A Note for Mama

Dear mother,

There’s none other like you. And it’s really cool that for nine months, you carried me inside you. Like an innocent fool I came into the world and you taught me what school couldn’t. That respect is earned not demanded. Am always reminded of your humility and agility. And that to succeed I have to maintain my authenticity.

Mum, you’re beautiful. Your eyes sparkle like the sunray’s reflection on water. I am honoured to be your daughter. Your affection is priceless. You always love regardless. You are the provider of wise counsel. You are the divider of food in the house. You are the arbitrator when people disagree. You are as strong as a rock.

You are inspirational. When I am irrational, you always provide the voice of reason. Of all seasons, you work hard. Your laugh is infectious. Your heart is golden. Even in olden age, you still exude youthfulness. Your generosity exceeds the ordinary. Your simplicity is to reckon. You give extra attention. You are selfless.

When restless, you told me to practice patience. Thus haste or hate don’t exist in your dictionary. You have the power over the world. Despite your humble itinerary, wherever you go, you command attention without asking. The air around you always feels ample & safe. It’s like an angel surrounds you. Even though I didn’t get to know Dad well, i know that’s why he adored you. He still does. You’re cool peeps ma.

And for all these things & more, thank you.

Yes, You. Yup.

Your smile is irresistible. Your charm incapable of another. If you were a constable, I would break no rules. But because you’re just a brother, yours are made to be broken. I appreciate your presence, it’s like a token of your gravity. Your chastity is sacred. Your purity admirable. Your wit amiable. And I couldn’t stay away from you even if I wanted.

I am haunted by your graceful touch, always making me lurch towards your motion. While your silence is peaceful, your emotions run deep. I like that because sometimes, I see through your eyes. It’s a place free of lies. It’s where I want to hide when I am weak. It’s where I am understood, even when I can’t speak. And I would be in full swing, even when I didn’t realize it.

You’re a surprise as beautiful as the sunrise. So each day I rise to the occasion of seeing you, being with you and simply, feeling you. Your words inspire many. I aspire to be just like you, a leader. I don’t need a fortune reader to know that your hands were made to fit in mine. Because like a treasure hunt, you found me. And even if you didn’t know it, I would still be your ideal diamond. Yes, me. Yup.

War, Heart, Art.

It’s a wall built so strong and high around her existence, to protect her from you, and all the hurtful things you did. She keeps home, and away from you; because it’s a battle. When she loses she’s the wounded soldier who fell in the dirty puddle of love’s water. When she wins, she’s the little miss perfect, you say. Her rounds of ammunition were not enough because she wound up battered. The crowds of spectators didn’t matter. The more they cheered on, the more she continued to bleed. In bloody love. If you were graceful, you would surrender. For she is under duress, stress and anything you would think of, other than your so-called, love spell.


Stainless, still.

Her lips are stainless. So if you want her mark, don’t kiss her. You’re clueless. That’s because you read her like the back of a book– insufficient. If you take fright, she will take flight. If you take it lightly, she will fight. If you are serious, stain her heart with your signature. And like a lithium stain, she will stay. For its her nature to be stainless but not still.

Hey Month,

Dear May,

I want to be a better person. To write letters to actual people and not months, like you. To stick to my policies like glue. To be true to my friends, family and myself. To be selfless and kind. To be a one-of-a-kind woman. Not to lie. To listen and learn. To teach what I know. To practice and grow. To love in slow motion. To share emotions as much as emoticons. To give second chances. To breed a heart of forgiveness, one that’s full of happiness. To bleed love, and need it. To leave behind bygones. To be blind to see good where there is dark–nothing. Halting everything, to let God reign. To refrain from haste. To taste life, the good and bad. To hush and not rush. To let go of fall and pain to celebrate gain. To let it rain. To let is shine. To feel past my third button and be real past the bosom, be deep. To let the flowers of my life blossom. To let go of those which died. To be brave and not hide from my fears. And because June, December and the rest are members of your family–to you all, this is my prayer.