This Man

Like a wizard, he has me under his bizarre ways. I love how he sips on his coffee, how he skips on his pals only to meet me, how he leads making me follow. After a long day, he lets me un-button his shirt, if I am on the wrong he first listens to me before correcting me, he never scolds me, in fact when it is cold, he is never forgetting to hold me closer, the weather never mattered. Our combination is heightened by his generosity, when I leave my jacket behind, he gives me his sweater, its sweeter that he cares about these litu-things.

Like chilies, he is the spice to my food, always leaving me with a good taste. He is like a meal cooked in no haste as he tastes of nothing but good ingredients. When I am greedy he is always asking me to count my blessings. “Some people out there are needy but you are blessed, “he says. He stays with me throughout the year, so when they say that there’s been a drought, I don’t understand. He is like a good year’s supply, always implies what an ideal man is made of, it’s like a deal that’s hard to break.

Like a good poem, I never get enough of him. He makes me laugh at his silly jokes, I marvel at the litu-notes  he jots me daily. I adore him like crazy because he turned my hazy vision into a clear oblivion, no one else before him matters. It’s like with him I am promised of reaching my potential even the stars, I am rich for starters just because just like words, he brings new pleasure by the day. There’s no measure to the way he has made me feel like a no. 1 best seller.

Like the rain, he demands for spontaneity. In reality his affection takes control of my attention. He is the remedy to half my maladies, I am fully aware of his healing power. Every fortnight he gets me a flower for no reason but just so to make me smile. He is my light as I adore his honesty, he is not always right but wise, he never sways in his promises and I love that. So when they ask me why I accepted to his proposal, it’s because I fancy how he rolls, how he is versatile, I am into his lifestyle, his hairstyle, how he slides, how we ride and our entire camaraderie that nothing can hinder.

Hell, i’d be damned if i wasn’t into him!

Leave and I Will Feel

I am declaring a state of emergency because I don’t love you anymore. The more I try to keep up with you, the more you keep stressing me. If I can’t have you leave, believe me I will be the one to go. My bags are packed already, my hands are tied up, my house is untidy but I am still ready to start over.

I am demanding for a memorandum of understanding because you never listen instead you keep with your cunning maneuvers. I am sick of mornings of your hangovers, I stick to my mourning as if I already lost you while you were with me. You are not the man I knew, it’s as if you are a ghost.

I am confirming if we have any other business because in all seriousness I don’t ever wanna hear from you. You will probably drink a beer tonight but after the high make sure you don’t call me. I heard enough of your lies and at this juncture nothing you can do will stop me from pursuing my future.

I am regretting the nuptials. I will keep the initials, wish I knew then what I was getting into. You can keep the house, I would love to live in a setting that reminds me of when we used to be ”us” so am going to reside at the old town where we first met. It’s where I don’t get agitated, it’s located inside of me so just leave & I will feel again.

He is my Radio

On MONDAY, he left me a note with a quote saying. “make hay when the sun still shines” that just made me smile. It reminded me of how lucky I am to have such a man who does not demand of me but commands my attention. With me, his intentions are always ratified. I am purified by his never ending compassion, I envy his passion when he embarks on any mission as he is always diligent. He is intelligent, always playing cool even when am wrong because he knows that i will eventually long for his explanations which he always gives me exponentially.

On TUESDAY, he brought me breakfast in bed. It’s really not the coffee but his steadfast commitment that I admire. It’s his unique quagmire that gives me the pleasure to never give into any incitement against him. With him, I want no haste but I wanna take my time. In line with that thought, I am in this for the long term, he is hot and all but I wanna see him age gracefully, I wanna turn every page of our story daily, I want him to stun the world by his goodness, shun the cold shoulder of its cruelty and in turn make that our novelty so that we can be an inspiration and an admiration to many.

On WEDNESDAY, he took me out on a date just because it was ladies night. It was his mandate to treat me like a queen and yes he did! He helped me sheen my hair then he held me close by the mirror whispering sweet nothings, just a part of his demeanour. He wanted to rip apart my sexy dress but like the gentleman he is, he waited till after out soiree at the Chinese restaurant. He always guides his restraint, never too much, never too little. When am brittle like coal, he treats me delicately like his doll, when the rough days have taken a toll on me, just his call turns me into gold. A state of happiness that can never grow old.

On THURSDAY, he stayed home with me because I wasn’t feeling too well. That’s the thing, he doesn’t own me, but he always acts like he owes me. In many ways I adore the attention he gives me, I am in realization that his candor is nothing like the gifts of this earth, his kiss is nothing but a gateway to my heart, missing him would be a hazard to my health, he appreciates all sorts of music even Mozart. In stealth, I anticipate to follow his footsteps, when I am hollow inside he feeds me with his positivity, he is selfless, just what I need. Indeed, he is not only into the finer things in life but he also tries to find where they lie.

On FRIDAY, he brought me carnations. My favourite flowers, every day with him is a revelation that I made the right choice. The height of our relations is not determined by hours but by the simple things he does for me. He tickles me just to take a picture of my dimple, he triggers my emotions just by his touch of me, he intrigues my devotions just by his actions. He rigs not to be with me but he has his sole right to share with me, I dare his complicity but he always tries new things. He made love to me on top on the washing machine, he is like caffeine, my addiction. When there is friction between us, he always is the bigger person, putting out the inner arson between us.

On SATURDAY, he took me to the park. It was serene just like the impact he has made into my life. I have seen a lot of birds but never seen one like the kookaburra we saw on that day. Same way, I have seen a lot of lads, they however left me in a hurry am glad the special one came along. I long for the day that I will be his wife so i can take the life-long stride with him. Being without him would be like an ocean without tides. Doesn’t matter where life takes me, I have already identified that I wanna ride with him, like music he is always ready to amplify my feelings for him, he has simplified my strife as now i know that I have a shoulder to lean on. I don’t have to show off to anyone as he remains my significant someone.

On SUNDAY, he took me to church even though I had trouble waking up. He never judges me the previous night when am taking shots, that’s because he is a man of different sorts of understanding. He also loves the crazy me, he went bungee jumping just because I insisted, he sent a telegraph across the world to his sister just because I suggested. He is interested in everything I do and say, you can call us the perfect accomplices. We are like a good dish, tasty and worthwhile. He is into how sassy I get, while at the same time sitting by the patio tuned into my classy radio. Not literally but metaphorically.

So when they ask me what frequency I listen to, it would have to be his (Love-Playing-Every-Day-of-the-Week 🙂

10 Quotes From Love in the Time of Cholera – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

If you love reading books, you haven’t read anything yet till Love in The Time of Cholera. If you don’t love reading books then Love in The Time of Cholera will turn your taste buds upside down, inside out and backside front.

I never shed a tear while reading a book, well until recently… It’s astonishing that what made me cry was not the riveting tale of the different kinds of love and struggles narrated over an entire century but Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s power of giving a breath of life and reference to each and every detail, memory, person, thing and feeling.

The rare beauty of the writer’s evocative literature style supersedes the book’s powerful love story but don’t get me wrong, it is that love of the “crowned goddess” that inspired this amazing tale of the weak while at the same time, brave hearted … Here are some of  my favourite quotes from the book, enjoy!

1. “They were not capable of living for even an instant without the other and the capacity diminished as their age increased.”

2. Wisdom comes to us when it can no longer do any good.

3. “The girl raised her eyes to see who was passing by the window and that casual glance was the beginning of a cataclysm of love that still had not ended half a century later.”

4. “On Christmas eve he wandered like a sleepwalker until dawn, watching the fiesta through his tears, dazed by the hallucination that it was he and not God who had been born that night.”

5. “All that was needed was shrewd questioning, first of the patient and then of his mother to conclude once again that the symptoms of love were the same as those of Cholera. The doctor prescribed infusion of linden blossoms to calm the nerves and suggested a change of air so he could find consolation in distance but the man longed for just the opposite, to enjoy his martyrdom.”

6. One comes into the world with a predetermined allotment of lays, and whoever does not use them for whatever reason, one’s own or someone else’, willing or unwillingly, loses them forever.

7. “From that time, she would still feel a belated longing for a letter that never arrived.”

8. “Worldly goods: security, order, happiness, contiguous numbers that, once they were added together, might resemble love, almost be love. But they were not love, and these doubts increased her confusion, because she was also not convinced that love was really what she most needed to live.”

9. The problem with marriage is it ends every night after making love, and it must be rebuilt every morning after breakfast.

10. Love, no matter else it might be, is a natural talent. You are either born knowing how or you never know.

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I believe that friendship in the same measurements as love is about re-igniting that flame that burns deep within an individual so thank you Wanjeri for the book. 

This Girl …

Like a gypsy, she has me under her spell. I smell her sweet perfume everywhere I go. I love her playful demeanor that I would personally exhume if she buried it, can never forgo. Before she leaves for work, she hurriedly must kiss me, I love how she quickly tucks her pretty hands behind my back, always messing with me. I love that she never gets petty when we disagree, she acts like her university degree … I think if she were a breed she would be a high pedigree.

Like ink, she is the constant of my life’s biro, for instance I roll with her at all times. When I can’t write, she is always right by my side inspiring me and in an instant it all starts to flow. I am constantly aspiring to be like her, always hopeful and cheerful. When things go wrong, she is purposely going on about how I have to remain optimistic. She is like a mystery, a never-dying river, leaving me in dire will to demystify her.

Like a good book, I can’t put her down. When I do, I lay her on the bed for nothing but good loving. It’s like having to read over a good story, it’s always worth it. When am hurting, she is always trying to take the pain away, every time I get distracted and sway, I remember when I was hunting for a good girl, I never knew that she would have to come with the full package to turn the fool in me into a love trackage.

Like a train, she demands compulsory stopovers. She loves it smooth and I made a cool discovery that being with her is not mandatory but it’s a luxury she granted me. I am trained to love her because she is trustworthy, it drives me insane how motherly she gets in spite of the simplicity she intends. She tends to me diligently with no trickery so when they ask me why I wanna put a ring on her finger, it’s because I fancy her consistency, humility, nobility, dignity and our compatibility that nothing can hinder.

Dude, I am under her spell!

Our Short Story

We met in a serene setting on a Thursday night. We were both in our early twenties. He was with his girlfriend, I was with my homeboy. When our eyes met, so did a long-term search that came to an end. He kept staring into my eyes, I knew he was the one.

We kissed on our first date. He said his girlfriend had nothing on me. I told him nothing at all, I was smitten. We went on a couple of dates, family gatherings and trips. One thing led to another, it felt good to have a companion, we joked a lot, laughed together, fought sometimes and even talked about the future.

One morning I woke up feeling like I wanted more, it just wasn’t enough. I went to church and prayed to God. The next day after breakfast I fell sick. That night over dinner he proposed to me. The next day I realized I hadn’t had my periods for too long. I was pregnant.

We had a beautiful ceremony. I still look at pictures of my cute belly in the pretty wedding dress. I still remember seeing his hopeful face when I walked down the aisle. Clean shaven in a tuxedo never looked so damn good. The entire village came out. We couldn’t wait to be alone. The honeymoon was adventurous, a holiday destination in Samburu.

We have been married for 22 years now. Our only kid, Bijoux moved out last week. Among other things, we miss her pathetic pies, little pranks, constant ramblings and sneaking into the house late at night. Her childhood years remain sentimental. Parenting was hard but it’s harder to deal with her absence.

We are back to square one, stuck together. We are constantly reminiscing on the previous years, not forgetting to appreciate the far that we have come. Fate has somehow forced us to start all over again. We still breakup but we always makeup. In general I am starting to learn new things about him. He says that I have recently acquired new tastes, he knows me too well. I  have realized that despite our daughter, given another chance, I would still marry him.