The art of Art writing

I had a very very interesting day today! Well, thanks to one Gor Soudan, I got an invite to an art writers workshop at the Kuona Trust offices! Sounds wordy huh? I know, I feel so superior right now LOL nway am kidding… The workshop was facilitated by New York -based writer, editor, curator & art blogger Marina Cashdan, trust me you can go ahead and google her! She is really a super cool woman whose life revolves around art and art and did I say art?

I am no art writer but yes I do write stuff that actually get published 🙂  However, that’s not to say that art is not a fascination that has always haunted me, the good kind! I always find pleasure in viewing art pieces/ exhibitions, because every time I see overly artistic/ strange things or a certain abstract art, I marvel at what the artist who created it must have been thinking, what could have inspired them? I marvel at how they find a lot of intensity in the simplest of art, like just a picture of a sunset but a whole load of stories to tell behind it.

I have then concluded that because I have the ability to appreciate art and to write all the same, why not merge the two? Its however not as easy as it may sound because like any other form of writing, art has its inherent rules. You have to know the art, must have seen quite a diverse lot and actually be able to differentiate between the materials used and the different messages probably passed in different forms of art.

In summary, I learnt that art writing is very subjective. You can’t actually state that the art is X or Y. Art can never be black or white. However, you must state that you see it as X or Y. Do you get the difference? As an art writer you must be able to clearly pass the message that it’s not definitive of how you see it, moreover describe the feelings the art invokes in you, relate them to the outside world, learn more about the artist’s profile, where they live, when they were born, what sort of materials they use in their art and why? Merge all that to create a story that’s wholesome. I know it sounds so complicated yet so simple.

I think the biggest challenge for an art writer is to actually be able to communicate through to different audiences whether or not they are art enthusiasts. A lot of art writers have a tendency of making their written pieces an art by itself making the reader get lost in the texts even before looking at the actual art. A good art writer does not engage so much into the art jargon but instead breaks it down for the reader to comprehend and see the art through the writer’s eyes. If by any chance the reader fails to agree with the writer, the better as that would make them actually get out there and go see the art for themselves.

After the session, I felt inspired to actually walk around the Kuona Trust workshops to visit the various artists at their work places & get a gist of what goes on through a writer’s mind & boy wasn’t that a good idea! I literally had a field day! Among other artists,  I met Cyrus Kabiru, a shy but overly talented artist dressed in a funky old grey overall that sort of depicts a scenario of ,”Twende Kazi!” Cyrus refused to tell of his age but one thing that would definitely remain ageless is his eye wear antics that BTW have themes and are just awesome! If I were a musician I would hire all his shades for the funkiest video shoot to ever hail from this side of the Sahara!

As I walk into a different workshop, Yassir Ali, a Sudanese freelance artist is sitting by his messy and artistic table taking a smoke. “Shall I come in?” Of course, he says with a smile so inviting. Having fled from Sudan in 1995, he has since found a home in Kenya. Ali is now married with kids and says that art is more than a career to him. It doesn’t only pay all his bills but satisfies his heart’s love, to paint. Most of his paintings are the Nubian culture inspired. He tells me that creating an art starts with an inspiration, mostly developed from a sketch that he later transforms into a huge mural or otherwise. To see his work, here is: Yassir\’s website

Among the artists who were at the earlier session Mary Collis and her lovely friend whose name I never got said I would be a beautiful piece of art if they drew me 🙂  Her friend had actually made a sketch of me from the session, I thought that was very artistic of her. I think they are co painters, wonder if there is such a term.. Nway so we all exchanged contacts and they will contact me for a drawing/painting session, can’t wait! In the mean time, yours truly is the latest addition to the Footnotes E.A project, the only East African arts online publication!  Holla! This year, I am not only taking my print career to another level but also spicing it up by adding art ..

BONUS: Kuona Trust is a non-profit organization founded in 1995 to serve visual arts and has since worked with over 1,500 artists giving them skills and opportunities to advance themselves while at the same time increasing the profiles and role of the visual arts in Kenya.

Thank you Gor Soudan for giving me an opportunity to learn and prove my worth 🙂

The L Word

Love should be like pizza—it’s all about sharing. If you are in a business of caring, you must throw a piece at your partner. If you want show some generosity share it with the gardener too. Out of curiosity feed your lover a piece of the delicacy and  in intimacy have them feed you back. Feel the need to share together, see the seed of the love to grow into maturity and purity.

Love should be like the sea—vast. It’s the mast that sails your boat to stay afloat and if you drown, it’s a must that it be your soul savior.  Do not frown, it’s not a bad thing to fall in it, just answer the call or simply dial SOS. It runs deep and there lies so much life in it. If you are keen you can derive so much pleasure in a love that has no measure.

Love is like a warm and cozy blanket, it’s the rosy life. You don’t need a life jacket as it covers your whole body from cold. And when you are under its covers, there lies no hurt or harm. It never gets old. And into its loving arms you can always fold and cuddle. It takes two to tangle. That way it makes you unravel the mystery of love, leaving the rest as mere history.

Love should be like tiramisu, just enough! After a rough day it makes you just want to have a scoop of it. Just by a look at it; you should want to have it! It’s an avenue to satisfaction, not a venue for dissatisfaction. The biggest fraction of its pleasure is derived from simplicity. Learn to arrive at its function with the capacity of quality, not quantity.

Love should be like music, a universal language. It’s not baggage but a special package. The receiver knows no deceiver but only one thing—that he is a believer. Its well crafted words flood your heart with happiness and nothing less. It’s not about a perfect dance but an instance of taking the chance with someone to last a lifetime. And when you have it, it doesn’t cost a dime or matter how you look— you just don’t give a damn.

Post Co-written by my soul sister Wanjeri of

Dear Mr. Man,

I am breaking up with you because it’s no longer working for me. You are like a dog always barking at me while I am the crazy bitch always shouting at you! You are the one always doubting me and my motives while I am the one who was always active in the relationship, quite the daunting task. Like a man behind a mask, I don’t know who you are any more, like any normal girl i cant trust you any more ….

I am not changing my mind this time because I am tired of arguments ranging from “he said, she said.” That night my heart sailed away when you hit me for no reason while you are the one who was wrong. It hit me because I read the emails she sent you, I bet you didn’t know that I had your Gmail, well what do you know females can wail but also investigate very well ….

I am not taking back my love from you, keep it. When it’s cold at night and you can’t sleep without me, sample how deep I meant to you, for example try find someone else to be with, oh hell she won’t please you like I did! She won’t release you from your stresses like I did! Most definitely it will not be what you envisioned, instead she will imprison your heart not like I did in love, but in mistrust ….

I am giving you good loving one last time before I get with the leaving program. So tonight have this diagram in your head, that I will be giving it good to you. I wanna be mean to you but I will also miss you when am gone, so before I set on this journey alone, honey I mean to have this last celebration so in anticipation am taking a shower, will be expecting you in an hour….

I am sitting here crying because I love you, I keep trying to be with you but you never change instead you keep prying into my life, instead of fixing yours. I can’t keep mixing Love and Hurt so although you don’t want to, just let me go. I am nervous because this is going to be our last night together, anyway of course I will wear your favourite lingerie in respect of our camaraderie ….

See you when you get here!


Glass …

Like broken glass is my heart since you left, shattered. I keep a lot of things to remind me of you but they are just clatter, maybe it’s time to let it go. Maybe it’s time I let you go. Like a shopkeeper who hoards but never sells, is my love for you precious. Every time I listen to Marsha Ambrosius, I think of you, so foolish but at the same time am so serious like a finders seekers rules!

Like a clear glass is my love for you, sincere and see through. Even when I don’t hear from you for so long, I still remain true and hopeful. My main aim of writing you this poem is to let you know that you may be billions of miles away but I am a poet dedicated at swaying you by writing you millions of words just to let you know that I am still insanely in love with you …

Like exquisite glass I am fragile. I glide though carefully hoping to slide through back into your heart. I sigh from the fact that you were once terribly in love with me while I could afford an ounce of doubt in you. I might have made some decisions hurriedly, in my defense it is in these times that we get carried away easily but babe don’t leave our love buried out in the cold.

Like an ART restore me from the broken glass. Release me of the hurt and in turn I will forever play your token of appreciation. I have taken the tears I have cried into consideration, I see them as having been a river into your heart’s admiration. Like a homeless child I shiver in your absence, this is my plea for an invite into your heart’s presence again…

Late Nights and Early Mornings – Marsha Ambrosius (Album Review)

Re- Introducing the songstress, Marsha Ambrosius, from Floetry. I first heard about her solo debut from #myown music dictionary Macharia 🙂 Glad to report that she is plain awesome and by all means among Rising Icons. I have since went an extra mile to give a listen to her mixxtape, ‘Yours Sincerely’ which has great tracks among them. YouTube them, NOW!

I have literally had late nights/ early mornings gripping on the 13 tracks of ‘Late N & Early M’ since I got my hands on the album fresh from the March 1st release. What defines Marsha is her sultry vocals and raw lyrics. She is additionally deep, sort of like a representation of all the things around love and relationships that we really feel and would want to spat out but we don’t. If Marsha was a dude, she would be semi-closest to Maxwell in deep extents.

2.With you 05.00

This is a very good entrée into the album, raw to the core! A true babymaking jam! She sings about how she just can’t wait to get down to business with her man. 100 miles an hour? She wonders how fast he would want her to go… You really need to be in a relaxed mood when listening to this one, you will then realize that the song is sort of like a musical love-making experience. When the song ends, she even makes a loud orgasmic scream, this woman!

The 3rd song is album titled. Late nights & Early Mornings has that sexy feel of Ciara’s “Promise.” The story continues from where “With you” left. The morning after the late freaky night, she promises to still keep it up, if he lets her she can still give him good love all night long. And the sexy vid 

4.Hope she cheats on you (With a basketball player) 04.00

This is a serious bile song. The perfect dedication to the Ex who left you high and dry after having took you for granted. Marsha sings to her estranged lover that she is a little bitter about his new relationship, she hopes that he remembers how their sex was so good, he will probably need Viagra to keep it up without her! She now hopes that his new girlfriend cheats on him with a basketball player. When a relationship ends bad, you know you wish your ex these sort of things if not worse! Super replay track!

5.Far Away 07.15

Replay song ! This is a story of late realization of how much a loved one meant to you. She sings that if she knew, she wouldn’t have come home on that Sunday morning, because she found the cops at home to tell her that he was found alone in an empty room. She was the one to identify him, as her baby… She wrote this song in connection to her gay friend who committed suicide following discrimination. This is a special dedication to the loved ones who we lost in one way or the other since they are now far away. True R&B with a cause Far Away Vid

6.Loose Myself 05.00

I really love this one. It’s just a story of how sincere love is until you meet someone who has ill intentions and makes you hurt. She sings about having to be selfless despite the fear of failure. Despite the breakups and heart breaks, at some point we all want to lose ourselves in love.

8.I want you to stay 03.45

Neo-soul. This is the kind of song that would feature on the Soul lounge artist spotlight… It’s definitely your iPod playlist material. With a Michael Jackson ‘Stay’ feel when you hear it, you will appreciate it.

10. Tears 02.50

This is so ‘Misty Blue’. A story of a grown woman who is not afraid to beg for him not to leave. A perfect dedication to an ex partner who you want back. The kind of ballad to hear over a wedding anniversary dinner or something like that just to remember how far you have both come.

12.The Break up Song

I love the song’s simplicity. It’s just a good vocal arrangement and the piano. Not much left to do or say as it’s over is all about it. The perfect break up song when you know that it’s completely over and the differences are irreconcilable. Sigh.


Neo-soul, incarnated. You can feel the Floetry in this track! I especially connect with this one because I am the queen of crushes! You know when you have a crush on someone, just the thought of them gives you butterflies.

BONUS: Marsha has since been nominated for two Grammy’s. Watch a video of her live performance at Grey Goose’s Rising Icons. Enjoy! 

Bitter-Sweet …

Like a train wreck, it’s hard for me to get back on rail when you hurt me. I cry in the rain hoping to wash all the pain away but at the end am like a stray dog looking for love in all the wrong places.  Little did I know that out of all the faces I have met yours is the one place for me … Like a cat and mouse chase is our love, a jigsaw.

When I saw you with another woman it broke my heart, my brother warned me of you but like a bad disease I can’t rid my heart of you. I can’t resist the sound of your voice, It’s like a fresh breeze in the midst of the madness, your eyes are a mystery to be resolved. Your touch makes me dissolve in your magic and the rest is history.

The story thickens, I am sickened of the fact that I still love you despite your faults, I still have you in spite of the falls and stumbles. You somehow still remain humble and honest, maybe a reason why I am unable to destroy our little nest. You however test my patience, I mean every time you get undecided. Now I want to know, if you were to make a choice, who would you rather be by your side?

Inside my heart is a stone so hard that needs to be broken, the one to break it must have the secret token which I think you do possess. In the process I have taken in a lot of consideration in the duration that we were separated and figured out that I am more frustrated when you are away. Like Mary J, in a twisted way I would rather fight with you than be without you. I might be making a mistake but that’s life, all about risks.

Like a quick fix we need each other on a daily dosage. It’s like you held me hostage, just that I am a willing captive who surrenders to your evil deeds which  fit my rare needs. Like a good show we need not adhere to the written script of our story, but that which is clipped on our door every morning saying, “sorry I pissed you off last night” Its heavy but If I kiss you every time we fight this bitter-sweet affair might survive the longevity…