2011 Goodness

An awesome year it was so I decided to segregate my highlights into the things I adore most; living, loving and writing.


I obviously lived to see this day, so thank you God. I also thank family, friends and Grapevine fans for the support. In 2011 i met a brilliant Kerugoya kido, sigh. Read on him right here the-12-year-old-kerugoya-boy-%E2%80%A6

Hiking trip to Hell’s gate national park was adventurous. Riding a bike through the rough 8km terrain is no walk through an ordinary park. I fell off the bike a couple of times, some people tried to convince me to give up. I didn’t, and eventually made it to the gorge ready for another damning walk. It felt like life’s journey. People will discourage you but if you are tough, you should make it through. Speaking of which reading Lance Armstrong’s book titled ‘My Journey back To Life’- It’s not about the bike, redefined my understanding of self determination.

I also got my first modeling gig with True Love in their October issue fashion spread. The shoot dubbed ‘Spring date’ was a colourful impression in celebration of True Love’s 7th anniversary. Will post a picture or two as soon as I get them from super photographer Emmanuel Jambo. Thank you Sunny for everything. 

As for the reason why i write, it soothes me but THIS made my year —> blog-posts-that-speak-to-me-a-womans-prayer Stella, Black Roses is honoured to have been of inspiration.


Grapevine was really a fun ride, it was my second year at hosting and reporting at the show. We got a nomination for Kenya’s best entertainment show by Kalasha awards. Through the year, I conducted crazy interviews including EVE, Cecile and Elaine. And also the prestigious lead writer/ and executive producer of the Bold and The Beautiful, Richard Bradley Bell, bliss.

I grew up loving oldskul music, especially R&B. So when I got the chance to have a one-on-one with international R&B singer Donell Jones, I just felt like it was God send. It wasn’t an omg-donell-remove-your-pants moment (that was Fally Ipupa who i also got to interview). With Donell it was more like, God bless you for still holding it down for so gone is Montell Jordan, Case and most 90’s music groups. Read here the story I filed for UP Mag 505-a-toast-and-a-dance-donell-jones-in-nairobi

Music? Discovering Frank Ocean and Jahaziel was by far the best thing my ears and heart experienced in 2011. Thank you Raul and Masha respectively for that. A review on Jahaziel here the-still-livin%E2%80%99-mixtape-jahaziel

Books? ‘Love in the time of cholera’ was a beautiful read, thank you Wanjeri. 10 Quotes from the book here  10-quotes-from-love-in-the-time-of-cholera  I absolutely loved Khaled Hosseini’s ‘Kite Runner’. General best read goes to a feature titled ‘Best time to be alive’ from Intelligent Life magazine. Of all the places, this was my best  best-time-early-childhood

Thanks Octopizzo for introducing me deep into Kibera and Arusha, the slum’s Swahili food café with Ugandan chefs. Nakwambia, the true East- African bashment crew.

Thank you Wamathai for allowing me to host Wamathai december edition, together with Robert. It was a pleasure not peeing in my pants and seeing a successful end to the gig.

As for normal relationships, that didn’t happen. Not to say that I didn’t try sampling some fish off the proverbial ocean. I am still looking for a tall, dark and handsome man, who wears Neyo-fedoras and sings like Bez or Charlie Wilson. See, that’s why I am single:-)


Arise (A definitive international style magazine on African art and culture) took me in as one of their freelance contributors from E. Africa, thank you Carinya. Here is my debut story for Arise, an interview with Winyo. P.S in my regard Winyo is the best musician from Kenya. Read the story here 101464

Also got a job promotion at Kenyan magazines UP (Urban Perspective) and Kenya Concierge. From a contributor, I became the staff writer at both:-) Yaaay, to me! I felt best at ‘Music behind bars’, God bless you Insect and Natalie for the noble cause. Read on it here 453-freedom-through-sound

In the short time I have been blogging and writing professionally, in terms of hospitality and wisdom; Mzee Elimo and Philda Njau of the Paa Ya Paa art centre are at the top. Follow this link to read on my love affair with Paa Ya Paa how-i-fell-in-love-with-paa-ya-paa

Bonus pix, at Kinanda festival with Kev, Sweetawa, Wanjeri and Nanjira. Reumac took the pix, thank you.

2011 taught me a lot. At the front, how to dust myself, if I don’t succeed or get misunderstood. I look forward to 2012 mostly because I have no choice, how can I look back? I have had visions in the past, I always either surpass them or achieve different ones altogether. So as 2012 takes off, I delve in like a blind bird. No resolutions. I am ready to soar into the unknown.

5 thoughts on “2011 Goodness

  1. Awesome experience u got here buddy and FYI ur still my greatest inspiration in the field of journalism. All the best in your endeavours

  2. its very thrilling indeed.anyiko i remember you at u.o.n as asimple and quite lady. im very delighted to see read and see your wonderful work ‘ grapevine’ now kindly tell me why you were so quite in class but very active in responding to questions? wish you a prosperous 2012 with lots of love.

  3. Thank you Sammy. You are also as inspirational. @ Vincent, haha ati i was quiet in class? That’s because i listen a lot then only talk when necessary but thanks a lot for the kind words. I hope i can always be that campus girl:-) Happy new year to you both.

  4. One last thing you forgot my dear Soul Sis and partner-in-crime is that umejijiua status yako! Love you so much, proud of you and will always stand by you.

    “Digga-da, digga-da, digga-da, digga-digga-da-da/Yo I tell you the rest when I see you*in the office* peace.”

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