Endless Fights

Every time they get into a fight, she gets into a fright, not because she bets she is right and shouldn’t let the wrangle slide on, but because she knows he has might and will struggle to let it slide on, and on and on…

As soon as they are done throwing nasty words at each other, she is done owing him classy awards, now it’s time for showing him fishy rewards! She doesn’t get the chance though, as he throws her a glance, pow! and walks out, oh! he says he is worked out! Now bangs the door behind him, hangs the phone, damn him! She regrets calling him, she gets lost loving him, searching for him, she hates LOST but now, she would rather it to watching him, ‘write down or not bother?’ she questions her feelings, deep equations, her heart needs healing, see ….emotions are sealing her night….

Heights, are fearful but she fears not that of sky scrapers, but that of heart razors, trappers, gangsters like him, from him she hid, but he did win, trapped her, then stashed her. her nights are tearful but she hates not those of heart breaks but those of her wretch…… she feels like she would have left him, it means that she could have left him, i.e if she really wanted, a sign now she is clearly haunted!

She is not weeping tonight, neither is she sleeping alright, she is however seeking, the gods of love, praying to have, to want, to earn, to learn, to yearn, for love, whatsoever! Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock….. She stares at the clock, the cock crows, feels like she is standing at the dock, raw and ready to go get lost in the sea of destitute, the sea of high altitudes where she’ll have no attitude anyway!

Now, she is still up waiting on him to come back home, wow, she’s better alone, if he was home, she still would be waiting for him to get back up …..erectile dysfunctionality is what their sex had come to, she was also seeing her ex, he is erect, a  little functionality was good, food for her, at least once in a while, he made her pant some miles 🙂 (a litu x rated) Nway time is quarter past three in the night, actually in the morning, his crime is already in her first quota of the daylight, she’s mourning!

She falls asleep around 5 a.m there, she dreams……. “Inside it, she screams like an addict, so high, in it he is like a drug addiction, legal,  a lethal addition to her system… He is like an insulin injection of her stem, she hated that infection…. ‘So,  hang up! when he calls! ,” said her friends, ‘no, hang on! when things stall’, said her fiends, who to trust?”

She wakes up! startled, she sits up, holds her bangle! She is still alone, looks at her phone, wondering whether to call him, suddenly her phone starts ringing, vibrating, irritating, it’s him calling! Her feelings shattering, she presses the “silent” button, the battle ends, stress less, heart less,  she goes back to sleep, like a silly sheep, so peacefully, finally …………


  1. Wyndago · February 5, 2010

    She finally got over him.
    PS: Is the 1st comment what they call a spam comment? Annoying.

  2. anyiko · February 5, 2010

    Yeah she did 🙂 Wyndago, if u view tht comment via mobi full site, its boxes with SEX written in th middle! Still!?

  3. Switcheeks · February 10, 2010

    I love it!!who to trust.him or ur friends?!damn gal u always speak to my soul.love love love it=)

  4. anyiko · February 12, 2010

    Glad you like it, it is so hard coz in the head you can never take your friends advices for granted cz they know you better! Love is hard

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