Foolish heart

Street artI am the sunshine and you are the rain. When we mash-up, your grey skies and my blue makes a reverie of colors. When night falls, we become one—only separated by distance and invigorated by our trance. When you are missing, I know you’ll be back as the stars serve as a constant reminder. Shining bright, and sending a sign that without you, I must suffer not. Even though, without you I suffer a lot.

Please hold out your hand, body or soul, and reach over to my side of the universe. Lie next to me silently and don’t leave, but listen to these verses I wrote for you. For even before I met you, they were meant for you. To dry my tears, lock out all your fears. For even when we are far apart, our spirits mustn’t be far apart but near. And even if it’s stark dark, you’ll see and feel me. You’ll realize that I am all yours. But you fail to see—that you don’t need anybody else, and that all you needed was my foolish heart.


  1. mutegi · March 14, 2013

    Prosetry, simplistic yet powerful. I LOVE this one. *Caps for emphasis*

  2. Manyala · March 15, 2013

    What I love about the emotions expressed is that it makes me feel like – ‘I used to feel this way, I dont feel this way no more. I would like to feel this way again. Why dont I feel this way’ Simply put, it has stirred my heart. Gudu one.

  3. shikubeth · March 20, 2013

    Hi Miss Black Roses. I have been following your posts and i admire your determination and efforts. My email concerns an initiative by a poetry group in Facebook – Poetry For Fun – whereby I am required to promote Kenyan poets on the page. I would like to feature you as one of the poets and writers i have been following. What is required of me is to write something about you and share it on the page. If you are interested in taking part please let me know as i am yet to start the edition.

    Thank you! BETH WANJIKU.

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