Samuel Wanjiru (The Psychology in-depth)

Normal 24 year olds in Kenya are up to a lot! A majority are busy hustling in the back streets of Nairobi, Nyeri, Nakuru, oh hell from wherever corner of the country they might be. Some are in the deepest of panya-routes in the informal settlements like Kibera trying to make at least 70 bob per day so they can afford to have a decent ugali & mboga meal in pursuit of kusukuma wiki! Some are in universities and colleges, trying to excel in their studies so they can literally hit the tarmac road in search for jobs and with it a secure future as the society has defined the circle of life. Some rather lucky or hardworking lot have white collar jobs, at least with that they are able to earn some decent salary to sustain expenditures, needs and allow some entertainment here and there. There is however another group that’s engulfed in societal evils like drug abuse, indulgence in criminal activities, sexual and reproductive health complications, from HIV infections, maternal deaths, FGM to STD’s vulnerability.

24 year old Samuel Wanjiru came first. Not only in the world of marathons but in the world of 20 year olds among many in Kenya. How many Kenyans in their 20’s have broken such world records and with that managed to become instant heroes/ billionaires? Let’s not forget with it demands strenuous activity, diligence and discipline. It’s definitely not a walk in the park, on the contrary I hear it’s months of training in the high altitudes of Eldoret among other undisclosed locations in the world.

From a distance Samuel’s seemed like the perfect picture story. A record-breaking talented good-looking young man, billions of money in the bank, a hero’s welcome well stocked with Mursik (traditional Kalenjin brewed milk) on arrival at the JKIA airport, a bunch of pretty litu girls showering him with bouquets of rose flowers, well arranged in between lilies and carnations (even though he might have not noticed the mix), a wife by his side, the traditional skin Kalenjin regalia with a bow and arrow, just to mention a few. Back in Nyahururu were his big cars, palatial home with servants. Why can’t I have my own servant? LOL! What else would you need if you were Samuel Wanjiru? I don’t think I would need anything, eeeer ok other than a private DJ to throw parties in my BIGASS house, well I would also hire a few males swtrippers for the weekly ladies hen nights…. Mhhh…

Some say that money can’t buy love, while others rival that saying; those who have it must know where to shop. Did you ever sit and think about it, it might have been the case that where to shop was metaphorical…  It was obvious that paradise was troubled in December 2010 when Samuel was arrested and detained in Nyahururu police station for allegedly threatening his wife and servant’s life and procession of an illegal firearm. Why would he have a rifle? If you ask me, I think he was paranoid, I wonder why. That gun procession was a red flag! I think that at that time, he should have sort some psychiatric help ASAP! I am certain that he would have been more than able to pay Dr. Frank Njenga anything.

Its rather sad that Wanjiru died, and in very mysterious circumstances. In the wee morning hours of May 15th 2011, he fell off his balcony and finally succumbed to the injuries. Following the dramatic events between him, his wife and mistress, the case has since become the home of speculation as different camps have cited either suicide OR homicide. I cite a means to an end. What’s yours? Money, Lust, Happiness, Wealth, Power, Friendship, Charity? When Samuel was alive he practically made his means of living through running, it’s life’s ironic twist that his means of demise was while jumping the balcony. It is far much ironic that the celebrated son of Kenya would turn to be a laughing stock soon after his death as the social internet world flooded with jokes ridiculing his death. I would think that such a young blood and hardworking sports-person who had at many times carried high the Kenyan flag around the world, would have a hero’s send off similar to how he was received while alive.

What is wrong with Kenyans? That they would find something to joke about after such a sad blow to the Kenya sports arena and the country at large? I wish that if people had nothing good to say they would at least look at their lives and Wanjiru’s in comparison and contrast so as to learn something. That hard work sure does pay off! Talent should be recognized and nurtured. I love a quote that says “If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can’t buy” It can’t buy you honesty. That’s why he had a wife and was still with a mistress in bed. It can’t buy sanity. That’s why he underestimated the distance between his balcony and the ground. It can’t buy life. That’s why no money would keep him alive after the injuries he sustained. Anyone would like to have everything Samuel Wanjiru had, a good life. But was it really that good?

No one really knows of the intent behind Samuel’s unprecedented fall but I know one thing that I am thankful for the life I have. You should be content with yours. The difference between Samuel and the array of 20 year olds or any other person (after all age is nothing but a number) is simple: he has set an example looking at his achievements, he was far ahead of even half of most of his counterparts achievements. Thats why the idiots who indulged in the Samuel Wanjiru tasteless jokes should be ashamed of their pathetic sense of humour! Since his death, the additional difference is that: the rest have lives to live, he doesn’t. So how about you get working at whatever you do because you have a chance to live another day, a chance to right your wrongs and yes you have a right to be wrong, its life. Next time you are caught between a rock and a hard place, look at your life. It’s far greater than any achievement or the world. So try relax:  breath in and out, whatever you do, do not jump!

R.I.P Samuel Kamau Wanjiru (10 November 1986 – 15 May 2011)

That Time

Been okay since we broke up, well, I  don’t smoke any more, still looking good, Mary Kay products or not. As a byproduct of thoughts of you, wrote you this blog post. I remember when I used to have the hots for you. It was September when we met, right after my birthday. We were silly, getting wet in the rain, that day getting left by the train, letting our love reign was our motto for a very long time. Every day was like we won a lotto, in every way our relationship was like a casino, wish we made litu  bambinos’ when we had the chance to.

You must be wondering why I am saying all this to you now, I feel like I have been wandering on the same shores for a long time. I watched so many shows to try salvage what was left of us but all that was a lie. Like garbage I tried to trash you, push you on the left. I did everything in a rush, even hid all the pictures we had taken, I even did move on quickly despite the lecturers from friends. His name is Quincy, a very good man. I began seeing him a month after we separated. I was frustrated and he came to my rescue. Like a painting without hue, my life was tasteless then.

It is very sad that I would write you this three years after I left you, I think it’s bad enough that I might be too late to reach you. See I have no business calling your phone, this is beyond a conversation, I am aimless, don’t know where to start, well right now I am at the gas station. Ironic that I would fill my car’s tank while my heart’s equivalent is empty. I am ambivalent because I am with someone else but I still think of you. I sink in cupid’s case because I fell in love with you first. I feel stupid that I would be the last see this.

I want to be with Quincy but  I don’t want to be needy of something else. He helps me a lot but I don’t need that anymore, I miss being opened for the door, your scent that I used to adore, the bathroom floor sex, the bedroom mess, the stolen kitchen counter kisses, the golden moments, can we patch all the broken promises? Like a bounty hunter, am searching for you, I realize that I have been for a while. I am breaking up with Quincy and letting you know that it’s you I need. It’s indeed been long overdue. What will you do? Shatter my fragile heart? I know that I am like clutter to you but hey can you go back to THAT TIME when we were in love?

MusicInTheMagiq – Musiq Soulchild (Album Review)

I bet you were watching TV one day and saw this fantastic video with a guy seemingly trying to cajole a chic he met on the streets into giving him her number so they could just be buddies, and asked yourself, ”Ok, who’s that kid?” B.U.D.D.Y was one of Musiq Soulchild’s most acclaimed singles to date!

I had recognized the genious in him even before that, (LOL I sound like a talent scout) Nway seriously, I believe that the best of song lyrics are the simplest, those that make you see your story in them. “I aint’ no hood, no crook, no robber, I just want a part of your heart I can bother …” Ahhh … love that song, please feel free to check out the lyrics, right here —> B.U.D.D.Y lyrics Since then, he has mostly won my heart with the single, ”Beautiful”, which made it in my top biggest songs (great great songs that sound timeless and have some serious intensity that even soul can’t define) in the last 2 years. Among other songs that made it in my list was Melanie Fiona with,” It kills me”, another one was “Blame it on me,” Chrisette Michele, think you now get the drift…

Musiq has many nice albums, but MusiqInTheMagic just stole my heart. I have an internal belief that the albums that you get to learn to love, are the ones you fall most deepest in love with. I am always quite wary of those that you proverbially fall in love with at first listen. This one is one of them, thus I certainly hope to keep it up!

MusiqInTheMagic Is the neo-soul heart throb’s 6th studio album, just dropped in May 3rd , 3 years since his last album. Listening to this one, you can tell that he actually did some serious studio late nights, it’s sounds are as personal as a diary. It’s a mirror of a relationship’s life from the good and great to the bad and worse if not the absurd. It’s a mix of neo-soul and contemporary R&B that will definitely leave you feeling refreshed by the new sound, It’s the place where your love for the music will meet his magical X- factor.

1.Anything 03.51

Certified club banger! Very funky beat playing host into the 12 track- album. Jam to this one in the club, while cleaning the house, cooking, driving, even when you wanna get a breather at work! Pop those headphones and act a fool! He sings to his girl: Assuring her that she can tell/ ask him anything, as long as she can promise that she will do the same! Swizz Beats in a rap never lets down, now does he ever? Here is the vid —- > 

2.Single 04.04

Life’s ironic twist, that when you are single, you wish to be hooked. When you are with somebody, then you start to miss when you were single, sometimes you are single but not really, because you find that you can’t move on with somebody new. He sings about one of these scenarios, that he met a beautiful girl whom he wishes he would have met when he was single. That’s because he is with another girl … So he tells the new girl, ”It’s nice to meet you but I gotta go… ” This one is on my replay. Really love this new wholesome R&B feel, lyrics wise and all kinds, fantastic song!

3. Say I do 03.10

Neo-soul redefined. This is a good relationship/marriage song. When everything is so good, it gets to a time when you need to move on to the next step, that point when you get to say, “I DO” That’s basically what the song is about. I think it’s just beautiful, I mean at one point, every good thing has to elevate to its ultimate nirvana!  It’s the type of song that would make you say, fuck it! Let’s get married 🙂

4.Love contract 04.13

This one is a love song with an 80’s feel, a bit jumpy but in a good way! It sounds like something John Legend would effortlessly do… A song about a dude who’s been up and about, cheated and sneaked out of the house, but he finally settles down for this girl because she’s the only one who loves him in that special way, so he is accepting the Love Contract that he has been running away from. If there was a Kiswahili saying to epitomize this song’s love message, it would be: Mwenda tezi na omo marejeo ni ngamani. (Now who knew that after high school I could actually find a place to use that methali 🙂 WIN!

5.Silver & Gold 03.24

I LOVE this one, another one of my favourites! Very sick beat, that electric guitar and cello combi- WIN! Apart from that, the Soulchild’s vocals shine in this one. Not forgetting his songwriting skills, he serenades to his beloved that his love will never get old, it’s better than silver & gold. Now that’s a priceless statement. If I were a dude, swear I would have used this one on a shorty, just not sure if it would come out as romantic or retarded 🙂

7.Back to where 03.38

My bestestestestest song in the album! Replay replay wait. Have I already said replay replay material? Sometimes you try to convince yourself that you have no feelings for someone. Maybe that should be a red flag, why must you convince yourself if you really aren’t still in love with them? Sometimes we seek so much advice from friends as well as alternative media while all that while all we needed to do was to consult our inner selves, only then we would realize that we poses the power of treating the ones we love how they deserve, so they could be with us. In a nutshell, that’s what the song is about! I particularly love the bridge: You and the sky must be talking, coz every time you are near me girl, it rains… (I think that’s metaphorically & semantically soooo CUTE! Please forgive the poet in me 🙂 P.s, yes I do realize that I reviewed this song just like Dr. Chris Hart would, such a shame if not sad that those who think they articulate these sort of issues, are themselves the most dysfunctional …

8.Do we have to? 03.26

She is always yelling, asking why he doesn’t reply to her texts, she is always worried about what the other people will say while she never takes the time to find out how he feels about her. The crooner sings that their relationships’ unnecessary dramas prevent him from loving her when he wants to, even at night, sometimes he just wants to be with the girl he fell in love with…. He says that at some point there is no need to fight for love because being in love is already hard enough… There you have it: Make love, Not war! Very nice song. Perfect makeup song!

9. Be Friends 03.42

This is a bitter sweet song. If Antony Hamilton did it, it would be a perfect sequel to “Charlene” Nway Musiq sings about the things he does to get through the day without her, stare at her pictures in his phone, replay some of the voice messages she left before the breakup ETC. Worse still, when she kissed him, when she touched him, it felt  like she loved him. For those reasons he says that it’s too bad but he doesn’t wanna be friends with her because he had already started loving her… Awwwww ….

10.YES! 03.41

Gotta love neo-soul 🙂 Gosh this is a favourite too! Replay material. People don’t just bring you up to let you down, love that line! As much as she might be second guessing his love and stuff, he sings that she doesn’t have to ask, the answer is: YES! Lovely. I want someone to dedicate this to me …. YES,  i do 🙂  Dudes, when your girl thinks that she is too thin or too fat or not good enough for that job et al this is the ultimate dedication to her. Let her know that she is all that & a bag of chips 🙂 Here is the official music video —–> 

11.Medicine 03.57

Certified baby making jam! He promises to do everything to change how she is feeling inside. He sees that she can hardly breathe from the hard day, so it’s time to turn the music down low, for her to go to him for some medicine. Serious sexy jam, after a long day, dinner & shower, cuddling nini nini, play this one right into the night extra-curricular activities! 🙂


From a tender age people nicknamed him, ”That Music guy”, that was inspiration enough behind the origin of the singer’s stage name. Read an interview on him via Bossip a while ago where he said that, if he could be given a chance to be anything other than himself, Music would be it …. The DEEP guy doesn’t only write from the heart but literally how he says it. He is famed for having grammatically incorrect album and song titles. His first album was titled – Aijuswanaseing, the 2rd- Juslisen, the 4th-Luvanmusiq and of course the 6th– MusicInTheMagiq. I think his reason for this is rather obvious: that music knows no grammar or language shiznit. So what are you waiting for? CHOMA that album already!

Letter to my Dad.

Dear Dad,

I am writing you this letter because I want to free myself of the fear of talking about you, talking to you. Thought that you should also know that I am no longer afraid of the huge mad cow with untrimmed horns that would start to chase after kids for no apparent reason, Dad that was around 16 years ago! Glad to report that I have now grown up and thus less afraid of cows, I however still have fears that are not necessarily bigger or lesser since you left. Every day I wonder how my life would have been with you around, it’s been a collective struggle without you but mum and I have been very close. She would have used your support, more importantly your shoulder to lean on but I have to say congrats for having chosen her as your wife. She is by far the strongest woman who ever walked this earth. She hasn’t changed much apart from the part where she recently turned 60. She is still a hot chic, still dresses well. She still got that sparkle in her eye when she smiles, still as hardworking, retired but still farming, she still got that sexy phone voice, ok Dad will do you another blog post on mum vibes.

On the flipside, a lot has changed since you left, gosh where do I start? I grew up so fast, everyone did. Bonn stayed in India for a very long time, after his graduation he came back to Kenya. Between us, I think he can speak fluent Hindu but he never wants to for some strange reason. He got married, he recently got blessed with an adorable daughter called Cate. Pollyne is still as tough as she used to be when you left, it’s really helped her in this tough world, I look up to her. She has a lovely daughter named after you, Francy, who is now 11. Guess what? She took after your light skin 🙂 Emma ended up studying hotel management, she is still a neat freak, oh she also moved to Miami where she manages a hotel resort (You must be a proud Dad huh?) She got married to a good white man, they have two lovely daughters, Laika Rose and Zuri. Jackie is still a-ka softie, remember Freddy? Your good friend Obiero’s son? He (Freddy) used to be in the same primary school with Jackie, well they ended up together. They now have a cute litu son holistically named after you, Francis Owoko Ong’etch. He is soooo cute and worships Ben 10 (a new toon that has taken the kid world by storm) Well, I still don’t have a baby seeing everyone in the family went the recreational way 🙂 but Dad I have a degree in Journalism! I graduated from University last December, man I know you would have been proud of me, mum was sooooo happy! P.s thanks for the shares you hoarded years back to help clear my school fees, they really came handy at the very end. And I looked so cool in my  graduation gown, I made sure I asked mum not to bring those things for the xmas tree, she is cool people so she didn’t 🙂

I was only 8 or so when you left so I don’t remember much of our relationship but it’s funny how livid  I remember your hilarious pranks, it’s no wonder that to date I love playing pranks, just like you. I remember that you had wired our bedrooms with speakers connected to the microphone in your bedroom. You would then come home late from your escapades and start to sing to us from your room, Dad that was annoying! But I miss it, I miss you 😦 Remember when cousins would visit, early morning you would wake up everyone around the house via your proverbial radio then call Alicia and I to join you and mum in bed? You would then order the big girls Sharon and Jackie (who were only like 13 years or so) to bring us milk in bed? Alicia and I still remember the royal treatment, we talk about it to this day, at that time we felt like we were princesses and we deserved such kind of treatment. Its 20 years later but not too late to say that we appreciate! I remember how I was always strategically sitting next to the house  phone, like a lioness eyeing its prey. I was waiting for it to ring so I could answer the calls. It was very appraising if not gratifying to say “Hello” into an actual phone that wasn’t a call booth then.  I remember you always pinching me asking, “Who told you that this is your phone?” Dad, what you didn’t realize then was that I was just a curious girl who happened to also be chatter box, I was eager to get a chance just to chat, well I am still that same girl kabisa! As a matter of fact, I am now a TV host/ reporter/radio reporter/ writer/ In summary, if I am not chatting and writing am trying to communicate constructively 🙂  Mum is glad, I hope I make you proud.

I however still want to know so much about you, like how you met my mother. Well, she already gave her story, it sounded like a fairytale how a lot of things were against you guys, like responsibilities bestowed upon you as you were the first born of the soccer team, the distance and need for you to impress her bourgeoisie parents, am glad that in the end you left a legacy that says that you were a good man. It was so bonnie & Clyde how mum kicked some rich politicians niece’s ass and got in trouble with the law but you stood right by her till thanks to Jomo Kenyatta’s sudden death the case got withdrawn. Tough Love! I saw pictures of your Volkswagen and motorbike, you was really cool people! Mum now drives a pickup Peugeot 504, it helps a lot with the farm work. P.s it’s the first automobile I ever drove 🙂 Remember Mwaura, the mechanic? Well, he still fixes mum’s pickup, he’s the one who taught me how to drive that valuable junk that I suspect is older than I am while mum was away in Nigeria, that was about 5 years ago.

I love colour as much as the life you guys gave me so I strive to colour my life. Mum says you really loved to unwind while listening to music, same here! I love varied genres, from Dobet Gnahore, Laura Izibor to Franco (Heard you loved him!) I love dogs, I heard you did too! A year after you left, I had a cat that I adored, I accidentally left it at granny’s (Your ma) while visiting, about a year later heard it fell in a pit latrine, still heartbroken. I also love to read books, I found your library, have read quite a number from your collection. I really enjoyed reading the Trial of Jomo Kenyata. I am now reading Facing Mount Kenya and a new release that I recently got, The Politics of Betrayal. It’s a 2011 publication, sort of a sequel to all the previous political books, you would enjoy its style that’s constantly quoting from the earlier political publications like Not yet Uhuru et al.. while at the same time trying to compare and contrast the current socio-economic situation to the previous year’s scenario.

Nway, one day while coming from work, I met uncle Owino right outside the Norfolk hotel. So we went inside and ended up having a hearty chat about you over a cup of coffee and several bitings. Oh FYI he is now the deputy police spokesperson in the country, yup you would be very proud of him. He told me a lot about you, like how you coerced him into getting into the police force against his will. How you schooled him and took him in after his parents passed on, that was so kind of you. Sometimes I meet kids in such circumstances and wanna help, at least I now know where I get it from. Uncle Owino was tearing while talking about you, he says that if it wasn’t for you he wouldn’t have been where he is today, Dad= WIN! He told me how you and mum were the first to introduce him to beer after he completed form 6, surely Dad! He told me how much you loved mum and that you would always do just about anything for her, how sweet! He said a lot of things about you, that you loved to have a good laugh with friends, trips and visiting different places, adventure and to help people where you could. Guess what? That’s a photocopy of my life!

“In all the years I have lived, I have never met a man of your Dad’s caliber or charisma, you sure did miss to meet a great man”, said Uncle Owino with a distant gaze as if he was trying to re-live the moments he shared with you! That broke my heart but wait, I met you already!  I now figure that I shouldn’t be afraid of talking about you, to you and even writing to you. I share not only a birthday with you but a lot more Dad, I now  realize that you vicariously live in me. I am writing you a letter but in the reality  of a shrinks’ head, in pursuit of emancipation, I just wrote myself a letter.

I might be all grown up now but am still your litu girl, still trying to impress you, still fussing for your attention, still hoping to make you proud, still keen on your blessings, still in consideration of your preferences before making decisions, still dependent on you Dad. Rest in peace.

Love,  Anyiko.

(p.s started using the name you gave me, my friends love it, thanks 🙂