Introducing Bez with Supersun (EP Review)

Bez has an air of coolness around him. About 5’10” tall, he’s rocking a grey fedora, wayfarer glasses, a white tee, an African beaded chain and slightly cropped up denim trousers leaving his argyle brown and turquoise socks peeping from the shoes. While in action during his first stage-performance and visit to Kenya, he transcends into a sweet-voiced guitar playing musician. This is exactly what I will settle for if I don’t get married to a tall, dark & handsome man 🙂

I first stumbled on Bez music via a fellow music junkie (some drugs are actually good). I thought that Bez was just another one of those cool American kids, for real. Well, after I heard ‘Zuciya Daya’ a little research led me to discovering that Bez is actually from Nigeria. One of those impressive eureka moments! I was lured into knowing him better when I got to understand the message in the song ‘Zuciya Daya.’

Most recently, I was hit by great news that Bez would be visiting the country for a jam-session (a series of random-acoustic gigs displaying budding and talented artists organized by Blackman and Sara) I couldn’t wait to buy myself a copy of ‘Super Sun’, Bez debut album released on July 24th 2011. Experiencing a taste of acoustic-Bez was really great! Not to mention, when his drummist played, even the statues at the MJ center did the Kemboi dance .. Walalala! Nway I am glad to share this review of ‘Super Sun.’ with you all;

1. Super sun 4.15

Contemporary R&B fused in a little jazz. Life is definitely about ‘ups and downs.’ This song is an assertion that despite the struggles one day you will be at your brightest. It basically tells you not to be afraid of stretching into your ultimate limit. Quite the inspirational entry into the album!

2. Over you 3.49

This one has a modern ‘Earth, Wind & Fire’ feel fused in a John Legend ‘Green light’ feel. Here Bez obviously flaunts his musical versatility. He sings to his jilted lover, asking for his keys to the car and the house, because he is now over her.

3. Zuciya Daya 5.07

Love this joint. It’s one of those feel-good tracks. Mellow and soulful. At the concert he (Bez) explained that in Hausa, his native language, the closest translation to ‘zuciya daya’ is doing something whole heartedly. It’s a serenade to a beloved saying, “Irrespective of all the problems that our relationship may encounter we should both be happy. But only if we do it whole heartedly. Someone teach me Hausa and see how I will start to pick bros, I KID 🙂 Or maybe not.

5. Say 4.24

Ready is an important word. It means; to prepare mentally and physically for something. If you are in sync with your life, then you know that you have to be ready for a lot of things that life throws your way. Challenges, love, new appointments, sex, growth, relationships, heartbreak, sudden loss, windfall, the list is endless. Bez sings to a beloved asking her to SAY that she’ll be ready and waiting for him. Happily, she sings back saying, “I will be ready for you!” Definitely replay material- Neosoul redefined! The kind of song that makes you ask yourself, “I am ready?”

10. Stop pretending 4.09

Love love love this one! This is an acoustic song about a guy who was dating three different girls. He sings to them all, asking each one of them why they keep feigning that they don’t want him. Lost in their games, and their images on his mirror while shaving he leaves them all … Left me wondering, why was he dating THREE different women?

11. More you 4.27

If I had a list of my ‘Top 65 Best Songs ‘in the world, this one would still make it into Top 40. Love it too much I would freaking do a different post just to review it solo 🙂  If songs had distant relatives this one would be related to Maxwell’s ‘Playing possum’ and Sade’s ‘The safest place.’ It’s such a beautiful acoustic song. I really loved the violins. Like ‘Lazizi’ it’s guitar work makes the song. The message in this song is jumbled. At the concert Bez described the state of wanting more from the person you love because of the pleasure that never depletes. Love this song because it describes the state of humanity. We never get satisfied. We always strive for more which p.s isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

‘Super sun’ is made up of 12 tracks, 2 live covers and one remix. You NEED this album for those chilled-out days. It’s cool to hear such a contemporary-sort-of-John-Legend mellow sound coming from Africa. Bez, the world is yours! Special S/O to cool-peeps Blackman & Sara.

BONUS: While speaking to Black Roses Bez revealed his ultimate definition of Music. “It’s an expression of my feelings. I am very spiritual, in that whatever I sing about is inspired by God. He uses me to speak to my listeners via the music. It’s my tool,” said Bez.

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Dear Fear,

Hey. Hello fear. Sometimes you are so near it freaks me out. At night when I pray you disappear but then when I don’t you reappear. You grip my heart, you strip me of my art, you rip me apart but I am still intact, just so you know. When I am low, you attack. When I am alone you distract me but by the larger part I am still me. Always will be, so leave.

Hello fear. You make me suppress my gifts. It’s like it surprises you that I am an empress. If I don’t express my needs then how will I get ahead of the rest? If I fail to pass your test, then you win. If I don’t chase you away from my nest, who will? If I say that I wasn’t afraid then I would be lying. The same way I can’t keep hiding from you, while dying inside. You no longer reside in me, so leave.

Hello fear. Let go of me so I can live in peace. But it’s not that easy, is it? If I believe in me then why do you still persist? If I resist to confront you now, then maybe you will keep insisting. You can’t be in front of me, so get back. Like a dog you keep barking at me, while I am the log which keeps lacking the strength to combat you. I now fight you, so leave.

Hello fear. You try to cripple me by causing ripples in my life. When I lost in the battle of love, it made me stronger. I moved onwards then I heard your rattle in the face of losing my job. I panicked but I surfaced with a lot, experience. Your appearance persisted as my friend jumped the hurdle unto heaven. I lost my mind but eleven months later, everything combined I found peace, so leave.

Hello fear. You are forceful but there is a stronger being, God. It’s all cool because I live through Him. You must have no clue that He protects me. That He is the connector to all things. That He is the forgiver to all the sins. That He Is the giver of life. You can’t see through this because you are blind, just leave my life’s stride. It might be a long and weary ride, but it’s one I am willing to take on, without you.

Hello fear, goodbye.

Notes We Can Play …

Can I be your muse? Let me amuse you when you are sad. Use me to get a tad more inspiration when you are down. Let me be your admiration when you touchdown at home. Let our combination be a culmination to be renown all over town and beyond. Let me be your comfort station where your train stops. Rain or shine, let me be hot for you but not too much to cool your vexations.  I might be shy but, indeed you will help me be all the things you need.

Can I be your music? Like the notes of a song, let us be intrinsic. Let me be your antidote when you need a remedy. Like a melody, I will use my euphony to blow your mind. You are the kind of man who deserves nothing less of these musical hues. Like the colours of the wind let my composition take you away. Like I am gone with your painting, let it be your ambition to find me. Like I am the masterpiece let it be your ultimate mission to have me.

Can I be your precinct? Not of a building but can our hearts be in-sync? Like a healing we can start afresh. Nothing demeaning let this not be about flesh but spirituality. Let not sex take over the sensuality but love-making. Let this not be about individuality but companionship. Like a ship wreck we will conquer the test of time. Heck we will be like a dime. I will occur in your accounts, not the bank but in your everyday plans.

Can I be your ink? Let me write deep into your heart. Let me inscribe this prose inside of you. Like a rose let me describe myself to you. Let my art flourish in true. So our friendship will pass the test of time. Even though I cry, I am laden as a thorn. Ready for the hardships. Let my petals soothe you. Like metals, let our alchemy be a smooth sail through. Like an academy we will have our own accolades. After the barter trade, we shall be left with only one thing, ‘notes to play.. ‘

So are you game?

12 Quotes From 100 Years of Solitude – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

One_Hundred_Years_of_SolitudeConsidered to be among the best books ever written, God bless Gabriel Garcia Marquez for writing 100 Years of Solitude. It’s no wonder he was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature in 1982 for the book. I really loved the book and how it had so many stories that eventually streamline into one long story.

This book is about the struggles that a family’s lineage encountered over a century, the most profound being solitude. I particularly fancied it’s dark magic. The correct literary word for that style is ‘Magical Realism.’ Look it up. In fact, Gabriel has since been considered as being one of the main fathers of the literary ‘Magical Realism.’

This book will give you an idea of the importance of a people’s history. It will make you realize how important the past is as it determines the present. It will make you cherish the present as it determines the future generations. If you have a brave heart, trust me when I say that you will appreciate this enchanting tale. If you aren’t brave enough, this is what will make your heart solid. Here are my best quotes from the book, enjoy!

1. The best friend a person has is one who has just died.

2. ‘‘She had fallen asleep without putting out the candle and had awakened surrounded by flames… Since then the grandmother carried her from town to town, putting her to bed for twenty cents in order to make value of the burned house. According to the girl’s calculations, she still had ten years of seventy men per night ….  He felt the irresistible need to love her and protect her. At dawn, worn out by insomnia and fever, he made the calm decision to marry her in order to free her from the despotism of her grandmother and to enjoy all the nights of satisfaction that she would give the seventy men. But at 10 o’clock in the morning, the girl had left town…”

3. The secret of a good old age is simply an honourable pact with solitude.

4. To a neighbour woman who brought her a set of candles so that she could light up the picture of her lost lover with them, she said with an enigmatic security: “The only candle that will make him come is always lighted”

5. “Her heart froze with terror as she connected her daughter’s evening baths with Mauricio Babilonia. She asked the mayor to station a guard in the backyard because she had the impression that hens were being stolen. That night the guard brought down Mauricio Babilonia as he was lifting up the tiles to get into the bathroom where Meme was waiting for him, naked and trembling with love … A bullet lodged in his spinal column reduced him to bed for the rest of his life. He died of old age in solitude, without a moan, without a protest, without a single moment of betrayal, tormented by memories that did not give him a moment’s peace, and ostracized as a chicken thief.”

6. The anxiety of falling in love cannot find repose except in bed.

7. “Aureliano thought without saying so that the evil was not in the world but in some hidden place in the mysterious heart of Petra … Intrigued by that enigma, he dug so deeply into her sentiments so that in search of interest he found love, because by trying to make her love him he ended up falling in love with her.” (Oh this is so Beautiful, I love it 🙂

8. “Madly in love after so many years of sterile complicity, they enjoyed the miracle of loving each other as much at the table as in bed, and they grew to be so happy that even when they were two worn-out old people they kept on blooming like little children and playing together like dogs.”

9. One minute of reconciliation is worth more than a whole life of friendship.

10. “The body of the twins were placed in identical coffins, and then it could be seen that once more in death they had become as identical as they had been until adolescence … In the tumult of the last moment, the sad drunkards who carried them out of the house got the coffins mixed up and buried them in the wrong graves …”

11. “He replaced the curtain and the canopy of the bed with new velvet … At six in the morning they came out naked from the bedroom, drained the pool and filled it with champagne. They jumped in en-masse, swimming like birds flying in the sky … He remained wrapped up in himself … The children had become tired and gone in a troupe to the bedroom, where they tore down the curtains to dry themselves, and in the disorder they broke the rock crystal mirror … an destroyed the canopy of the bed in the tumult of lying down. When Arcadio came from the bathroom he found them sleeping in a naked heap in the shipwrecked bedroom. Inflamed, not so much because of the damage as because of the disgust and pity that he felt for himself in the emptiness of the saturnalia, he armed himself with an ecclesiastical cat-o’nine-tails that he kept in the bottom of his trunk … He drove the children out of the house, howling like a mad man and whipping them without mercy as a person would not even have done to a pack of coyotes. He was done in, with an attack of asthma that lasted for several days and that gave him the look of a man on his deathbed.”

12. “Gaston was a pilot … On weekends he would pick her up where she lived … They began to love each other at an altitude of fifteen hundred feet in the Sunday air of the moors, and they felt all the closer together as the beings on earth grew more and more minute … He wasn’t only a fierce lover, with endless wisdom and imagination, but he was also, perhaps, the first man in the history of species who had made an emergency landing and had come close to killing himself and his sweetheart simple to make love in a field of violets.”

Can’t get enough of Gabriel’s beautiful ability of manoeuvring words. It’s now fourty-four years since its first publication, do I really have to insist any further on why you should read this book? If  I were you, I would read it now if not in six years. the gist will be for those who will read it when it’s fifty and subsequently a hundred years old 🙂 As for me, am moving on to his other book, ‘The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor.’ Which I am yet to purchase.

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