You were here. I could feel you. But then when I opened my eyes I couldn’t see you. For you were gone. Like a shadow, you stalk me. The more I run away from you, the closer you seem to get. But my touch is never enough for I touch your shadow. I am shallow to have thought that [it] would be capable of feeling. Instead I should have swallowed my pride and touched [you] instead.

You are there. I can see you. But I can’t seem to put my hands on you. For you are elusive like a reflection on sea. If the sun shines, you smile and are submissive. But when the weather dampens, so do your spirits, I observe. You deserve someone who understands you. Someone who knows that you don’t have to be seen or heard, by anyone other than yourself. Me. And to stay, leave the shadows and lean over; so I can feel your real weight on me.

Just don’t push me too hard …