Some drugs will mend your heart…

You are like a drug, you talk to me and drag me to ecstasy! The fantasy keeps me going not knowing when i will have you next, I keep waiting for your text, just that goodnight is what attests to my patience. I detest your absence because i go thirsty and hasty. I loose my temper then i remember that just your voice takes all my troubles away! I know its addictive but i love it your way…

You are like a drug, you kiss me and soon i miss you again! It’s like a game we play and the rules remain that i cant get enough of you! You are my main dish, kinda like a 5 course meal but with a cause to quench my hearts needs. I want you all the time, at night when we dine i cant wait till you pop the wine and kiss me! I know its addictive but i love it your way …

You are like a drug, you hold me and my whole body feels electrocuted. It’s so real, kinda like something rooted deep beneath where we stand. It’s not a stunt but i would like to be with you forever, just a mere ambition on my ever-growing list but baby I don’t wanna miss a chance to live this eternity with you! I know its addictive but I love it your way …

You are like a drug, you whisper in my ear and I trust that my fears will wither away. The warmth of your breath on me feels like a war in my heart, how can I be that smitten even 4 years later? The kitten you go me is a reminder of the power of  little gestures, it’s an hour drive to my office but everyday you pass by just to say hello! Its a hard instrument to get but i got you the cello, just because I know that you love it. They said that drugs would break my heart but you mend my heart 🙂


  1. Smiles · January 18, 2011

    You are a poet,this is very special,i hope am allowed to do this.(a dedication to My Diamonds and My Danny)

    • Miss Roses · February 9, 2011

      Sweety, did you just dedicate to me what i just wrote? Love how special you are

  2. nickae · February 9, 2011

    the weight of these words is imeasurable.
    Reminds me of Edward from twilight. ‘you are like my personal brand of heroin’
    Only the 3rd read and i’ve already fallen 4 your style.

    • Miss Roses · February 9, 2011

      If i am your personal brand of heroin, then you must be the joint where i hustle 🙂 Thank you

  3. Tindi Ndunda · April 11, 2011

    The heart has had… now if only he that needs to hear could hear… hmmmm…

  4. bijou baraza · May 2, 2011

    Mmhh…like a drug….I like it your way,this is good!your choice if words is captivating!

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