, I asked him if he had ever wore shoes and he said well, yeah until they got worn out. Then I asked him where his mother was, he said she died and that the dad ran away so now he lives with the cucu. I heard the desperation in his voice, the hope that he would have wished things had turned out differently.. the regret, the loss of hope, somewhat apathetic.

At that particular moment, something gripped my heart like a vein went loose and it really hurt. Tears started coming down my eyes and I kept on telling myself, “fuck what the hell?”  These kids were not supposed to see a “role model” crying, you know someone they perceive as well off & all. Someone who is supposed to give them hope. It was bad because I couldn’t wipe the tears, as I was wearing the gloves. So I just saw my tears falling in the water basin the boy’s feet were in. My tears 1 by 1 ……

When I looked up, the baby boy was also crying! And I thought to myself what did I do? Why is he crying? Was it because I asked him about his parents or because he saw me cry? What do u think? I don’t know, i didn’t know then. So I told him to stop crying but he just couldn’t, tears were rolling down his cheeks like a river! Quite a moment as we were both crying. When I was done, with crying and the washing I didn’t care I removed the gloves and wiped the tears from his eyes.

I took him away, we went to some corner to bond. Then I interrogated him, police station style :-)  He told me where he lived, among other things that he was in class 3 and 10 years old. I felt so weak/ bad because I couldn’t help him. At that particular moment I only had 100 bob (was a popper that day) and don’t forget I needed 50 bob to javv back home from town so I told him we could only split my 100 bob. I asked him wat he would do with his 50 bob and he said he would buy a mandazi, because he always gets hungry. Then I asked him to buy 1 mandazi per day for the next 5 days cz he said mandazi was 10 bob. So we became friends and we was chilling,  then suddenly he tapped me and told me in kikuyu, “ne wega” (thanx) BTW I hear and speak Kikuyu. Then I said “hatire na oru” (don’t mention it) then we was back to chilling …..

Then I realised shucks!! Hadn’t asked the kid his name, he said he was Joseph Ndungu’, and my heart skipped a beat!! And I asked him his surname, Njoroge, i got dumb folded….SHOCK.

What were the chances that I had gotten into a pageant randomly, went to Murang’a for charity, I even didn’t wanna be there, washed so many kids feet and not even looked at their faces leave alone asking them their names, but the little boy who touched my heart & made me cry shared a name with one of my closest friends, my homeboy who lives right across our house, we call him Ndocha but his real name is Joseph Ndung’u Njoroge, just like the little boys’. Identical!!

It then dawned to me, that things normally don’t just happen for no reason. The same way we don’t just meet people for no purpose but everything is written!!

At that same moment I saw my friend in another life. That would have been my friend, if he was born in an unfortunate world. Same to the little boy, if he was fortunate he would have been my neighbour today. I saw the same person in two different lives. Am sorry but am like that, that critical.

I was so freaked out, when I left that boy he ran out of my sight and I never saw him again…..

That night when I came back home, I showered and blackout on the couch thinking about that boy. When I woke up and decided to go to bed, I prayed for that kid. Then I got into bed but I couldn’t sleep!! All I could see were flashes of his crying face, haunting me for almost 40 minutes and I asked God wsup ??

That day I gave birth to a new ambition, that one day I will go back to Murang’a and find Ndun’gu and take him, adopt him. (SOMEHOW) He was in class 3 then, now 4. I have exactly 4years to go.. If I can’t adopt him, i gotta be realistic too, at least I can go get his contacts so one day I can check up on his life and may be one day I can be able to decipher why God made me travel all that way just to meet my friend in another life..

May be I am a dreamer, so help me GOD.

Are you LOST or a LOSTIE?

NOTE : All the numbers in capital.

A lot of T.V shows have been written and produced, won a whole load of Oscars and awards in general, remembered and forgotten, as well.  A lot of seasons/ series have been made; god knows some things got up to over 10 seasons. Well, we all got our favourite shows of all time. Which one is yours and why is it just, “that one?” That’s not a rhetorical question, i wanna know!

Could it be because it’s silly, tickles you? Or is too emotional, makes you kind of see yourself in a character and you kind of relate to it, what’s your specialty? Is it medicinal? Makes you kind of get a scoop of the lives of doctors and what goes on around the white walls? Is it all CSI, inspector Derrick? Is it comedy, science, fiction, romance, tellenovelas, random ones like the series, DRIVE? Who ever watched that? It was about an underground cult of race driver junkies who would abduct someone you loved/ close to you and make you join a driving race and force you to kill someone at every stop, or they kill your dear person, anyway that was awesome! Not the death part but the thrill. Too bad season 2 never came out…

Well, now we are talking consistencies and this is the part where you get LOST…………….To start with, I am the kind of person who gets sooooooooooooooooo…. engrossed in a movie/ a series, we all do. But i really don’t know what exactly made me fall in love this deep with the series, I choose to write about it because am strange just like it is. It is mind stimulating, superstitious, well crafted, everything I love strangely enough! Critics/ haters have said it’s a waste of time, everything goes round and round, what was its whole point but i chose to try decipher all that myself. Because it’s how life is anyway, going round and round, if we don’t take time and try figure things out then we never even see the least of opportunities thrown our way!

LOST is an American sci-fi drama series, showing the lives of a Flight Oceanic 815 crash survivors on a mysterious island. The world’s most talked about TV show nears its SIXTH and last season, it’s been SIX years since it ventured and it’s writer’s prowess captured the audience’s addiction.The plane that was en route to L.A crashed somewhere in the South Pacific never to be found, well until a HUNDRED days later, after having dealt with the fact that the island was quite mysterious! It inhabited a smoke monster, polar bears in the tropic, other island dwellers popularly known as, “the others” and most of all it had supernatural powers, that could do a whole load of things. A great example, any woman would conceive in the island but no child conceived in the island would survive together with the mum, one of the two had to die. A secret research group of scientists was also based in the island, working in the island, known as the “Dharma initiative”, there was a  mysterious number punching code, 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.

Aren’t you lost just yet :-) OK,  no one would think they crashed in an island for a reason, ok apart from bad luck but believe you me, this one was for a reason. It took the “losties” HUNDRED days to either believe in the island’s  fate or not, some were rescued, some remained. It took those who left THREE years to realise that they had to go back to the island as it was their destiny, HOW?? See, now you are lost!? But you don’t wanna come out of it. What they didn’t know was that the island was a second chance to life, back in the real world, it was so shitty just like it was before plus there was a bad rumour among them that if they didn’t go back the rest who remained in the island would all die. They had started dying anyway. So they realised that they had to go back but not to stay, but to change their destiny, HOW?? This needs a part TWO.

The main Creators/ Producers/ Directors Damon Lindelof, Jack Bender, Jeffrey Lieber ad J.J Abrams are geniuses, they insist that from the start, they knew very well how the masterfully woven web would end. I know i wanna theorize for you how things went on and what symbols they represent, but do you think you can handle a PART 2?

To be continued….


In keeping with time-honoured tradition, series
creators JJ Abrams, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof are remaining tight-lipped. When asked about Lost’s ending, Lindelof sits teasingly on the fence: “Some people will think it’s enormously satisfying. Other people will think it’s not satisfying enough. It all depends on the way that you watch the show” (USA Today)

If you are high, don’t drive.

Its the freaking state I didn’t want to be in seeing the bleeding spite I was living in before. My heart just obeyed the thrust! Maybe I should have just stuck to sprite & obeyed my thirst! Like some Antz lived in Insectopia, I couldn’t ante – up to this utopia. . . Damn! They got me so intoxicated yet they bet too I was the designated driver. And they shouted, ‘screw the driver!,’ . . . as I mounted the screw driver in the dilapidated fuse box, I thought, “these fools wanaingia box vi- unorthodox not knowing the precedented danger!” That later, one head would be deca  pitated!

As I drive the Land rover, it thrives past the rest of the cars landing over & jumps over the so called late traffic lights, no screech but heights! So superficial, so official, race so deathly like Death Race, driver of race so damning like Race Driver! Baby that feeling is so despicable! Can’t explain, you can’t wait, no bait rules but speed! Its like a dive in latent water so cold unexplainable! As we cruise, we all scream in the thrill . . . It suddenly hits me in oblivion that this shit rules but so loose it freaking kills! Maybe kesho niko hosi pavilion, fuck! This is horse shit!

(LOUD BANG!!!! ) Darkness prevails ….(suspense)

When I opened my eyes, I was alone like in a dream. It was white as snow, I saw my clone looking clean …. a loner it seemed. Ooohh. . . . so my life ended, in the midst I jacked my neck real bad on the 11th hour. If it was a terrorist even jack bauer couldn’t hack that! Damn! Does it mean given a second chance to a sane life my second means to an end would still end the same way, in a split second? What a conflicting drill to understand that here I stand contrasting my drink that was so fulfilling, so I chill …. Oooohh… It’s that drug that drag me to my death. . . . ok. So I look down & see my friends & fiends all locked down, crying out for me. . . Laying out condolences for me, ambulances blaring out loud! Damn the pandemonium!

I see a policeman walk to my mourning friends, very early in the morning. ‘Peace man!,’ says the doctor, ‘none of the x rays were doctored!,’ he says, it was bad & it’s in the files…. It’s unfortunate .Its now unanimous that my clique is an x file, too late to click in an anonymous. Damn! The policeman subpoenas my pal Agripina, its alleged that she provided the booze & crystal meth. It’s now crystal clear how I met my invited end, so loose. So high a price, so damn high the rise, so damn high it cost me my life. I can’t sober down, can’t come back down even if I wanted, my honour haunted bleeds, like so wanted are the sober breeds!!

Piece inspired by a friend who almost lost his life in a road accident, last year.

Twister Love

Baby I remember so vividly. It was December when you took this heart so swiftly, that letter … Now almost 6 years later we are so insecure. Funny it still hurts, because we were so secure. It’s now sunny but I still wonder what the cause was. I feel its kind of late for a resolution, so stop trying to hate, just love. Instead try stop the pollution of feelings and shop for a solution of healing.

You see, I am still not sure whether you abused me.  Then I see the weather and  feel the reel on me and I start to think you used me. Guess it’s true that nothing is for certain, I wouldn’t have stayed there anyway hurting. Here is a tip, your guilt trips aren’t working It’s great to be in my own control. I used to think that what you see is what you get, but no you haven’t seen nothing yet because  I don’t care if you are upset. Things went haywire and  in my mind the sun went down and trust went through the wire.

I finally make a choice but with no voice. It’s not right that I just write as  I wish I would say this to you. Make no mistake; my flag is hoist its tag devoid of noise. I just wonder what lies ahead of the road, is it another boy-wonder? Or is it a brother disguised as a boy behind lies? My head on the road ahead and i wonder if its one that truth undergone destruction or is it one that truce is undergoing construction?

My hope is for this heart. That no fear will crop it, instead it will near its will and not drop it. My wish for the heart that lost the battle is to believe in the immensity of love, that the hurt may be lost in the rattle of love’s intensity. Its time to let go of the crime we were accomplices to. The time we were accustomed to. You said to me, “girl you are a dime.” Well, i still am, so you should recognize. We are now in different places but still acquaintances. I asked you then, “Do you want to be the last man standing?” Was it ten axes past the last machine working? I never got the answer in time, it was a hazard, so I pressed the buzzer.

Due to public demand, we had to have a part 2 right? RIGHT.

1. .Nelson.

He is a fighter, believes in his life policies and lives by them. He is hood and he blends perfectly with it. He dresses hood too, he always got the hoody thing going on and sometimes even baggy pants. When it comes to women, he is not afraid to win any woman’s heart, no matter the differences. Nelson doesn’t choose, he could fall in love with any woman and he would never be ashamed to claim her heart.


She is a dime and she’s fine too. She knows what she wants, her goals are well drafted and she works towards achieving them day and night. Maureen is an achiever. She is however a tough friend to seduce and to please, she just doesn’t roll with anyone other than who she digs. She rarely has enemies but she will destroy anyone who tries to tamper with what she loves.

3. Benard.

Just like Mercedes-Benz, he is smooth. He has a free spirit and loves to indulge in his hobbies to the max, whatever they may be! He is passionate about his love and dreams, he is more or less like Nick (refer to the earlier part one of this post here ) He likes to fool around with the ladies because well, they like him too but eventually Bena wants to do right! He is seen as an extrovert but deep down he is in sync with his emotions just like Nick. However, Benz has a faint heart that keeps him going though! So girls don’t phunk with his heart.

4. Mitchelle.

First  and foremost, she got style! She got her own way of doing almost everything, as you all roll with the crowds she rolls with her style! She is rare just like Shirleen (refer to part 1). She is an ant and will work tirelessly even after achieving her goal. Calling her a go-getter would be an understatement. She got one helluva self-esteem and drive that for any guy to hit on her, he has to first up his game! Once you have her, be sure she’s a keeper she isn’t into dramas like the Shikos n Shiros (refer to part 1) Given a chance to a second life, she wouldn’t want to be anyone else!

5. Will.

Just as his name suggests he (WILL) always make promises most times he can’t keep! He consequently avoids by all means ever having to be the third wheel; he will always make multiple plans and not be able to attend to them all. Will is charming, he is the smaller version of Chris. If not careful he could turn out to be a heartbreaker. Will however has confidence like no other! No one brings him down by any means. He loves to fool around and stuff but when the time comes he eventually settles down and lets maturity lead the way.

6. Brenda.

She’s a mummy’s girl. She is also her girlfriend’s girlfriend! She is into the girl power ish! Will always be ready to do anything for her mum or her girls! Brenda likes her style secret, doesn’t like to see others cramping her style which BTW is reserved and at the same time casual smart. If insulted by a dude, she wouldn’t hesitate to hit him with her handbag!

7. Delvin/Melvin.

They are gems. How many Delvins and Melvins do you know of? They are among the last surviving traits of Joe as they love to praise their women but given the opportunity to show their worth they rarely raise to the occasion. Ooopsy! He is however amazingly talented at what he’s good at. When you meet a Melvin or a Delvin there will be something about them that you will make you forever try to figure them out. When you do, you will know that they are great passive friends to have. They were also blessed with a great sense of style and humour too!

8.Laureen/ Lauryn

She has the perfect name and she is the perfect person, metaphorically and literally. She rarely has any flaws. She actually makes other girls want to be just like her. She does not fight for anything; she is very civilized and will always follow protocol. Unlike your expectations, she is not an introvert; she indulges in several activities with extroverts but still maintains her sanity. Everyone wants this kind of girl because she’s the one you want to take home to your mama and aunty. Lastly she can cook and sing, real good.

9. Jason/Trevor/ Terrence

Very attractive! Please note that there is a difference here between attractive and handsome. Jason and Trevor aren’t handsome per se but they would hardly pass near you without your acknowledgment! These are the kind of dudes who will make a girl feel like she’s under their drug prescription. They make you feel like you want to get a piece of their love, session after session; be it sex or just conversations. His personality is similar to James’ (refer to part 1) He never wants to say it aloud, unlike mouthy Chris but he is also a heartbreaker just that he (Jason/Trevor) believes that breaking hearts is part of the life chain. He is not a relationship keeper by any means, but a great buddy by all means! Trevor, Jason and Terrence love music.

10. Kevin/Kev.

Fairly social dude sometimes referred to as Kevo. He seems to sail along quite well with almost everyone. He could as well be compared to the female version of Jackie. Lots of stuff just come his way and he always finding himself with several options. This is the catch, Kev will always be that sweetheart because he feels like his life is overcrowded so he wouldn’t mind having less stalkers/friends in it. He is mean at times though most times he comes out as just that good guy. He scrutinizes his women thoroughly even though he is an emotional coward who he takes forever to break up with someone! Eventually he goes nuts looking for that perfect girl who all that while was possibly right there next to him .

11. Brian/ Brayo

He is a cute guy sweet guy, either always trying to have that bad boy image or trying to do bad boy stunts, just to satisfy his ego! The thing with Brian, is his heart. He is into all sorts of things, nasty stuff and all but at the end of the day he  just cant help it but go back to the nice person deep down. All his friend scan count on him. When it comes to love, he always going to funx it up as love don’t love Brian. His traits are almost close to those of Kev.

Launch any more names for a possibility of a part 3

Bed Part II

The new bed finally was delivered, its size she hadn’t considered, well it did not matter to her, hell as long as it wouldn’t hurt her, like he did, that idiot … The house has been peaceful, the bed less sinful, her life now taking swing in full :-)  She’s no longer that fool, so long her pool, she moved houses too, it wasn’t gonna haunt her, and anyway she had to flaunt her guts, just no one knows how deep down it hurts. See, down her heart, it still flows deep: the love she had for him …

Truth be said, she’s lonely, sometimes only wishing she choose truce instead, well so much for the good times. Now reality checks, she’s alone, her chastity breaks, you can’t blame her, the nights have since been so cold, so lame, her former knight now so gone, her loner plights now a trait!

He depreciated from her world, to her Ex- husband, word is she appreciated the sex and his hand, always had a way of un-hooking that bra, touching the right places, during “sex-capades”, caressing, undressing, kissing, sexing, adoring her in all ways! She passionately remembers how she rode on him, like a stallion, in his book she is a star …

A real bad habit is how she picked him up, an acrobatic is how he flipped her up, the other man in her new bed, never knew, never will. To her, he doesn’t even come close, just another brother she’s seen to use, abuse, disregard and discard. Since the divorce, she’s been in remorse! Signing those papers wasn’t easy, but hard, even tricky but now done … She’s now residing where they like to call, “ the greener pastures” what no one knows is that, she’s now deciding who to call, inner monsters?

It’s 1st March, exactly three months after the separation, he marched on so fast, now free to misbehave, no more deportation. Not from his country but from her territory, he’s seen need to emancipate as well, more like a clean start, you know like purgatory. She knows that she’s supposed to have moved on but suppose she can’t get her groove on with anyone else? Even worse, she just found out that she is PREGNANT.



That’s the special number of the one who leaves me limber, ever ready, he is like the batteries to my arteries, leaving me never needy but bleeding in love and then quickly healing :-)
He is a thief who steals not at night but at daylight, never afraid of the sun but ever in favour of a son … I shall bear him ONE, one day. He doesn’t steal millions of shillings; instead he is the chameleon of my heart’s feelings. Disguises himself as a rogue, a thug but deep down he realizes that love is vogue, even he needs a hug.

The crime he commits is one that is prime; I gotta make an arrangement for the arraignment. It’s a case I gotta let the jury decide on; in any case he still slides on. As the main witness, I intend to testify under no duress but witless, it’s how silly he leaves me wanting, yearning, waiting, therein expecting…

Would have asked why I can’t get right without him in my head, let alone in my bed. Anyway though my bed is king in size, he is the king in my eyes lest this boat capsizes. Hate this submissive self I become if I miss him. OK, am nervous … the case is hideous; will he be found guilty of the heinous? (Invading my heart) As tomorrow approaches, I tweeze my eyebrows, squeeze my moisturizer figured I might as well brace this face well, seeing inside my heart was a heist, well paced trust that dude!

24 hours later, I walk into the court room my couture so extraordinaire, trust my couturier. The ambiance so chilly, our alliance now so breezy … As soon as I saw my thug behind that dock, our eyes locked, his cuffs locked and my heart broke. I walked straight up to the judge, hoped to myself he wouldn’t budge then I plead my insanity & withdrew the case with clarity. What’s my life without him in it?

He is set free, am in need for that torture in my heart.


That bed was more than just a bed to her. In her head it was more than just giving head … but more like just a band. You know where songs & games were played, not anyhow with rubber band but with rubber. Most nights, it was touchdown as he touched her down … down south & she played it down. In her head the bed was a haven, where memories were made. A heaven where babies were made, just no one knew one day it would all cascade …

All the still years and she dint even know whether she loved him. After all the tears and she still dint even know whether she loathed him. Well, his T-shirt is what she loved. Long, short or tight always fit well for the night and made her feel secure. She loved him in Shirts and shorts too, he dint know love well but craved her in two things, short skirts and at night in his T-shirt. It made him feel brave and pure ….

What she hated was that shit he constantly repeated, cheating on her. What she debated was those sheets she consistently changed. The downside, burn them up or let the feelings burn inside? See like Chingy, every time she tried to leave something kept holding her back and he said she was clingy. See like Ashanti, every time she got the strength to leave the house, he always told her that she was his need. Felt like, home turned into a shanty.

So it’s hard to let go of the years, so she’s mad she let the tears flow. So it’s harder to pack her bags and leave, so he heard her cry in the back of the room, saw her eye bags & he fears … that he had her in that same room but she gonna leave using that sane route. She decides, that one day is no day but today to be precise. She can’t leave because that cunt will take over her bed! Instead she will just make him leave, the homestead will & must breathe …

She regrets that the marriage was speedy, she bets they were needy. Till death do us part, now she would die to be apart. It will be long processing a divorce, but it’s a process she devotes all her longing. So he is moving out, she is moving on. You see, like Usher it’s like moving mountains. She is certain she will usher the new beginning. The love-making was great not demeaning but there lies a greater meaning after such heart breaking! You see, one more speedy thing she doesn’t wanna be dependent on his shit, his bed, sheets and nets!! no more. Miss independent got it on speed dial, she’s calling Barnett’s  …

Reader discretion is advised. This article is written not to attack any individuals am just telling it like i see it. Your name determines your character just like characters determine pet names. Here are my samples, any corrections or sentiments are welcomed …

1. Jackie.

She is a friend to everyone. Everyone loves her. She is that lucky girl, that’s just how she  rolls.

2. Michael.

Always fly as hell and smoother than a phone operator. The good thing about Michael is that his looks don’t override the gentleman in him. However, Mike is a player. His looks will always override his manners, so beware there is a difference.

3. Rosey/Rosie.

She is exquisite. Named derived from rosemary leaves, an awesome spice that smells sweet and used as a cooking herb. Rose flowers again, awesome flowers. She is an attention whore leaving her to be most often than not the talk around town. Somehow she occasionally she gets in trouble with her mum.

4. Joe.

From ladies to paraphernalia, Joseph is a perfectionist. Name derived from Jesus’ earth-dad who was a carpenter. P.s all carpenters are near perfectionists otherwise why do they randa stuff? Joe likes his women just how he dreams of them, nothing more or less. He is however a player. He is very good at praising the females but at the end of the day, all he wanted was some … Once he starts on pursuing a girl, Joe never gives up!

5. Emma.

She is a very principled girl, not the type of girl you find out on all the weekends but the type of girl you want to marry or at least take home to your mother. She is a neat freak, it’s no wonder Home science was her favourite subject in primary school.

6. Chris/Jack

These are two persons with similar characteristics. He is very funny and interesting but here’s the catch, he is a hunter! He will pursue his prey, get her then nail her and then break her heart. He finds pleasure in this, in fact his motto says, ” You have to break a heart to get noticed.”  Too bad he never gets to give his heart time to ever try to love.  If given a second chance to life, he would be Joseph.

7. Eva.

She is more often than not shorty- height wise. She is also a diva with an eternal graceful charm. Given a dramatic situation, she can be one helluva conniving bitch. Oh did i mention? She’s smoking hot too!

8. James/Jamo/Deno.

James and Dennis can either be the perfect gentleman or the complete opposite. He loves the extreme side of life, be it sex or sporting adventures. Jaymo is a thug! He rolls with all the honeys. James got that ngeli ya Kiswahili hookup. Despite his flaws his communication skills are perfect. He will just convince your bride to give him a BJ at your wedding reception!

9. Samantha/Summer.

pretty has to be her middle name. She is so adorable and everyone wants to be her friend. Perception stipulates that she is the party animal but deep down she’s in sync with her inner self.

10. Victor.

He is intelligent, suave, and a schemer. He is into weird stuff as a means of escapism. From what? I don’t know. He keeps a lot of things very private. When you get to learn who Vic really is, you will understand that he never compromises what he holds dear, NEVER!

11. Joyce/Joy.

Just like her name’s prefix suggests she is a joyful girl. Always smiling and happy. She is also a lucky girl but not as lucky as the Jackies. However, her happy image can limit her from opening up when she is sad. This personality also makes her do evil things secretly because anyway no one would ever suspect her.

12. Albert.

He is either fat or in perfect shape! He is the genius who uses silence as his weapon but when in the moods he can get sooooo loud and loose. He likes to keep when he finds what he is looking for. This is ambiguous it could be food, money, a woman name it.

13. Shirleen.

Just like Rosey she is a gem, rare to find but special in her own way. She got a very big and adorable personality, she the best friend forever type of girl. However, she is very insecure and if she doesn’t control herself she could end up schizophrenic.

14. Robert/Robe.

He is a sex addict. Quite persuasive when he wants a girl. He doesn’t deter as his vibe is always fresh through the years. He is always seen exchanging niceties with lovely ladies. You can call him a socialite whore as he has made acquaintances with every person, be it male or female worth his time and scheme.

15. Vionne/Yvonne.

They insist that they don’t share a name whatsoever and if you call one the others name she gets so furious! She is a diva in her own territory. She is very passionate about her interests and relationships. She is a free spirit who loves music and dancing!

16. Nick.

He is rare too. Loves women, straight up! He is however an endless puzzle that you have to keep solving everyday if he’s going be your friend or lover. He is full of energy and will not rest at anything or anyone especially when he got his eyes on something or someone for that matter. He likes work done good. He is an extrovert but deep down he is in touch with his feelings so to speak. He cherishes females and wants to eventually do right, question is will he ever?

17. Melissa.

She is disguised as the sweet girl next door but she is just another typical headache. One of those drama queens who will act up for no reason. She doesn’t just talk but calculates when to talk. So she is not a snob but a schemer! She is a spoilt brat, always used to getting whatever she wants. Be careful not to fall into Mellisa’s trap as she is good at enslaving guys. However, there are isolated cases of a sincere and nice Mellissa.

18. Sly.

As her name or his name suggests is a sly. They will work for whatever they want till they gets it, not because they really wanted it but most times just to prove a point; that they could get it. They love to compete, bet and gamble. Sly is however a very generous person, they are also good listeners. If this lot doesnt revolutionize they might end up being Crises from Chris :-)

19. Shiro & Shiko.

I put them together because they are side kicks. Always wanting to be seen together, always aiming at competing with each other and the rest of the girls too. They are however, beautiful and if tamed can be very useful individuals as they are fast to learn and apply. Most often than not, they end up in bitch slapping dramas if not  something of the sort for some strange reason. This is the order of their lives, as they are your typical dare devils!

20. Anto/ Tony.

He is the talk on every girl’s mouth. Whether it’s because his name is popular or because his personality is; is debatable. He aspires to be James, he cleans up very nicely but sometimes fails at vibing the honeys so he will just go ahead and nail as many as possible because hey, he is popular! Every girl wants a piece of him.

21. Judy.

She is a very intelligent and interesting girl. She is full of life and expectations. She is not easily lead a stray. She however thrives to maintain her image. Given a chance she’d want to be a Shiro for one day! She is a good friend as she listens and gives good advice.

22. Dan/marcus/Mark/Nathan/ Justin

They have very similar personalities and traits, it’s frightening! First and foremost, they are charming and most times keep their mouths shut. They are extremely talented in arts, we are talking talent and the gift of appreciation. They could take forever to express their emotions, well … at least verbally. They would take a life time to admit to any woman that they had a crush or were in love. This reservation of feelings when accumulated makes them culminate to become individuals who find pleasure in others misery for craving to have them. Did i make any sense?

23. Esther.

Just like the one in the bible, she is a strong woman who believes in prayer and meditation. She will persevere through all her problems and eventually have a testimony to make. She falls deeply in love with just one man. This could be a dangerous trait as she doesnt let go off easily. She is a keeper once you find her. That is about it with her.

24. Andrew.

Loves to shower gifts and most times he is well off. Andrew’s flaw is that he cherishes gifts too much sometimes he forgets to be a lover. At the end of the day, the relationship breaks down because of insufficient communication! He is however, the guy you should cling on to as he is ambitious and will be rich, well if he aint’ already because he works his ass off to earn his cash. Andrew runs out of vibe at some point and becomes so plain boring, good thing his money complements him! Or lets just say that his money will find you happiness. Like we all love two slices of bread so does he love women :-)

25. George.

He is ambitious and a generally focused fellow. He works hard to earn his paper. Georgy also has one helluva sense of humour! You will always want be close to him just to share the fun. However, he is fears emotions. He is afraid of commitments, always wants to be free like a bird. When George finally settles down, he is a great family man but always puts his job first! In bed, he is the sporty type even though deep down he has that malicious need to break a heart. George’s last trait is his innovative mind as he always comes up with innovative ideas!

Part 2 coming soon …

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