A tale of Two

Can’t help but wonder why, like a paper being blown away by the wind, you are elusive. And why, I am like a foolish child constantly chasing after you, innocently thinking I will catch you. Maybe I won’t. Maybe I will. Maybe the wind will blow you upwards towards me, and with my grasp I could clasp your hands into mine and feel why I kept running for you.  Maybe then I can start learning how to read the writings on you before the weather damages everything.  Maybe then I can write on you a thing or two and our words may one day inspire other paper chasers never to give up.


  1. coconutspeak · September 3, 2013

    I just love the way you write my lovely sister. Made me cry tears of joy. No kidding.

    • Miss Roses · September 4, 2013

      Good tears, I hope 🙂 Thanks Coconutspeak. You are my sister, much love!

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