Disappearing Acts

You were here. I could feel you. But then when I opened my eyes I couldn’t see you. For you were gone. Like a shadow, you stalk me. The more I run away from you, the closer you seem to get. But my touch is never enough for I touch your shadow. I am shallow to have thought that [it] would be capable of feeling. Instead I should have swallowed my pride and touched [you] instead.

You are there. I can see you. But I can’t seem to put my hands on you. For you are elusive like a reflection on sea. If the sun shines, you smile and are submissive. But when the weather dampens, so do your spirits, I observe. You deserve someone who understands you. Someone who knows that you don’t have to be seen or heard, by anyone other than yourself. Me. And to stay, leave the shadows and lean over; so I can feel your real weight on me.

Just don’t push me too hard …

Misty window

She’s a mystery unspecified, elusive yet real. In reality she’s your dream.  But in your dreams, she comes to life; changing faces and taking you to places you’ve never been. Every time you try to pin her down, she’s back at trading places; pacing royally up and down your mind, making your heart start racing like crazy. The hunt is on but she’s the unidentified stranger yet a companion. Her dominion has power over you. When she smiled, your problems disappeared for a second. And when you lied about her, it felt like you cheated on yourself.

Like secrecy, she is a matter of confidentiality. Other than in your mind, no one knows where you can find her. She’s the kind that’s hard to get but plays no games all the same. If you let her stray, she’ll come back. But if you force her to stay, she might not be fulfilled. And if you fill all the blanks, though available, she is still nowhere to find. The journey to her heart is one you’re willing to take as her hands have power over you. When she grabbed your chest, you lowered your guard and touched her breasts. And they felt like mountains of truth.

She’s indefinable. There’s something about her strength that’s similar to the oceanic waves. When you push her further, her currents hit back harder. When you are calm like the sea breeze, she’s the water that goes far away to hide. And she doesn’t come back till dawn. But she always comes back, you realize. But she’s still intangible. You want to touch and feel down the lace of her bodice and not keep chasing doors. You want to protect her from closed doors but she won’t stop running. In her pursuit, you’re stuck in a myriad passages learning one from the other. Though accused of insanity, you’re asleep brother. And if you’re still trying to find her, don’t bother waking up.

Reflections …

The skies are bright and the birds are singing, suddenly providing me with that everything-is-alright warm feeling. As a victim of your love, I have been warned of suffering but out of the blue I realize that though my stakes are high, spring is nigh. For my heart is slowly transforming from temperate to snow cold.

The skies are dark and the birds worryingly circling above, suddenly providing me with that shit-it’s-gonna-rain feeling. As a victim of your love, I have been warned of stormy days but unexpectedly, it’s you who’s in danger. For my heart knows no weather but reign; stronger than a hailstorm.

The skies are crystal clear and the birds are nowhere in sight, suddenly providing me with that balance-is-life feeling. As a victim of your love, I have been warned of loneliness but am afraid you’re the loner with empty skies; stainless and needless of anything or anyone. I am leaning over looking into the sea’s reflection of your sky. If you ever do the same, tell me what you see.