In Love with the Musician

He is a musician by profession, my magician in discretion, not of a circus but of  my heart as he heals all the fracas of  my hurt. He loves to be in the spotlight, at night after his show we have candle lit dinner in slow mo, on our spot lit dimmer just like he likes it, no homo, i mean he is a celebrity! Just like electricity he is essential to general functionality, the special general who sustains my sanity, he is the lead singer of his band, but to me, he is my band of elasticity, he twists and turns my emotions, when he holds my hand he sings and turns me wild, i swing and run shy, my worries burn away, i throw the ashes in the oceans….

A lot of fans always tweeting about him, i loath this as i am the one needing him the most, i am the one speeding his beats the most; not of music per minute but of ghosts of  love with no limit, leaving him haunted and bleeding in passion, leaving him knowing that he is hunted and wanted for countless sessions; not of rehearsals but of referrals, i am like his patient who is sick and in dire need for medicine, he is my doctor so patient to seek the vaccine to my illness, my sweetness, my heart rests in his hands….

He signs a thousand autographs but he minds only one photograph, that of me, he says that, ‘it’s worth 1000 words’…. It might seem mean but in his graph, i am constantly rising, no graft but fair, the mean score instantly surprising at top of them all, no flare. He scoops awards at several events; not only musically but he is liberal, he never vents but wins my heart’s award too, fair and square, that’s why i share this with you, please don’t find me queer.  In the entertainment world he is a superstar! In my temperament word is, he’s my star! In my geography department, he is my luster, my lasting rock that shines! In my hearts compartment, he is my never rusting metal, that galvanizes me from all evil, realizing him free from all ego….

I just fell in love with THE musician.

Love – Boyz II Men (Album Review)

At a time when negativity, vulgarity and nudity is applauded, and softness is seen as weak,  Boyz II Men go against the odds and once again wave their LOVE flag. Well, it’s the same flag that they have held up high over the years, 20 years to be precise. In Sept 19th 2010, the boyz mark their 20th anniversary. The baby making music geniuses who brought you, “girl in the life magazine” “I’ll make love to you” “end of the road” among other hit singles, take their 10th studio album titled “LOVE” to a whole new level. With a career built on spreading love, the boyz decide to re-record a collection of life changing love songs that have been previously written and recorded by other artists.

I see this as mature, playful, familiar, old, but yet a new sound to my ears, my fears. How better way to hear a serenade re done by the now, trio of vocal experts, Wanya Morris, Shawn Stockman, and Nathan Morris. Nelson with the deep voice left the group to pursue a solo career and Michael left due to personal issues and illnesses. It’s amazing that 5 was the identity but the 3 who remain absolutely uphold the magic. The new album produced by American idols Randy Jackson is a blend or R&B, acapella and soul, a really smooth listen. In a short interview posted on Youtube, the boyz discuss their album, “LOVE” this is what the boyz had to say,

Shawn : “These are songs that aren’t just from R&B singers, we stretched our vocal abilities and did other things outside this genre like pop, jazz and rock to explore that other side of love.

Wanya: “We hope that these songs will become the soundtracks to people’s lives again, when you hear it please know that it came from a real place, we put out hearts into it. WATCH IT NOW! => *THE INTERVIEW*

I just choose to review the first 7 songs out of the 13 track album, you should grab it and sample the best love songs re done 🙂

1. I can’t make you love me 5.17- originally done by Bonnie Raitt

He sings to his lover that as much as he loves her and would do anything for her, he can’t make her love him. He sings that he cant make her heart feel something that it wont. Serious heartbreaking throw back lyrics song. For all those who were in relationships that never worked, this one’s for you. They boyz say that this one has been one of their favourite songs of all time and they choose it the first to be in their first rendition album.

2. Amazed 4.18- Lonestar

He is amazed at what she does to him, every little thing that she does, amazes him and for that reason he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. The smell of her skin, the taste of her kiss, the smell of her hair, everything about her touches his heart, he wants that to las forever…

3. Could it be am falling in love? 3.57- The Spinners

Real soul, with the intense Earth wind and fire feel. He sings that from the first time he met her he doesn’t need the little joys he used to have, instead he just wants to be with her and derive those little boyish feelings from her. Could it be that he is falling in love? definitely love the soul, the trumpets, the pianos, the band ahhhhh…

4. If you leave me now 4.03- Chicago

He warns her, “If you leave me now, you take away a very big piece of me” A love like ours is very rare to find, how could you take it away? How could we end it like this, just sit down and let us talk about this. This is soooo Marvine Gayle, the type of song to serenade to your lover to beg them not to leave you. A great get back together love-making to, tune 🙂

5. Time after time 3.56- Cyndi Lauper

As the song title suggests this is a true classic! Never ages time after time but instead goes straight to the heart. The Boyz show off their vocal abilities as they accapella through this timeless lovely piece… If your lost you can look and you will find me, time after time. If you fall I will catch you, i will be waiting, time after time.

6. Iris 4.08- Goo Goo Dolls

THIS IS MY VERY BEST RENDION! NOW NOW NOW CLICK HERE TO LISTEN => *IRIS* Arguably one of the best love songs of all time, City of angels soundtrack, Armageddon too if am not wrong. originally done by the Goo Goo dolls, the rock band you know. Yeah, that’s how deep the boyz went to bring out the true love in songs. This is that song that made you cry at night when you were missing your lover. “I dont want the world to see me, I don’t think they would understand me, when everything is broken i just hope you’ll understand who i am” P.S never make this your “relationship” song, it never dies but relationships ends, choose wisely 🙂

7. Cupid 3.49- Sam Cooke

Soul for you acappella at the bridge, cupid drop back your bow and let your arrow go straight to me 🙂 He sings to cupid that he is distress and there is danger that he is in love with a girl who doesn’t even know that he exists, he promises to love her to eternity if cupid gives him a chance with her. Just how sweet can a song’s lyrics be? Hope someone ever asked cupid to do that for him for me , wink 🙂


Based on sales, Boyz II Men is to date, the most successful R&B male vocal group of all time. I think this is yet another height of their career.

Reply to the Letter

Hey there,

Yeah we haven’t spoken in 6 weeks, all those! It’s because we are broken. Not like a porcelain doll baby but you are like a valentine’s day that went wrong and took its toll.  It’s not crazy but hard, it’s a purple haze i cant see through, it’s a hurdle i cant unscrew,  a mystery, seriously it’s an inefficiency that you facilitated, in disguise of having emancipated thy self, but it was in despise and what you didn’t realize was that it was an iniquity. Despite our duo having reached the shelf life why would you call yourself my somewhat jilted lover?

Did i have her? No, i did not, i kid you not. Since the last time we were together havent been with anyone, not literally but sensually, personally,  i have been alone, my heart now a stone, lonely, if only you knew. Nway there’s nothing new, i am the same old fine, thank you, it’s a shame that i have been lying here sly, trying to hate you but inside I am dying trying to create another you, erase this from a brother. In case you never knew, i run to sleep at night, I hunt to seek through my nights, all for that one possibility, that i might meet you in my dreams…

I am better now and glad that you wrote me that letter. I am however sad that only that nightmare prompted you to write me, the scare haunted you to write me. What happened to the days when you used to bite me, kiss me, txt me, say you missed me every 2 minutes? Limit is what we never had, summit is what we aimed to have, to reach the top of the mountain, not of rock climbing but that which draws a fountain of love. Yes, i think of you, i sink in your thoughts, a lot, i do remember especially september, your bday, that day with the bee on your pretty nose, your sexy panty horse, your sassy voice when panting, our partying days, your sick days, everything… Yes i miss you honey.

Love right back at you.

The Letter

Dear lover,

It’s crazy that you haven’t spoken to me in 6 weeks! It’s shady that i hadn’t given you your token, not of recognition but of appreciation. These sheets have been cold since your depreciation, not of the financial streets but of my heart that beats, bleeds, shit! See this is me writing you this letter because am tired of biting my nails thinking of you, am tied of wanting to be better without you, hoping later this will emancipate me, confiscate any trace of you in me, so baby please relate to it, hate it but i said it mate, i want peace.

This morning i woke up so scared so i had to share this with you, you know, declare a few things, new thrills for you. Last night i had a nightmare, i was right there, you were stuck in a rubble, it was terrible! I couldn’t save you nor have you, i couldn’t see you nor seek through the rocks, stones, i was left alone frightened,  my fears heightened, my tears were flowing, not like a river but snowing like a storm in Alaska, i must have been knowing that it was the end, the world was falling, i was calling out your name, its shame you couldn’t hear me, near me, see me, so you succumbed to the tragedy and i got numb from the parody.

I just wanted to know how you are, if you are sure, is it not me you wanna share with, this eternity, this un certainty, i believe its your prerogative. I know that it might just have been a dream, but it seems I lack the might to ignore it, instead i have the light  to acknowledge it. I am gonna cut to the chase, as i don’t wanna get hurt in the race. Got a couple of questions for you, when you get this letter, i better get reactions from you baby, lately it’s been explosions in my head, memories when  in my bed, melodies of regret anyway,

Well i am sorry i am a little late to ask this, do not dismiss this, and by the way, i got the message you sent me 2 weeks ago. I wont deny not having replied, but i was at the massage parlor, i got carried away by the colour of relaxation and determination to sabotage your efforts, you echoes in my mind, time has healed me, now release me. P.S You don’t have to answer me if it’s too personal, but do your thoughts of me ever become sensual? Do you ever reminisce of us on the bathroom floor, at the showroom back door, do you miss me?

Love, your somewhat jilted Lover.

What You Do To Me

LIKE A DEMON, you possess me, process me, holistically, not like whole milk but like silt, like silk, so fine, so divine, it’s an obsession I invite, my hearts procession I never decline, when it hurts, its my objection, I decide. The most fair of  judges, the lost share no grudges in your court room, it’s the velvet room, temperatures always favourable, desirable, amicable, silhouette.

LIKE COFFEE, you start me up, fire me up, stir me up, a super drug you are, you fill me up. Your sugar, not too much, not too little, not brittle. When I am sleepy you wake me up, soothe me up then you me up, when am in bed, no worries, instead i sleep like a baby, lately when I am sheepy you shake me up, you keep me up. Like espresso you are so dark and concentrated, my morning express you are, a mourning I press through my system. I am sure you seep through my stem, through my branches, you blind my hitches, you blind mayhem, I mind how I take you in.

LIKE MY PARTNER, we’ve been in a long-term relationship, so steady no rocky ship, so ready emotionally and physically I am always gripping to my radio, the patio is where I like to sit. I let my lover whisper sweet nothings in my ear, I hate when my lover stops, as my world stops. That’s why our love has no forward button but rewind and replay, remind and play is our vocabulary, not ordinary, just extra pleasure, comfort, leisure, effort, no measure, I love how my partner blends me in.

LIKE MY SOUL, you choose not who to touch, you choose not who to relieve of hurt, you release yourself, you let loose to all people, you never choose any race or kind, you always use all walks of life, never the path that lies. Baby you get me so emotional, I feel like I wanna cry you a river, you are so sentimental, you make me shiver, I believe you wanna run deeper than a river in me, deeper than the oceans there in, sweeter than the emotions in me, baby, lately you’ve inspired me, I aspire to take you in daily, constantly, consistently, consequently I love how you are selfless.

LIKE AIR, I need you bad. When i have you, my lungs fail me not, when I have you my heart pumps blood to my body, a lot! You are definitely that somebody. When I miss you, I suffocate, when I diss you, you kiss me, I resurrect, you resuscitate me, you never shut up, you never shut down, so when I am tired, I turn you a bit down, then its slow motion to the ears, slow motion to the fears, slow motion as my devotion to you. You are so sensual when you are low in sound, I take you in and out, slowly, in and out, panting, in and out…….I take you in and wish you would stay inside me forever. However, I figured i cant survive without you, I like your figure stunts, the way you’re moving, what you’re doing, you’re like a treasure hunt to me, i am always in your pursuit, a fresh breath of air you see, that’s what you do to me.

LIKE LOVE MAKING, you are the best I ever had, never too hard on me, never too slow on it. Your magic stick makes me wonder, so i let it wander in the wilderness of the moment. I let you blander in the wildness of the moment, you always rectify and verify to me that you still remain to be the most alluring of lovers, the most ensuring of lovers. I can’t skip a night without your love-making, I can’t speak a word without my heart shaking for you, i am your slave. Every time you get inside of me, you take me to a place of satisfaction, every time i set inside of you, you take me to a sacred place of emotions.

I love you MUSIC.