Grey’s Anatomy Characters We Really Miss (TV Review)

1.Dr. Preston Burke

He was dark, handsome, tall and the best cardiothoracic surgeon in Seattle! Burke however seemed to always be distant, the kind of man who you would never know what’s on his mind. His devotion to his work is very attractive and it’s what makes Cristina, the hungry intern for knowledge on cardiothoracic surgery fall in love with him. Their relationship goes through several rough patches, from Cristina, the workaholic having to settle for a relationship to Burke’s tragic accident, when he is shot on the arm in an incident right outside the hospital. Burke’s arm never heals completely and he is unable to operate with his right arm, this situation breaks him down. The last of them is when he eventually stands up Cristina at the altar after she hesitated to enter the church on their wedding day. He eventually leaves Seattle Grace. Word went round that he went on to win a prestigious medical award at a different state. I miss Burke, I feel like he was destined for big and better things in the developing story. He had a very strong character, un fortunately he fell out with one of the actors on set and the series had to fire him to avoid bad publicity.

2. Dr. George O’Malley

He was my best doctor ever! He came from an ordinary family that never believed that their Georgy did become a doctor! George was just a great person, a loyal friend, he had a pleasant character though sometimes overly emotional. He had the hugest crush on Meredith, ended up marrying Dr. Torres  who divorced him after finding out that he cheated with his best friend Izzy who was at that time not in her clear mind, literally she had a brain tumour. In seas 6 the introduction of Dr. Hunt is the beginning of Georgy’s end, Hunt convinces George to leave Seattle to go become a doctor at the military. George leaves hastily and misses his own farewell party when the rest of his friends were planning to cajole him to stay. Later that day, a man who was badly injured and completely disfigured after being hit by a bus trying to save a girl on the streets is brought to the hospital. He undergoes various surgeries and doesn’t seem to be doing well.  One night when Meredith was checking up on the patient, she noticed that he was trying to communicate using his hands. Meredith decodes a hand sign that George used to love and realizes that the man was George! She breaks down and calls the rest. George starts to code and despite efforts to save his life, he finally dies. You think his friends cried? I cried the whole night, haven’t cried as much since Titanic, LOL. George has asked the writers to depart the series, but did they have to kill him so tragically? That was just heart wrenching and by far the most dramatic and saddest season finale! Most of the fans even thought that the writer would introduce another George, with a different face since the accident messed his face but that never was. Goodbye Georgy 😦

Dr. Erica Hahn

She was annoyingly authoritative but at the same time you had to love her for being the only other cardiothoracic surgeon to stand up to Dr. Burke, in addition she was lesbian! We all need a little spice innit! The most memorable Hahn episode must be her introduction, when Dr. Burke flies to her hospital in a different state to get her patient’s heart for his patient whose life was on the line. Hahn on the other hand did not want to give up the heart. Chief Webber later employs Hahn at Seattle Grace and she saves the day when Burke gets an accident. She has a fling with Dr. Torres that never really flourished before she leaves Seattle. Yet another very strong character killed, yuck @ the writers!

Dr. Isabel Stephens

I think she was annoying in soooo many ways but now that she is gone, I miss her! What was most outstanding about Izzie was her beauty, a broad with brains is usually a good combi! She is the doctor who can’t keep her mouth shut, moreover she is the most spontaneous of all. She falls in love with a patient, Danny Duquette who proposes to her right before he dies! She is later haunted by his memories after he lives her millions of his fortune. Izzie uses all that money to start a special medical ward at Seattle Grace called The Danny Duquette memorial. She is later diagnosed with a brain tumour after marrying Dr. Karev at the height of her ailment. She later becomes distant and falls out with Karev, they divorce and she eventually quits the whole being  a doctor vibe. Looked like a diminishing character to me.

We really miss these characters, a miracle would be their recurrence which is highly in doubt!

Grey’s Anatomy upto Season 3 (TV Review)

My best friend Bunny loves Medical Dramas! Every time I go to her house, we are always fighting over the TV. She always wants to watch Scrubs while I am watching MTV or something. I hate Scrubs! (currently at the risk of coming out as a completely not humorous person but yeah I said it, I don’t like much of  hospital dramas and especially comedies) I am more of a sci-fi chic so when I blog about Grey’s Anatomy that means that it’s actually very nice. The numerous awards can also testify.

Thanks to the pact Bunny and I made, that she would start to watch Lost and I would do the same for Grey’s anatomy, I am now completely a hospital drama-chic! Currently done watching season 7 of Grey’s and wow can’t wait for season 8!

Grey’s anatomy is a medical drama that in the beginning revolves around the lives of surgical interns Meredith Grey, Izzy Stephens, Cristina Yang, Alex Karev and George O’Malley. The series is about the interns struggles to attain residency and at the same time maintain a balance in their personal lives. The residents and various physicians serve as their mentors at the Seattle Grace hospital which later merges with Mercy West hospital. The 5 later proceed to their residency through Dr. Miranda Bailey, a superb general surgeon’s mentor-ship. The surgical program is run by the Chief of Surgery Dr. Chief Webber.

Other main characters include the best attending physicians in Seattle and beyond, Dr. Derek Shepherd for neurosurgery, Dr. Preston Burke, Erica Hahn and Dr. Teddy for cardiothoracic surgery, Dr. Mark Sloan for plastic surgery, Dr. Torres for Orthopedic surgery and Dr. Hunt for Trauma surgery among others.

The Mer-Der factor

The Meredith Derrick combi has been the driving force of the series height of love stories, well until they finally get married! Their relationship has experienced loads of ups and downs from the days when Meredith was a disturbed intern whose mother dies from Alzheimer’s, through Derek’s series of flings with nurses. Her mother’s death breaks her heart and she turns to Derek, Mc Dreamy, the sexy and egotistical surgeon whom in the beginning she had a one night stand with, just a day before her first working day at Seattle Grace. Derrick deceives her as she finds out that he had been married to one Addison. Addison had fallen out with Derrick following her affair with his former best friend Dr. Sloan.

Derrick finally processes his divorce papers and proves his seriousness in his commitment to fix Meredith, he marries her and is building a house for them. Their love is tested when Mer suffers a miscarriage during the hospital shoot out when Der is shot in the heart by a crazy man trying to seek retribution after his wife died at the hospital. Cristina Yang however saves Derricks life as she performs an urgent  cardiothoracic surgery on him even despite the assailant holding a gun to her head. That was very scary. I think the two were tailor-made for each other, a very nice love story. Seas 6 finale was the one!

Cristina- Hunt

First of all, I hate Hunt because he is the one who convinced Dr. O’Malley to leave Seattle Grace, and thus his sudden death! I preferred Cristina with Burke mainly because Burke’s ideals seemed to be the same with Cristina’s. They were great partners at work, and in bed. Hunt comes in and its havoc. Starting with his disturbed self, throwing violent fits at night, how ironic for a trauma surgeon? He finally marries Cristina but lets her get into depression following the hospital shootout. She can’t operate anymore as that whole vibe haunts her, I think this story becomes very weak and the writers need to revamp her character, that surely isn’t Cristina! I think Hunt was better placed with Dr. Teddy (Kim Raver)who is an actress that I’ve always loved since her role in 24

Dr. Alex Karev

Sexiest doctor alive! In contrast, also the rudest in Seattle. He is the kind of guy who has sex with you and doesn’t call or text the next morning and will certainly have no apologies to make. He is the guy who snaps at you and walks away never to look back. However, he is also the guy who is very passionate about little kids, he later seems to specialize more in pediatric surgery. He is also the guy who was brought up in a foster home, whose siblings are either druggies or committed suicide, like his mum. Marrying Izzie was a big step for such a player and a person from such a background but I guess it teaches us a lesson that no matter where you come from, you can overcome your fears and be very successful. Despite his bad attitude, I loved Karev. Do you remember the episode when he stayed up all night shirtless carrying a little baby on his chest? His body temperature helped stabilize the baby’s. Just one thing, a shirtless Karev is better than TIRAMISU 🙂

Dr. Avery

Move over sexy Sloan/ Mc Steamy and Mc Dreamy! Introducing the new sexiest doctor from Mercy West, Dr. Avery! He is Mc-everything! His eyes must be his most priced possession! Funny thing, there hasn’t been too much of his character advancement. He is just the pretty boy. Well apart from the fact that he survived the shoot out while some of his colleagues from West were shot dead and that at first he had a huge crush on Cristina (I hoped that would have developed, QUES: Why does Cristina always get all the good guys? msschew) Mr pretty boy also had a crush on Teddy, we’ll see how that goes! Most memorable pretty boy moment is when Dr. Teddy walked in on him shirtless, goddamnnit! And he never really had sex with anyone, mmmhhh. He is really the good guy, can’t wait till he turns bad.


I love Dr. Bailey, she gives so much into the hospital and her patients that her marriage even disintegrated. I wished she stayed with that hunkie doctor from Mercy West, whatever his name was! I hate Dr. Lexi Gray, she talks too damn much and she is just annoying and incapable of seeing any good thing that comes her way!  I love the reformed Dr. Sloan and that Karev is trying to date her.

Grey’s Anatomy is great, the choice of male actors is excellent! Also love the scripting, that the doctors experiences and problems always seem to echo their patients. This goes deeper into the viewer, when you watch it, you connect with it, it’s always personal. I now wait till the real Cristina resurrects, Dr. Avery’s character is built and to see what comes out of Karev’s life. Derrick has become boring, also awaiting on his revamp!

Bonus: Sales of The Fray‘s “How to Save a Life” grew by nearly 300% after the track was used in Grey’s Anatomy! Isn’t that something right there?

Some drugs will mend your heart…

You are like a drug, you talk to me and drag me to ecstasy! The fantasy keeps me going not knowing when i will have you next, I keep waiting for your text, just that goodnight is what attests to my patience. I detest your absence because i go thirsty and hasty. I loose my temper then i remember that just your voice takes all my troubles away! I know its addictive but i love it your way…

You are like a drug, you kiss me and soon i miss you again! It’s like a game we play and the rules remain that i cant get enough of you! You are my main dish, kinda like a 5 course meal but with a cause to quench my hearts needs. I want you all the time, at night when we dine i cant wait till you pop the wine and kiss me! I know its addictive but i love it your way …

You are like a drug, you hold me and my whole body feels electrocuted. It’s so real, kinda like something rooted deep beneath where we stand. It’s not a stunt but i would like to be with you forever, just a mere ambition on my ever-growing list but baby I don’t wanna miss a chance to live this eternity with you! I know its addictive but I love it your way …

You are like a drug, you whisper in my ear and I trust that my fears will wither away. The warmth of your breath on me feels like a war in my heart, how can I be that smitten even 4 years later? The kitten you go me is a reminder of the power of  little gestures, it’s an hour drive to my office but everyday you pass by just to say hello! Its a hard instrument to get but i got you the cello, just because I know that you love it. They said that drugs would break my heart but you mend my heart 🙂