Will You Marry Me?

Will you marry me Mr. Right? Will you bury me in your nights, days, insights and prospects? Will you respect me, never disrespect me but forever anticipate to petting me, patting me? Will you be waiting for me ? Will you not agitate unnecessarily over me but facilitate to be my lover? “Dearly beloved”, is what the Pastor says, but clearly ragged, is what the past has said of me, will you leave that behind, will you be behind me as I turn a new leaf, burn a new….

See, like a phoenix, my love will timelessly burn you in a fix, carelessly leave you fit, consequently my love is state of the art, shot straight through to your heart, not by cupid but by cute me 🙂

Will you marry me Mr. Right?  Not in a hurry, as we might as well spend the rest of our lives in preparation. In reparation of the dried well, the waters shall never run dry, our cool waters shall forever run deep, we shall spend every hour of the rest of our lives together, in the shower, in God’s power, everywhere, i mean not literally but emotionally, holistically, i mean no distance shall keep our hearts apart, a part of my heart for instance will be yours to keep, guard the keys to it, seal this covenant with a kiss in it, make this real am gonna be your Mrs, aint’ it?

Clearly it aint’ easy, but baby be at ease, look at it seriously through your heart, honestly i wont hurt you so you gotta be up for it, better yet you gotta tap it, not my boootey but am talking about your royalties, earn my niceties but you gotta harness them, not like energy but pray that God blesses our synergy, our  anthem, our union, that in 50 years  we can celebrate a reunion.

Will you marry me Mr. Right? I wanna be your wife, stride through your life, see you through all your strife, abide by your side, aside from that be with you all the time day and night. I pray that I can use my might to teach you on how to be a better man, that I might see you somehow as a changed man, a sane man but deep down a crazy man for me, a crave i yearn in me, that I’ll be timeless like Sade, a shade of love that reflects  in us, resonates past us, now take off your shades, lower the window shades, as the wind blows, look at me in the eyes:

Will you marry me?

Soldier of Love – Sade (Album Review)

Sade, another reason why am proud to be African. If you didn’t know that she is of Nigerian British roots, well get the memo. Africans should be proud of her musical contribution to the world. Soldier of love is Sade’s 6th studio album.

The album generally touches on the long hard road of love and life lessons. It acknowledges hurt and disappointments but in the end with a summary that you can wash away anything from your skin, it can’t be that easy but yes you can start afresh, you too can be a soldier of love is you find rest in the safest place.

—> Did anyone notice how i wrote that paragraph using the song titles? Usually someone shouldn’t force the reader to notice such things, but i have to flaunt that 🙂

1. The moon and the sky 4.27

Sade sings of deep love. To her lover who knows the reason why their love could have had the moon and the sky. Despite the breakup, he doesn’t  let her move on and it hurts her so she still won’t let him go. Very catchy beat and nice intro!  Lovely work on the guitar I must say!

2. Soldier of love 5.58

This is what i call an intense beat. Fit for a movie soundtrack. FYI it was among the chosen soundtracks for Lost Season 6.  She sings that her heart lost its use but she will soldier on and survive as she’s still looking for the light. Don’t we all want to be soldiers of love? Watch the video

3. Morning bird 2.39

A very beautiful song. You would either get its gist or not. Like the morning bird she sang everyday but now the bird flew away deep lyrics. I love the violin and piano gives it a chivalric sound. She goes on to sing that she is still a bird and if he sets her free she will not run. Sigh.

4. Baby father 4.40

Quite a lovely track! Definitely in my top 3 in this album! Let’s start with the guitar work. I love how the momentum builds up, listen keenly and you will notice the difference. It’s like a Bob Marley’s resurrection of the guitar in could this be love. This is a great neo-soul track with a great love story. Listen to the song and watch the lovely vid

5. Long hard road 3.02

This one has that Sade- x factor. The guitar work sounds so Santana but it’s Juan Janes, Mexican, i think. Her song is an assertion that despite the long road ahead, it’s going to be alright. I call this a motivational track, again this would make a great movie soundtrack.

7.Bring me home 4.05

A soft rock song, she sings that the ground is full of broken stones, she got nowhere to turn to so please bring her home. This song basically says that east or west, home is best. Not a track you want to listen to everyday but definitely a good one.

8. In another time 5.06

Just like the name of the song, the one sounds like it should have been released in another time, maybe the 80’s. It’s so Earth wind and fire- misty blue. Love the whole band feel, the guitar and sax fused in piano. She sings that if things don’t work out girl, it will in another time and place though.

9. Skin 4.13

I really love this one, it’s a favourite! And that bass guitarist, wow! True neo-soul, it’s like when Maxwell used to rock an afro, Erick Benett on dreads and something like D’angelo naked in a music video. Remember that time? She sings that when she found out their love was gone, like Michael Jackson back in the day, she begins to wash off her skin, to peel him away, as he was right in within …

10. The safest place  2.46

This is the one song that would make me cry. It is acoustic. Always said that if songs had sisters this one would be twins with Maxwell’s ‘Playing possum’. She sings that in her heart his love has found the safest hiding place, inside her heart is a field with trees and a lake. there is a wall that no one could break as she is a lonely warrior. That her heart has been to war so he can be sure that he has found the safest hiding place.

What can i say? God bless you Sade.

She Can’t Define Who You Are

You are my music, sweeter than mursik, when am sick of you, you still stick to me like super glue. Super dude is what I can call you, stall you is what I can never do, forever have you, is what I would like to do, wound you, is what I never do. You are the best lover.

In pursuit of a comparison, you are my song suit for a reason, like a 5-star hotel suite I love your quality, never based on quantity but sanctity, the time we spend comprises of memories I never erase, melodies I ever anticipate to not serenade. I want to teach the world on how to imitate good love, and how it is made.

When you kiss my neck, I miss the point and instead get lost in your seduction, what the heck, we end up in bed for satisfaction! When I kiss your ear, you hear nothing but the bliss of my captivity. I gain as you always make me feel young, sprung like it’s our first time, a  dime is what you are, hung up sometimes, I feel like I am who you are.

In show for my love, I throw my fears to you, my tears on you, consequently only you make things right, you are my light, my judge, you never smudge anything on me. As every night my thoughts merge, you frequently cross my mind, currently I have submerged my entire being to you, hope I don’t budge when I wake you up to stare, understand it’s a mere urge.

You are my favourite DJ, always in my favour even when am in PJs. You say you like it that way, I say I like it your way. In the morning you play the baby making record, ‘baby make love to me, ’I beg  in one accord. As am mourning you play me some soul, just like the band playing, you are my Earth, Wind and Fire, blazing. You sweep me off my feet,  remain so sweet and just by the touch of your hand, you burn me up!!