The Maasai Mara Safari

It happened in 2007 but I remember it like it was yesterday. Plus I always wanted to put it into writing.

Soooo…. my good good friend Smiles was scheduled to leave the country for Germany in a few days. She was not going to leave temporarily but permanently. Ouch! Reason being, she had found love, across the seas and the oceans.  Nway she finally was going to leave behind the LDR (Long distance relationship) thing and settle down with her man living in Germany. It was really  itching me that I was going to have to let her go. I had become attached because at that time she was living with me and my sis at our house, I kinda had chips fungad her permanently 🙂

I wasnt sure about this man she was going to live with, would he change his status later on, would he treat her like the queen she is, i just had so many questions in my mind! Well, before her decision to relocate she had been working at the Mara Sarova and her resignation came as a surprise even to the management. As her name suggests, Smiles has always been a person full of life and smiles, letting her go was like letting go of a beautiful summer day, soooooo.. as a token of appreciation she got a holiday for two at the Mara before her departure and guess who were in the next bus ride there? Me and Smiles wohoooo!

It was completely unplanned, first and foremost, we were soo broke so we had to jav all the way! The shuttle we took from Nairobi, Nyamakima was alright, I must say. Though I saw some funny looking people down there, well…  I thought they were funny looking until we got to where we were going…. wait on….We had been instructed by the manager of Sarova to be at Narok at 2.00 p.m, SHARP! This is because there was only one bus that would transport us to Sekenani, the town right before the National park a.k.a where the hotel was! If we missed that bus we would therefore have to cab, and we didn’t have enough money for that! So yeah, it was a matter of life and death!

Of course we were running late already, as woke up late back in Nairobi. Why does your alarm always mess you when you need it the most?  We got to Narok at 2.10 p.m.! Hungry and thirsty as hell but first things first, we panted towards the stage to see if we could still catch the bus seeing we were already 10 minutes into the late running! Sooooo…. just as we got to the stage, we saw the bus, sorry, “mini bus, i then reckoned” pull over from the stage, it had a sign, “SEKENANI/ Tanzania” We just hopped in, eastlands style, phew! We could now sit and sigh though we were still starving mad! We couldn’t sit together, as the only seats remaining were singles.

I sat next to an old Maasai  man, he was sitting next to the window. Smiles sat right behind us,  next to another old man who had been singing since the time we got into the matatu! “This should be interesting, ” I thought to myself.  Now, Narok to Sekenani drive should be slightly more or less than a 5 hours drive but as the journey commenced, it somehow felt like we were going back into time. The  road got worse, the stench in the matatu got heavier, the heat was more like hell redefined, and the damn old men couldn’t stop singing out loud! Wow, so helpful just when I wanted to nap, soooo the old man sitting next to me was drinking some lethal smelling alcoholic drink/ chang’aa style and chewing khat/ miraa. Oh gosh it was so disgusting!

He had a sequence, chew, drink then spit outside the window and after a while he just reminded me of my dreadful highschool days of Physics! That thing, was it called ripple effect or doppler effect? Which one is which? That when something is moving at a certain speed, the other thing adjacent to it, will move at a separate speed, probably slower? What was that now? Nway as he was spitting out the window, the moving car’s speed/ wind took over the effect and the spit didn’t go outside the window but into my friend Smile’s eyes! Remember? She was sitting right behind us! It was one of the most disgusting moments i had ever experienced, in my entire life! Her eyes were full of that green stuff, and what made it funnier? She started crying hahahahaha! That’s me laughing at her, little did I know my time was coming up ahead.

Finalement, we got there tired as junk, disgusted like I don’t even got a simile! The Sarova land rover or is it cruiser picked us up from Sekenani, first pittstop when we got there was shower, shower and shower! It felt like we were somewhere among the others in the LOST island, I loved the civilization 🙂 Later on eat and relax was the itinerary. No need to explain how the four nights we had there was, you know what girls do, bitch, gossip, eat, hug and drink and eat was the order per say!

Now on the last day, we did something stupid, or not, depending on how you look at it. We got so drunk!!!! We downed three boties of brandy. On the next day in the afternoon, Smiles was going to the embassy to pick her visa or something like that so we had to make that travel back through hook or crook! It was hardly two hours from the time we hit our bed in the wee hours of the morning when we had to wake up, that same deathly mini bus called  ‘DUB DUB’ from TZ was the same one we had to catch at 4.00 a.m.

So this time round, everything went well, we were up on/ in time and we caught the bus! The baridi was so frighteningly desert like,  what!? I was still so freaking high, now that was a confused feeling i had right there! When we got to the bus, it was full to capacity and then what? My friend Smiles said we had to get in, as I was already backing up from it. I didn’t want to get in, i even suggested for us to go  back, but in vain! So we had to stand through the whole journey, all that stuffiness that early morning! Apparently the next bus passing through Sekenani would be at 5:00 p.m., at that time we should have reached Nairobi!! #BUMMER

Soooo, after an hour, I started getting some heat rush and feeling kinda nauseous, so I told Smiles, ‘I don’t think am feeling too good.’ The last thing I remember was sweat dripping down my forehead/ spine. The next thing I saw when I opened my eyes, was ZEBRAS! The sun was starting to rise up, it was a beautiful day,  the grass was green and looking all dewy fresh, zebras were grazing right there in front of me and that’s when it hit me, “I must have died, wow! Thats how good heaven looked like!?, then I was like, God why did you have to take me so soon?” Suddenly, I heard someone shout, “AMEAMKA!”

Apparently, I had fainted in the bus, silly me to actually think that I had died and went to heaven. But that story was so funny, we laugh at it to date with my girl Smiles. We got to Narok/ Nairobi safe, she got her visa alright, she left me for her man, i cried alright, since then she visits often, we talk all the time/ Facebook of course, she is now happily married and living with her husband in Germany.

BONUS: Last year she came back home to have a Kenyan wedding here. Well she had already, had one before, the ngurario. Is that what they call it in Kikuyu? Then in Germany she did one too, so in total she has wedded this guy or vice versa thrice 🙂 I was her maid of honour and the only one in her bridal party. I am honoured to date 🙂 That was a pixx we took at the weeding, that’s me and her, her hubby and his best friend as his best man.


Black Summersnight – Maxwell (Album Review)

Haven’t listened to any other thing since the day I got my hands on this album. It takes me away to a dark beautiful place, full of soul. Blacksummersnight is Maxwell’s fourth studio album and the first of his trilogy.

His first three albums came in between the 1996 – 2001. It then took him almost nine years to put up the nine-tracked Blacksummersnight, which epitomizes both R&B and neo soul genres. It was a long but deserved break and certainly Maxwell came back from the hiatus with a lot of maturity, sensuality not withstanding. It is reported that actual studio time taken to complete the album took three years.

1. Bad habits 5:52

Maxwell’s falsetto tells a story of a man, imprisoned by his woman’s silence. She actually does speak but without a sound, leaving him highly addicted and lost to her highest cost of her love. The music video starts by Maxwell receiving an envelope with a key, just as his girlfriend was about to kiss him goodbye, on her way out of the house. He constantly sneaks in the back alley to meet his lover whom he locks into passionate love with. Watch the video maxwell- bad habits

2. Cold 4:02

He is a man in marvel of how mean his woman could get. He sings that, hell has no fury like the fury of her storm, that even global warming has got nothing on her. And now he now knows why he always felt that something as good as her could never love him. She left him so he sings to her, “God bless you, you too good for me.”

3. Pretty wings 5:10

This is a beautiful song, with beautiful lyrics. Maxwell sings that there shall come a time when there will be no feelings or residuals to hold her to him anymore. He believes that one day he will have to let her go. He is afraid that if he holds on to her, she will then be afraid to spread her pretty wings, and here i suppose he meant her soul. Simple music video.I think the fact that it has different women all dressed the same symbolizes the fact that no matter which woman it is out there, she deserves to be loved  🙂 Watch the video maxwell- pretty wings

4. Help somebody 4:01

Powerful and intense beat to this song. It is the plea of a man who feels like he has a lot of abilities in him and urges everyone who is like him to help somebody in a world that is full of trouble. He then pleads to be helped for he is not perfect. Guess even in imperfection or eternity, there is need for help. Amazing piano, saxophone and trumpets fusion as the song ends. Love it.

In a short interview called, ‘5 days of black’ from the official album, Maxwell terms the song as an effort of extending a helping hand. “We are at a time where we need to sort of see ourselves in other people, it’s the selfless nature and how we have to get to that,” he said.

5. Stop the world 3:56

Certified baby making jam. Definitely love the R&B feel, slow and sensual. Maxwell sings that somebody need to stop the world so he can love his woman without the world’s rage. For when he is with her the world stops falling, in the mean time he will make love to her till the world stops, wow! Nice guitar work too.

6. Love you 3:35

A love song that’s upbeat! That’s what i am talking about! Cool neo-soul. He sings that fatigue caught up with her appearing and disappearing acts. He is giving  her his word that he can be anything she wants him to be, only if she lets him love her. Quite a lovely track to #musiceveryday and getting back to an Ex.

7. Fistful of tears  3:39

Monster track with an intense R&B beat, just right for the heart! Lyrics touch on how people always fight and throw fists. After a fight, you go insane, crazy sometimes but why don’t we fight, not to throw fists but for the world? That way only one thing will be thrown, a fistful of tears. DEEP. Watch the video 

8. Playing possum 4:22

Playing possum is one of the most beautiful songs my heart and ears have experienced in the years I have lived. It’s old English to mean, lying low and pretending that you are asleep or not hearing/ seeing something.

This song made me cry. It’s acoustics echo sentimentality. Loved the guitar and the smooth drums. She plays possum, pretending that she doesn’t need him, he therefore sings to her to open up and wake up. He says that he will be there where she is and very still, if she wasn’t.

9. phoenix rise 2:41

This is kind of Maxwell’s show off of how good he can make instruments speak! No vocals in this one, just that neo- soul mix. Very cool for a chilled out evening or a party. Am picturing a lot of wine and good happy people in this one 🙂 Out of 5, I give Maxwell 5 STARS  🙂

BONUS: At the 52nd Grammy Awards, ‘Blacksummersnight’ bagged the best R&B album of the year, he also took the award for best male R&B vocal performance in  ‘pretty wings’.

Facebook Worst 10

Even despite Facebook’s simple tagline, ‘A SOCIAL NETWORK’ some of its users just wont do it for the network but for their own madness capabilities, it drives me insane and that’s why I found these worst 10 of it! Read through!

1.  Love updates
Love updates are so sickening! It’s enough that we can see you’re in a relationship so please bitch don’t push it! Oh I love you so much, ooh he brought me flowers, its good to make the single ones wanna commit suicide at least once in a while, i mean its part of its social function but we gotta check limits. The reason I am anti- love updates is because 6 months later… the lovers start venting on f.b! ‘I can’t believe he dumped me, you think you are the only one  I will ever love, i hate you!’  etc. On Facebook,  even worse than out of it, there’s a thin line between love and hate, so go easy on it.

2. New Facebook
Y’all even started a f.b group, ‘We want the old f.b back!’ Y’all snitched on the new f.b till you got tired. Ok  f.b, we understood that it’s a social network already, so why the hell do I have to see what my mutual friends  are writing on each other’s walls as status updates!? It’s so damn annoying! We already knew it was a small world so f.b just decided to force the f.b world even smaller…

That new shit totally SUCKS, it has really undermined privacy, in fact they should disable their privacy app, snooping  is now compulsory, inevitable, isn’t this networking forcing social alliances? Facebook is not twitter and never will be as much as its swag  jacking ! The update f.b app allows loooong ass updates, that sucks! Short and simple, like twitter always works.

2. Remove friend app
Thank god in life, outside f.b its not just that easy to remove someone from your life by just a click! I mean that app is so mean but i would call it a necessary evil. The thing is sometimes you wanna check up on a friend and then f.b tells you send friend request. It has happened to me! It pricks! Tricky app as most times you can remove people or a person in an irrational state of mind and its irreversible! You can send them a friend request again 🙂 Chances are they will ignore you 😦

If it aint those random friends ama sickos and psychos don’t just remove a friend. Miss black roses would personally be hurt if you did that to her, though she’s indulged in that evil application a couple of times 🙂

3. Inboxes
We would never exhaust the pros and cons of this app! Dudes tryna ingiza her box via f.b inbox, is sooo 2,000 and late, just style up and man up! That’s lame, what if she doesn’t log in or she deactivates her  f.b? Stall huh? yeah, i thought so 🙂

Anyway i prefer a dude who openly wants to ingiza me box via inbox, now some sickos and psychos will just inbox you weird stuff, like ‘good am catholic too, nice boobs, I want you, are you in a relationship with a girl for the attention or what, where do you live’… etc. All those questions should be taken to the police station. Group inboxes!! F.b groups  admins please come slowly! 4 inboxes from the same group between mon and fri is just too much!!

4. Poking
Why the fuck does this friggin’ app exist!? When someone pokes you, you don’t whether it is a sign that they have missed you, or that they want you, are they saying hi jus checking in. F.b has a wall, inbox, comment/like app, why do you just have to poke?

5. Snobs
You claim that you have a f.b profile yet all you do is snob your friends!  They write on your wall, comment on your status but you always snob! WTF!? If you put up a status update that sparked controversy, why wont you cool it down?  And if you didn’t wanna chat with someone, all you had to do was put them in the ka- small chat window and show them that your offline, don’t make someone chat by themself the whole day!!

Ok sometimes you just don’t feel like f.bukin its ok, sometimes you just have a super busy day its ok, sometimes you at work its ok.. just remember to at least return the msgs. even if it’s a week later trust f.b notifications app to alert them 🙂 Am telling you it pays to know that you aint in that shitty network alone 🙂

6. Group invites/ Relationship status

They make me nauseous! Every other morning like 15 of your friends are in relationships, by afternoon half of them are single, then by night fall the other half are married, tomorrow morning they are all in complicated relationships!! It sucks when you were in a serious relationship and it ended then you gotta change to single, people then start calling you, writing  on your wall ati kwani you guys broke up etc.. so much for your personal life!

There are groups called, ‘how big is your penis?’, another one, ‘lets measure your penis’, there are groups for anything and everything under the sun! The create group app has definitely been misused!

8. Name changing
We get the point, that you can edit your account settings woo hoo!!! great. You finally found a place where you can change your name everyday and use it without need for an affidavit of support to show that you are the ALIAS.. Dude! Some of us have thousands of friends on f.b, how the hell are we suppose to keep up with the changes. I go nuts every time I see an update, then am like: now who is this?? By the time I figure out ooh ok its Kevin, he goes again to change his name to K- force!! #CONFUSION

However, some of those names changes rock STONES! Tom Mfyamest, Trackit Migingo, Okoth M-pesa, Trish Babie, Flow Kadenge,  I  like those who change their names to interesting things like that! We gotta spice this bitch up!

9. Misuse of the expression LOL & NKT
It’s nice to use lol and nkt where applicable but then some peeps got this fake memos from fake f.b and were told they gotta use those two in every other comment and update!! You see an update… Is so tired of reading LOL! What’s there to lol about? OR: Had a good day chilling with Susan, nkt! #CONFUSION

Trust LOL for having revolutionized even Australopithecus hawezimake!! LOL to LMAOL to ROTFLMBAO to ROR to KHOL these words have been super used and abused!

10. Comment Busters.
If someone has updated a sad thing like my mum is so sick in hospital, what is there to like about that? Maybe we should propose for a dislike app, i mean not commenting at all isn’t the same with not liking nway some people will just comment haphazardly even when you write in french and they don not understand!! Sometimes updates are rhetorical, then the busters are there so busy commenting! Un necessary comments spoil the gist of updates but then again, busters wouldn’t know anything about gist would they?


This dude sent me a friend request and i just accepted, little did I know that he was one of those psycho dudes! Since the day i clicked on the accept button, the dude was commenting on all my updates, ALL! When I decided to check his profile a couple of days later, his small box on the far left that says, ‘write something little about yourself’,  it had: ‘Loves Anyiko & will marry her!’  The dude had only 30 friends! I mean even Sheldon BIG BANG THEORY has 200 friends on  Facebook. That was my record, fastest time someone was ever removed and blocked from my profile!

The Weave Menace

weaveA lot of peeps agree that hair and it’s styling says a lot about a person. Another camp settles on shoes on the same, I personally am in total agreement with both parties. I feel that like a jigsaw is your style and image, incomplete without a top to bottom symmetry, all the pieces have to be in sync.

Am just going go straight to the Nairobian girls Weave Menace and the Nairobian dude Weave-Hate parade. A boyfriend once threatened me that he would dump me the day I would  put a weave on my head, well I did not put one, I have never anyway, but not because of him but just because am just not ready to put a weave yet.  Don’t get me wrong, if I want to put one, I will do just that, and on top of that, rock it! Some Kenyan girls actually do have good-looking weaves. Renown trend setters all have weaves, I mean check Beyonce, check Tyra, check Keri Hilson, check Brandy, she even got a weave company or something like that. Check Rihanna, you honestly didn’t think all that was her hair, they call it bonding, am going to discuss that a bit later. Anyway just because most girls are doing them wrong doesn’t mean it’s cool to hate on them all, so now lets see where the problem is.

It’s rather clear that weaves are ubiquitous in Kenya yet unanimously hated upon, is it the girls to blame, or pathetic salonists? Am going to go with the girls, if she aint’ rocking her shit, hate on her not it. Like shoe size is paramount when buying a pair, so is weave choice when deciding on that hair style.


1. The weave type/ hairstyle type

Weaves are either synthetic or natural/ human hair. If you got human hair weave you can treat it like your hair, tong it, brush it, braid it, wash it, condition it, but women do not do all this on synthetic weaves, they stink. Synthetic weaves are suitable for braiding/ twisting  hairstyles.

2. Braiding/ Bonding

Braiding is when you got the cornrows around your head and the weave is attached/ sewed to your head. Then bonding is what most of the weave trend setters do, then here you are wanting to compare your hair to Beyonce’s errrr…… not that easy girl! Nway so bonding is when your natural hair is split into little portions and the weave is stuck to the portions using wax or a special adhesive glue from the scalp, so in the end your hair and the weave are mixed up together from the scalp, this might chomoa your hair if not done by a professional.

riri3. Ongoing care

Here is the catch, whether your weave is synthetic or human hair, care is essential and must be observed to the letter. The longest a weave should be on a head is at least two months, but there goes your typical Nairobian girl with a four-month old weave walking around town, eeeuw! A weave is definitely not your hair, well technically it is your hair, because you bought it but anyway you get the point.

Girls you have to buy the right hair products for them, wash them often, if you don’t do this the hair will stink and could even carry bacteria, leaving your scalp with dandruff or other dermatological ailments.

So Kenyans should generally style up in the sense of general hair knowledge. The right choice of both hair and salonist must be considered. At the end of the day, weaves were meant to complement the black woman’s beauty as black hair is generally all roughed up but if it aint working, short hair or natural hair should come first, to them weaves so go natural woman.

BONUS: Money and quality weave availability is also a stall around here. I mean Tyra has spent up to 3,000 dollars on a wig, a weave even double that, Beyonce has spent up to 10,000 dollars on a weave.


Endless Fights

Every time they get into a fight, she gets into a fright, not because she bets she is right and shouldn’t let the wrangle slide on, but because she knows he has might and will struggle to let it slide on, and on and on…

As soon as they are done throwing nasty words at each other, she is done owing him classy awards, now it’s time for showing him fishy rewards! She doesn’t get the chance though, as he throws her a glance, pow! and walks out, oh! he says he is worked out! Now bangs the door behind him, hangs the phone, damn him! She regrets calling him, she gets lost loving him, searching for him, she hates LOST but now, she would rather it to watching him, ‘write down or not bother?’ she questions her feelings, deep equations, her heart needs healing, see ….emotions are sealing her night….

Heights, are fearful but she fears not that of sky scrapers, but that of heart razors, trappers, gangsters like him, from him she hid, but he did win, trapped her, then stashed her. her nights are tearful but she hates not those of heart breaks but those of her wretch…… she feels like she would have left him, it means that she could have left him, i.e if she really wanted, a sign now she is clearly haunted!

She is not weeping tonight, neither is she sleeping alright, she is however seeking, the gods of love, praying to have, to want, to earn, to learn, to yearn, for love, whatsoever! Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock….. She stares at the clock, the cock crows, feels like she is standing at the dock, raw and ready to go get lost in the sea of destitute, the sea of high altitudes where she’ll have no attitude anyway!

Now, she is still up waiting on him to come back home, wow, she’s better alone, if he was home, she still would be waiting for him to get back up …..erectile dysfunctionality is what their sex had come to, she was also seeing her ex, he is erect, a  little functionality was good, food for her, at least once in a while, he made her pant some miles 🙂 (a litu x rated) Nway time is quarter past three in the night, actually in the morning, his crime is already in her first quota of the daylight, she’s mourning!

She falls asleep around 5 a.m there, she dreams……. “Inside it, she screams like an addict, so high, in it he is like a drug addiction, legal,  a lethal addition to her system… He is like an insulin injection of her stem, she hated that infection…. ‘So,  hang up! when he calls! ,” said her friends, ‘no, hang on! when things stall’, said her fiends, who to trust?”

She wakes up! startled, she sits up, holds her bangle! She is still alone, looks at her phone, wondering whether to call him, suddenly her phone starts ringing, vibrating, irritating, it’s him calling! Her feelings shattering, she presses the “silent” button, the battle ends, stress less, heart less,  she goes back to sleep, like a silly sheep, so peacefully, finally …………

You are a LOSTIE

Definition of the word LOSTIE=> Someone who is obsessed by LOST, you know like me 🙂 Someone who has watched it religiously season 1 to 5, gotten well………….. LOST a couple of times but constantly kept on, watching it over and over, asking their friends questions about it, dreamt about it, wish they went to an island like that…..

OR simply said, a LOSTIE is also that person who never really gave the show the patience and attention that it deserved, their devotion, but thought it was one of a kind and still is interested in it and how it will end! So if you are reading this you are probably still a LOSTIE! ha, see i tricked ya’ll 🙂

OR even simpler, a lostie is anyone of the LOST characters.

Through out this post am gonna be posing questions, they are rhetorical and to be hopefully answered by the writers in the final season!

Nway this is the continuation to my previous article, “are you Lost or a Lostie?” Sooooooo… Americans totally suck! LOST premiered last Tuesday 2rd Feb across the U.S. I woke up Wednesday morning, as usual check my twitter trending topics and get so turned on! Lost was trending! Damn! So i got to the freaking page and what were the dafts doing? Every goddamned person was spoiling! Talking about who died and what finally happened to the plane, that suxx!

First, the lead writer Damon Lindelof already leaked info that either Jack or Locke, the two mainest of characters would die within the first episodes of Seas 6. So yeah,we have been spoiled for enough, how about LOST American twitter trenders shurrrup! So what am gonna do now isn’t spoil but theorize what LOST could be, i mean it’s symbolism to the real world/life, to you, to losties. Why has it taken the world by storm? I am just gonna use everything i have seen from season 5 going downwards back to 1.

It’s less than 24 hours before the world’s most talked about show final season 6 premiers across the globe! It is twisted as you would think! I don’t even know where to start. Ok, first they crashed in a mysterious, untraceable island,then after 100 days 8 out of the survivors were rescued, the ones who remained thought it was their destiny to do so. 3 years later those who left were all social misfits, worse than they were before they crashed in the island, it took them 3 years to then realise that the island was their destiny so then they decided to go back!

Since the island was supernatural, on going back they found that it had time traveled and now they were 30 years back there. When they first were at the island there was a mysterious hatch and they found that it had some wierd combination of numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 that had to be constantly punched, it was someone’s fault to not have punched the numbers on time and thus the flight ocenic flight 815 crashed! So was it fate/ destiny after all?

So now that they were back in the island 30 years back, it was when the Dharma initiatve (a scientific project that was based in the island) was being built and they saw the hatch that would later have the number punching being built. Well, i know you are lost already! Why the number punching? That one i will answer for you, it happens that the land beneath where the punk scientists built the hatch had certain electonic forces that later reacted with the components of the hatch and thats why the numbers had to be punched to somewhat neutralize the natural disaster the absence of number punching would cause, you now understand why the plane crashed on that day that someone called Desmond forgot to punch the numbers?

Ok, so we have finally gotten to the finale of season 5!! The surviving losties unanimously decided to bomb the hatch, so that then 30 years to come when they actually crash, they dont! If they successfully destroy the hatch then maybe 30 years later they could change destiny, meaning all those who died in the crash/ the island come back to life and everyone has a chance to start a new!

But then if they had just stayed put in the island when they got there, none of these things would have had to happen!


I think LOST is symbolic for purgatory, i think when they crashed, they all actually died, the island was then a place where they only were alive to start a new life but in real life they were all dead, however they came back to life/ the real world due to their absence of submission to the island’s destiny!  In summary, how many times have we found ourselves in life situations and try to fight out of them? Instead of dealing with them, living with them? In short, LOST is a teaching that in whatever life situation that comes your way, do not run away from it as it is most probably fate but use it as a stepping stone, learn from it, that you may never go back to your old bad state and then want another chance to go back to the opportunity you lost again!

LOST was an opportunity to a second chance to life, but most of the LOSTIES did not see it a that, how many opportunities are placed right in front of you everyday but you dont see them as that? You think you are too insignificant until it’s too late!

Trust your instincts, your heart, when DESTINY calls, answer!


According to, LOST came number 2 after Supernatural in top of 09 series! LOST made Time’s list of the 100 Greatest Shows of All Time!  LOST also came 5th on Empire magazine’s list of the top 50 Greatest Shows of All Time!  The New York Times, defined LOST as the show with perhaps the most compelling continuing story line in television history!

Ask yourself why you never gave it the attention, it deserved!


P.S jen’ecrirepascettepoeme,jenerapelle pasouj’ailetrouve’aussimais ilesttres belle,tressensuelle, jel’aime!L’amuser……….

Sur terre toute chose A sa part de soleil ;
Toute épine a sa rose, Toute nuit, son réveil.
Pour le pré Dieu fit l’herbe ; Pour le champ, la moisson ;
Pour l’air, l’aigle superbe ; Pour le nid, le buisson.
Tout arbre a sa verdure ; Toute abeille, son miel ; Toute onde, son murmure ;
Toute tombe, son ciel.
Dans ce monde, où tout penche Vers un centre meilleur, La fleur est pour la branche Et l’ami pour le coeur.