The Painter ..

I am in love with a painter, we met at an art exhibition. A week later he took me to an expedition into his studio. Not literally but he stood by my side. Besides everything, he understood the language of my heart …

I am in love with a painter, he writes not letters. He engraves in wood, even though he is hood, he lights me up. Some people call him crude but even when he is rude, I know who he is, selfless.  They say that he is not enough for me, but they don’t know that less is more …

I am in love with a painter, he is a master of the canvas. More so, He is well versed when it comes to my desires. He inspires me to play with colours, not oil based but of the shades of life. I used to hide but now am out feeling like a priceless piece of art …


  1. Hayidan's Intuition · July 4, 2011

    wow very moving post! I love this. It kinda relates to my last post too! Thanks for posting. 😉

  2. blogoratti · July 4, 2011

    Interesting read…

  3. minitheshygal · July 5, 2011

    Now this is an awesome piece

  4. 48 · July 27, 2011

    Sometimes the best loves aren’t ‘ideal’

  5. Miss Roses · August 4, 2011

    Thank you all. You all make me feel like splashing a bunch of colours on your canvases 🙂

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