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bmj 3What’s not to love about Gabrielle Union? She’s gorgeous. She’s also the star of BET’s most successful original series to date: Being Mary Jane (BMJ). I really love black series (the likes of Martin, Soul food, Girlfriends and The Game) because I find them extra soulful. I relate to them.

The soundtracks in BMJ were excellent! They even played Lianne La Havas “Elusive” and Jessie Ware’s acoustic “Night Light”. Also loved that most of the songs were by black artists. When I tweeted that, someone called me racist on Twitter and added *Trevor Noah voice*. Now I didn’t know whether to argue with them or just move on, but just to set the record straight I am not a racist and I am not ashamed to declare that I am naturally inclined to drum beat towards black stuff, as the famous saying goes, Black Don’t Crack.

There were a couple of times, when I felt like the whole professional egotistical crazy black woman persona in BMJ was going a little far and was making me feel exhausted, but in the end I really loved how ordinary yet dramatic the love life stories in BMJ were, among other themes. Here are my five lessons from the series that I felt everyone could pluck a piece from.

1. Never Ever Fall In Love with a Married Man

The problem with love is that you don’t know, and can’t avoid who you will love. And in Mary Jane’s case, she started falling for Andre (played by the yummy Omari Hardwick) before knowing that he was married. But she continued to pursue the relationship anyway. Such scenarios will always end up badly. And every woman should consider sacrificing a man she loves for the sake of the togetherness of an entire family, including kids. Just get your own single man. Side note - why do they always give Omari Hardwick the suffering roles? BMJ. The Last Letter. For Coloured Girls. Dark Blue. Why oh why.

2. Check Your Sex Game but Don’t Steal Sperm

BMJ takes the crown for the steamiest premiere. The first 10 minutes of the first episode, with Andre and Mary J making out to Rihanna’s “Cake” creates a thrilling anticipation for more. Through Andre we get to know that men don’t like lazy head and care that women aren’t generally lazy in bed. By the time Mary Jane gets the balls to face her ex boyfriend David (played by the yummy Stephen Bishop) and talk out bottled up issues, like why she stole his sperm—she’s literally nothing but just another crazy black woman, drunk and a nuisance. When you want to talk to an ex, wait till the feelings have subsided, avoid it if you just hooked up with them, and lastly – don’t be under any influence. Finally, do not steal their sperm. As David says, “If you want a baby, just ask.”

3. Forgiveness Is Key

At first, Mary Jane is blinded by her own version of perfection and impression of how people should live their lives. It’s until Mary Jane is able to forgive her weakness and see her faults that she can apologize to those she hurt along the way. It’s another of life’s little rules. Forgive yourself, ask for forgiveness and then you will find closure, and later on – what’s you’ve been praying for. I really loved what her momma said when she found out that she was having an affair with a married man. “Cry tonight because tomorrow is a brand new day to make it right.”

4. A Job Isn’t Everything –Success Is

Mary Jane is a local celebrity and a recognized face among many Americans. This makes it very hard for her to socialize with everyone. This makes it harder for her to allow herself to fall. She is constantly under scrutiny, at work, at home and even on the streets. It’s very unfair that her extended family is lazy and she has to foot nearly everyone’s bills. She is caught up in maintaining people’s lives. Her pregnant niece asks her, “Where’s your man? Where is your baby and happy ever after” She realizes the importance of taking time for the self. A job is what pays the rent but we also need to align a lot of things that surround us. Take time to relax and enjoy yourself away from work. Make living your life and cherishing moments also part of life. Part of the reason why Mary Jane breaks up with her former boyfriend is because she was so caught up in the mindset of having to find an ideal man who makes as much or more money than her. Although money means a lot, appreciate other life’s simple pleasures like love and happiness.

5. Black is Beauty

No matter what anyone says about black skin and black girls, black girls will always be viewed and reviewed in relation to black identity. That’s because black is diverse and the skin also comes in different shades. We can’t help that other people associate black with ugly or weak and it’s unfortunate that some black girls have taken it the wrong way too. Whether you are in Kenya, America or abroad, your black skin is beautiful. Be proud. Let it not define who you but you must identify with it. Be your best person. If you don’t succeed, as Mary Jane says, “Stay at number BMJ 4two position. You are almost there but not yet.” Here, there isn’t as much pressure. Be patient and take time to learn and you will make it to the top. No matter how men or the society take professional women, or women who have everything a man has, or can do everything a man can, that doesn’t matter. Be respectful to all sexes but most importantly, don’t forget to do you.

P.S: Adored the male casting and fashion/styling in BMJ. Can’t wait for Season Two!

BONUS: It’s a little interesting that Gabrielle Union really is a Mary Jane in many aspects. It’s been widely reported that her fiancée Dwyane Wayde cheated on his ex-wife with her and still cheated on her (Gabrielle) with another woman and even got a baby. I don’t want to judge, but that’s messed up. Now watch this video of Lupita Nyong’o talking about Black Skin and Beauty.

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1.Dr. Preston Burke

He was dark, handsome, tall and the best cardiothoracic surgeon in Seattle! Burke however seemed to always be distant, the kind of man who you would never know what’s on his mind. His devotion to his work is very attractive and it’s what makes Cristina, the hungry intern for knowledge on cardiothoracic surgery fall in love with him. Their relationship goes through several rough patches, from Cristina, the workaholic having to settle for a relationship to Burke’s tragic accident, when he is shot on the arm in an incident right outside the hospital. Burke’s arm never heals completely and he is unable to operate with his right arm, this situation breaks him down. The last of them is when he eventually stands up Cristina at the altar after she hesitated to enter the church on their wedding day. He eventually leaves Seattle Grace. Word went round that he went on to win a prestigious medical award at a different state. I miss Burke, I feel like he was destined for big and better things in the developing story. He had a very strong character, un fortunately he fell out with one of the actors on set and the series had to fire him to avoid bad publicity.

2. Dr. George O’Malley

He was my best doctor ever! He came from an ordinary family that never believed that their Georgy did become a doctor! George was just a great person, a loyal friend, he had a pleasant character though sometimes overly emotional. He had the hugest crush on Meredith, ended up marrying Dr. Torres  who divorced him after finding out that he cheated with his best friend Izzy who was at that time not in her clear mind, literally she had a brain tumour. In seas 6 the introduction of Dr. Hunt is the beginning of Georgy’s end, Hunt convinces George to leave Seattle to go become a doctor at the military. George leaves hastily and misses his own farewell party when the rest of his friends were planning to cajole him to stay. Later that day, a man who was badly injured and completely disfigured after being hit by a bus trying to save a girl on the streets is brought to the hospital. He undergoes various surgeries and doesn’t seem to be doing well.  One night when Meredith was checking up on the patient, she noticed that he was trying to communicate using his hands. Meredith decodes a hand sign that George used to love and realizes that the man was George! She breaks down and calls the rest. George starts to code and despite efforts to save his life, he finally dies. You think his friends cried? I cried the whole night, haven’t cried as much since Titanic, LOL. George has asked the writers to depart the series, but did they have to kill him so tragically? That was just heart wrenching and by far the most dramatic and saddest season finale! Most of the fans even thought that the writer would introduce another George, with a different face since the accident messed his face but that never was. Goodbye Georgy :-(

Dr. Erica Hahn

She was annoyingly authoritative but at the same time you had to love her for being the only other cardiothoracic surgeon to stand up to Dr. Burke, in addition she was lesbian! We all need a little spice innit! The most memorable Hahn episode must be her introduction, when Dr. Burke flies to her hospital in a different state to get her patient’s heart for his patient whose life was on the line. Hahn on the other hand did not want to give up the heart. Chief Webber later employs Hahn at Seattle Grace and she saves the day when Burke gets an accident. She has a fling with Dr. Torres that never really flourished before she leaves Seattle. Yet another very strong character killed, yuck @ the writers!

Dr. Isabel Stephens

I think she was annoying in soooo many ways but now that she is gone, I miss her! What was most outstanding about Izzie was her beauty, a broad with brains is usually a good combi! She is the doctor who can’t keep her mouth shut, moreover she is the most spontaneous of all. She falls in love with a patient, Danny Duquette who proposes to her right before he dies! She is later haunted by his memories after he lives her millions of his fortune. Izzie uses all that money to start a special medical ward at Seattle Grace called The Danny Duquette memorial. She is later diagnosed with a brain tumour after marrying Dr. Karev at the height of her ailment. She later becomes distant and falls out with Karev, they divorce and she eventually quits the whole being  a doctor vibe. Looked like a diminishing character to me.

We really miss these characters, a miracle would be their recurrence which is highly in doubt!

My best friend Bunny loves Medical Dramas! Every time I go to her house, we are always fighting over the TV. She always wants to watch Scrubs while I am watching MTV or something. I hate Scrubs! (currently at the risk of coming out as a completely not humorous person but yeah I said it, I don’t like much of  hospital dramas and especially comedies) I am more of a sci-fi chic so when I blog about Grey’s Anatomy that means that it’s actually very nice. The numerous awards can also testify.

Thanks to the pact Bunny and I made, that she would start to watch Lost and I would do the same for Grey’s anatomy, I am now completely a hospital drama-chic! Currently done watching season 7 of Grey’s and wow can’t wait for season 8!

Grey’s anatomy is a medical drama that in the beginning revolves around the lives of surgical interns Meredith Grey, Izzy Stephens, Cristina Yang, Alex Karev and George O’Malley. The series is about the interns struggles to attain residency and at the same time maintain a balance in their personal lives. The residents and various physicians serve as their mentors at the Seattle Grace hospital which later merges with Mercy West hospital. The 5 later proceed to their residency through Dr. Miranda Bailey, a superb general surgeon’s mentor-ship. The surgical program is run by the Chief of Surgery Dr. Chief Webber.

Other main characters include the best attending physicians in Seattle and beyond, Dr. Derek Shepherd for neurosurgery, Dr. Preston Burke, Erica Hahn and Dr. Teddy for cardiothoracic surgery, Dr. Mark Sloan for plastic surgery, Dr. Torres for Orthopedic surgery and Dr. Hunt for Trauma surgery among others.

The Mer-Der factor

The Meredith Derrick combi has been the driving force of the series height of love stories, well until they finally get married! Their relationship has experienced loads of ups and downs from the days when Meredith was a disturbed intern whose mother dies from Alzheimer’s, through Derek’s series of flings with nurses. Her mother’s death breaks her heart and she turns to Derek, Mc Dreamy, the sexy and egotistical surgeon whom in the beginning she had a one night stand with, just a day before her first working day at Seattle Grace. Derrick deceives her as she finds out that he had been married to one Addison. Addison had fallen out with Derrick following her affair with his former best friend Dr. Sloan.

Derrick finally processes his divorce papers and proves his seriousness in his commitment to fix Meredith, he marries her and is building a house for them. Their love is tested when Mer suffers a miscarriage during the hospital shoot out when Der is shot in the heart by a crazy man trying to seek retribution after his wife died at the hospital. Cristina Yang however saves Derricks life as she performs an urgent  cardiothoracic surgery on him even despite the assailant holding a gun to her head. That was very scary. I think the two were tailor-made for each other, a very nice love story. Seas 6 finale was the one!

Cristina- Hunt

First of all, I hate Hunt because he is the one who convinced Dr. O’Malley to leave Seattle Grace, and thus his sudden death! I preferred Cristina with Burke mainly because Burke’s ideals seemed to be the same with Cristina’s. They were great partners at work, and in bed. Hunt comes in and its havoc. Starting with his disturbed self, throwing violent fits at night, how ironic for a trauma surgeon? He finally marries Cristina but lets her get into depression following the hospital shootout. She can’t operate anymore as that whole vibe haunts her, I think this story becomes very weak and the writers need to revamp her character, that surely isn’t Cristina! I think Hunt was better placed with Dr. Teddy (Kim Raver)who is an actress that I’ve always loved since her role in 24

Dr. Alex Karev

Sexiest doctor alive! In contrast, also the rudest in Seattle. He is the kind of guy who has sex with you and doesn’t call or text the next morning and will certainly have no apologies to make. He is the guy who snaps at you and walks away never to look back. However, he is also the guy who is very passionate about little kids, he later seems to specialize more in pediatric surgery. He is also the guy who was brought up in a foster home, whose siblings are either druggies or committed suicide, like his mum. Marrying Izzie was a big step for such a player and a person from such a background but I guess it teaches us a lesson that no matter where you come from, you can overcome your fears and be very successful. Despite his bad attitude, I loved Karev. Do you remember the episode when he stayed up all night shirtless carrying a little baby on his chest? His body temperature helped stabilize the baby’s. Just one thing, a shirtless Karev is better than TIRAMISU :-)

Dr. Avery

Move over sexy Sloan/ Mc Steamy and Mc Dreamy! Introducing the new sexiest doctor from Mercy West, Dr. Avery! He is Mc-everything! His eyes must be his most priced possession! Funny thing, there hasn’t been too much of his character advancement. He is just the pretty boy. Well apart from the fact that he survived the shoot out while some of his colleagues from West were shot dead and that at first he had a huge crush on Cristina (I hoped that would have developed, QUES: Why does Cristina always get all the good guys? msschew) Mr pretty boy also had a crush on Teddy, we’ll see how that goes! Most memorable pretty boy moment is when Dr. Teddy walked in on him shirtless, goddamnnit! And he never really had sex with anyone, mmmhhh. He is really the good guy, can’t wait till he turns bad.


I love Dr. Bailey, she gives so much into the hospital and her patients that her marriage even disintegrated. I wished she stayed with that hunkie doctor from Mercy West, whatever his name was! I hate Dr. Lexi Gray, she talks too damn much and she is just annoying and incapable of seeing any good thing that comes her way!  I love the reformed Dr. Sloan and that Karev is trying to date her.

Grey’s Anatomy is great, the choice of male actors is excellent! Also love the scripting, that the doctors experiences and problems always seem to echo their patients. This goes deeper into the viewer, when you watch it, you connect with it, it’s always personal. I now wait till the real Cristina resurrects, Dr. Avery’s character is built and to see what comes out of Karev’s life. Derrick has become boring, also awaiting on his revamp!

Bonus: Sales of The Fray‘s “How to Save a Life” grew by nearly 300% after the track was used in Grey’s Anatomy! Isn’t that something right there?

The 8 Days of 24 in Review

Welcome to the review of the most self-centered series revolving around the staro of the decade, Jack Bauer! Jack single-handedly saves America from terrorists in just one day, well the world if we are talking of securing nuclear weapons that are scheduled to conduct acts of terrorism in other parts of the world. The award-winning and super costly series to produce events occur in real-time. Jack saves the President from assassination, another one from signing a blood shed peace treaty, uncover government conspiracies, just to mention, and all that and more in a record span of just 8 days, lets not even go into the number of men that Jack took down. Lets go!

Best Days!
24  Season 2
This was the first adrenaline pumping season that set pace for the rest of the days!  The successful arrest of a denotation of the nuclear bomb that posed a threat to L.A is the very first major threat and creeps fear into the audience. With the able assistance of Michelle Dessler, Jack and his partner Tony Almeida manage to uncover a conspiracy within President Palmer’s cabinet. Jack avoids the assassination of Palmer in day 1, then a Senator. Day 2 however ends with the president collapsing giving a speech as a biological weapon attack beckons.. That was probably the greatest of  finales i have ever watched!

24 Season 3
The best day if you ask me :-) As cold-blooded as Jack is, he seems disturbed following his wife Teri Bauer’s murder in Day1. Working undercover with drug loads renders Jack a heroine addict. His new partner is sexy Chase, he is also dating Kim Bauer, Jack’s daughter, bad idea. A fact that doesn’t make Chase’ life any easier seeing it’s hard enough being Jack’s partner. The major threat in this day was the Virus. It’s final destination holder, Michael Amador is dangerous and sexy, talk about great casting! I liked the chase of the dangerous and sexy by the sexy Chase. The danger of how lethal the virus would be is a thrill to the audience till the last-minute when Chase attempts to sacrifice his life by attaching his hand to the virus delivery device. Chase eventually has to lose an arm to save his life.  Once again, the day is saved.

24 Season 4
Welcoming the acting prowess of Kim Raver who plays Audrey Reines, really loved this woman. Jack is now working for the Secretary of State James Heller who is the primarily targeted by the Middle Eastern  terrorists led by Habib Marwan. Marwan was badass! The danger in this day is worse than any other as Marwan has a series of attacks in plan and one terrorist attack actually goes down. Before the day is saved, a chinese consul who worked with the terrorists is killed in a shooting battle between CTU agents and the terrorists seeking refuge at a Chinese consulate. The situation draws bad diplomatic blood between China and USA. President Keller’ s plane crash allows the appointment of his vice president Charles Logan as the president. Logan wants to get rid of Jack as Palmer warns Jack in advance. With the help of Michelle, Chloe and Tony, Jack is able to feign his own death and goes MIA for a period of about 4 years. Very disturbing finale.

24 Season 5
The assassination of David Palmer, Michelle Dessler and the death of the ka fatty dude from CTU who used to sit next to Chloe, Edgar is an anticlimax. Jack is accused of murdering his friends. It hurts him that they are dead and then accusing him? Oh no, Jack is back and very mad! He is on a personal mission, to find out who killed his friends and in turn revenge!  Turns out President Logan was behind the attacks in a bid to somehow sway the Russians decision in signing the anti-terrorism alliance treaty, really Prez? The audience is perturbed by the realization after Jack unveils President Logan as having been the villain all along. Logan is finally impeached. Tony Almeida dies- I cried, and cried and cried and cried. Like a baby.

From DAY 6-8
The momentum is on a downward spiral, explaining why the series audience reduced by large numbers prompting Fox to stall another season. I mean how do the writers kill Tony Almeida then bring him back to life? I loved Tony and all, but he should have never come back. Writers already did that with Jack once, so not cool. Bringing Almeida, a good man back to make him a villain ati in pursuit of revenging his wife Dessler’s murder was so uncool. The Tony we knew was better than that! That was serious character assassination.

Wayne Palmer, the late David Palmer’s brother acts a very naive and gullible president, as compared to David Palmer making it feel less appealing. President Taylor and her seemingly shaken family together with her emotions just don’t add up to a good president. All the decisions she makes in the final Day8 are wrong starting with her choice to let the ex-rogue president Taylor be her advisor. Jack’s character is reduced to a hacker in the last day! The writers seriously diverging from the previous life saving days to a day that saw Jack kill people in cold blood, following his lover Renee Walker’s assassination. Jack fights to expose the Russians assassination of President Omar and his lover in time before President Taylor signs a peace treaty with the Russians. Very stupid plot as before Jack would put the country’s needs before his, this last day was all about revenge and cold blood murder. As far as am concerned the peace treaty might have been signed because if anything, blood had already been split. Then Jack disappearing in the end mysteriously is a loop, why? Heroes don’t do that, oh he wasn’t a hero this time, just a guy who had murdered people ruthlessly. President Taylor resigns. That day was more like an apocalypse. Urrrg, bad end.

Most Memorable
1. Chase (Kim Bauer’s boyfriend) sacrifices his life and attached his hand to the virus delivery device. Jack cuts off his arm in an attempt to save him from the bomb explosion.

2. Jack shooting his partner Curtis dead. Curtis attempted to shoot down a terrorist who was responsible for the death of a member of his (Curtis) family. Jack had to kill Curtis in exchange of the life of the terrorist who would later give Jack the info he wanted.

3. Jack killing badass chics Nina Myers and Dana Walsh in cold blood. Nina killed Jack’s wife Teri, Dana played a big role in working with the Russians to fuck up Taylor’s admin and the peace treaty, she proved to be a very annoying and renegade bad bitch.

4.Jack shows signs of humanity when he vomits after killing Curtis. The only time Jack possibly ever vomited in the whole series.

5. Jack torturing his own brother who had information on some nuclear canisters. Turns out Jack’s dad over doses the son (whose name i cant rem) to death. Sad but it runs in the family.

6.Killing Audrey Reines husband, indirectly by ordering the only medical personnel to attend to the terrorist first so they would give Jack vital information that he needed. I think Jack just didn’t like Mr. Reines, he loved Audrey too much to kill her husband.

7. Jack bit a terrorist’s neck and an accomplice of a Russian syndicate’s ear, YUCK!

8.After Teri’s death, falling in love again with Audrey Reines, then Walker… other proofs that Jack was actually human.

9.Cutting out an Russian sniper’s intestines after he refused to give valuable information, Jack retrieves the memory card stick in his intestines, it had information he needed. Jack was bad!

Characters we really MISS :-(

1. Michell Dessler and Tony Almeida (PERFECT combi)

3. Curtis (He was a very cool partner)

4.Chase (Cool partner though agent Ortis day8 completely overshadows his swag)

5.Audrey Reines (Great actress and overly emotional for a day’s occurrence)

Memorable QUOTES:

Start of Day 6 , Jack is running late at CTU. Somebody tells a worried Chloe, “Maybe he is caught in traffic” Chloe answers, “Jack doesn’t get caught in traffic, he walks against the traffic!”

End of Day 4, James Heller warns Jack against pursuing his love for his daughter Audrey Reines. He tells Jack, “You are cursed, anything you touch ends up dead”.

Day8 when Jack calls up his bootlegger dude for weapons. The man tells Jack that he better not show up at his doorstep. Jack answers him, “If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have had that doorstep, now I will there in 10″.

I REALLY LOVED 24, so sad it had to end. Too happy though that it made me man up to action movies. I now really dig the conspiracy types of movies and shit. Long live Jack Bauer who says that if the demand for 24 still ensures and the writers can get more inspiration, with a backing of the productions funding, why not have another day?

Lets have a DAY 9 yo!

LOST in pictures

LOST is with no doubt going down into the history books as one of the most critically acclaimed and groundbreaking shows of the past decade. The final episode, “The End” isn’t just as literal as the meaning to “end” but also synonymous to the beginning of an end. The battle lines are drawn as Flocke and Jack Shepherd put the island’s destiny into place. The final episode showing Benjamin and Hurley talking about how they served their time as the island’s guardians depicts that, the island still does exist and probably led by another chosen person or maybe it found other candidates, who knows?

Special shout out to LOST writers, Jack Bender, Damon Lindelof and the rest. At least y’all made sure that after the end, we are still left blogging, buying LOST past dvds and spreading the LOST gospel. We appreciate that lots of questions were answered but a can of new emerging questions was left unopened!

Here are the top 10 :

1. Jacobs brother (MIB) who turned into the black smoke, did he ever have a name?

2. Jacob’s real mum, and fake evil mum, where were they from? How did they get to the island?

3. Was Dharma initiative a fail whale? I mean what good ever came out of their experiments? and for whose benefit?

4. Who supplied the food with the Dharma initiative logos from the sky and how did they manage to do that? The gods?

5. Who were the people living in the Egyptian temple? Seas6. and why did the black smoke kill them all?

6. What were the Egyptian artifacts all about? Did they have any significance?

7. What happened when the bomb went off? How the hell did Juliet survive through it?

8.When the Flight oceanic 815 crashed was Sawyer an undercover cop or a real con?

9.Where and how did Jacob get his powers from? What powers did he exactly have? Did anyone who took over guarding the island automatically then have powers?  Did he have the power to give life by touch? Rem the Ricardo episode?

10.Why was Michael and Vincent absent at the church in the end, if it really was a journey of all the characters? At least we know Benjamin refused to attend the church service willingly…

LOST finally revealed!

It’s been a week or so since i watched the final episode of LOST 6! I have since been as twisted as the sci-fiction show that finally drew its curtains after 6 series relayed over a period of 6 years! I had planned that i would blog about it as soon as i finished watching the finale episode but i just couldn’t! Instead i went into deep thought, absurd cravings, i mean i ate a banana just as soon as i wrapped up watching the ep.

A banana? Anyone who knows me knows that i loath bananas. But after i took it down, i went into deep sorrow, deep thought. I mean my favourite show of all time had ended, it had left me clueless and helpless, i went back to watch that final ep. again, i did that the next day and the next day and the next day! Until i put all the pieces of my thoughts and revelations together and WOW it feels nice to have finally deciphered LOST!

If you read my previous LOST posts, i was partially right about the purgatory vibe,  it’s just that when they crashed, they actually did CRASH!  ” Whatever happened, happened, ” said Jack and that never changed. That means that the island was real, the experiences they had in the island were real, those who left the island and came back and finally left again, really did leave.

In the 2nd last episode, the candidate. The conversation Jacob has with Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Jin i think,  is quite revealing, he tells them that he choose them all and that anyone of them could then succeed him as the island’s protector.The big question i asked myself was: If anyone of them could have taken over to lead the island then why did they all go to the island? I mean why did he (Jacob) dedicate his life to stalking the oceanic flight 815 survivors, remember how he had instances with all of them before they crashed?

Well, then  i figured out the answer is simple, it was a journey of all the characters. Not one character, just like the LOST writers had kept saying, LOST was always this journey that wasn’t personal but communal. It would make no sense if anyone of them was missing.

I think that when we see Flight Oceanic flight815 finally land in season 6, that was in another limbo-life, what would have happened if they never crashed at the first place. But that wasn’t real as they did crash and they never landed. Do not take the landing in season 6 so seriously, it’s a limbo-life, meaning it’s not real, it’s what is presumed as could have been real.

I will then proceed to contradict myself, the conversation Christian Shepherd had with his son Jack in the church, at the end is most certainly the most defining moment in LOST, well among others including the Ricardo episode. Anyway Christina Shepherd tells Jack that, yes he is real, and that the time he spent at the island was real too, and most importantly the time he spent with the survivors of the plane crash was most definitely real and what was of utter importance :-)  There you have it!


Everyone eventually died, people like Jack, Hurley, Benjamin, Shanon, Jin, Sun, Charlie really did die in the island. Some like Sawyer, Kate and  Sayid lived on their lives in the outside world and eventually died. The reunion at the church was symbolism for a timeless time (Jacks Dad says, there is no NOW here) when all the people who were in the island finally completed their journey of life. They all did not die at the same time,some died way before others , some way after others, tis is evident when Kate tells Jack that, I have missed you so much… she must have died before him. It is also evident when Hurley tell Benjamin that he was the best no.2, meaning their time as the island candidates must have run out and they died,  maybe someone took over after them.


You are a LOSTIE

Definition of the word LOSTIE=> Someone who is obsessed by LOST, you know like me :-) Someone who has watched it religiously season 1 to 5, gotten well………….. LOST a couple of times but constantly kept on, watching it over and over, asking their friends questions about it, dreamt about it, wish they went to an island like that…..

OR simply said, a LOSTIE is also that person who never really gave the show the patience and attention that it deserved, their devotion, but thought it was one of a kind and still is interested in it and how it will end! So if you are reading this you are probably still a LOSTIE! ha, see i tricked ya’ll :-)

OR even simpler, a lostie is anyone of the LOST characters.

Through out this post am gonna be posing questions, they are rhetorical and to be hopefully answered by the writers in the final season!

Nway this is the continuation to my previous article, “are you Lost or a Lostie?” Sooooooo… Americans totally suck! LOST premiered last Tuesday 2rd Feb across the U.S. I woke up Wednesday morning, as usual check my twitter trending topics and get so turned on! Lost was trending! Damn! So i got to the freaking page and what were the dafts doing? Every goddamned person was spoiling! Talking about who died and what finally happened to the plane, that suxx!

First, the lead writer Damon Lindelof already leaked info that either Jack or Locke, the two mainest of characters would die within the first episodes of Seas 6. So yeah,we have been spoiled for enough, how about LOST American twitter trenders shurrrup! So what am gonna do now isn’t spoil but theorize what LOST could be, i mean it’s symbolism to the real world/life, to you, to losties. Why has it taken the world by storm? I am just gonna use everything i have seen from season 5 going downwards back to 1.

It’s less than 24 hours before the world’s most talked about show final season 6 premiers across the globe! It is twisted as you would think! I don’t even know where to start. Ok, first they crashed in a mysterious, untraceable island,then after 100 days 8 out of the survivors were rescued, the ones who remained thought it was their destiny to do so. 3 years later those who left were all social misfits, worse than they were before they crashed in the island, it took them 3 years to then realise that the island was their destiny so then they decided to go back!

Since the island was supernatural, on going back they found that it had time traveled and now they were 30 years back there. When they first were at the island there was a mysterious hatch and they found that it had some wierd combination of numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 that had to be constantly punched, it was someone’s fault to not have punched the numbers on time and thus the flight ocenic flight 815 crashed! So was it fate/ destiny after all?

So now that they were back in the island 30 years back, it was when the Dharma initiatve (a scientific project that was based in the island) was being built and they saw the hatch that would later have the number punching being built. Well, i know you are lost already! Why the number punching? That one i will answer for you, it happens that the land beneath where the punk scientists built the hatch had certain electonic forces that later reacted with the components of the hatch and thats why the numbers had to be punched to somewhat neutralize the natural disaster the absence of number punching would cause, you now understand why the plane crashed on that day that someone called Desmond forgot to punch the numbers?

Ok, so we have finally gotten to the finale of season 5!! The surviving losties unanimously decided to bomb the hatch, so that then 30 years to come when they actually crash, they dont! If they successfully destroy the hatch then maybe 30 years later they could change destiny, meaning all those who died in the crash/ the island come back to life and everyone has a chance to start a new!

But then if they had just stayed put in the island when they got there, none of these things would have had to happen!


I think LOST is symbolic for purgatory, i think when they crashed, they all actually died, the island was then a place where they only were alive to start a new life but in real life they were all dead, however they came back to life/ the real world due to their absence of submission to the island’s destiny!  In summary, how many times have we found ourselves in life situations and try to fight out of them? Instead of dealing with them, living with them? In short, LOST is a teaching that in whatever life situation that comes your way, do not run away from it as it is most probably fate but use it as a stepping stone, learn from it, that you may never go back to your old bad state and then want another chance to go back to the opportunity you lost again!

LOST was an opportunity to a second chance to life, but most of the LOSTIES did not see it a that, how many opportunities are placed right in front of you everyday but you dont see them as that? You think you are too insignificant until it’s too late!

Trust your instincts, your heart, when DESTINY calls, answer!


According to, LOST came number 2 after Supernatural in top of 09 series! LOST made Time’s list of the 100 Greatest Shows of All Time!  LOST also came 5th on Empire magazine’s list of the top 50 Greatest Shows of All Time!  The New York Times, defined LOST as the show with perhaps the most compelling continuing story line in television history!

Ask yourself why you never gave it the attention, it deserved!

Are you LOST or a LOSTIE?

NOTE : All the numbers in capital.

A lot of T.V shows have been written and produced, won a whole load of Oscars and awards in general, remembered and forgotten, as well.  A lot of seasons/ series have been made; god knows some things got up to over 10 seasons. Well, we all got our favourite shows of all time. Which one is yours and why is it just, “that one?” That’s not a rhetorical question, i wanna know!

Could it be because it’s silly, tickles you? Or is too emotional, makes you kind of see yourself in a character and you kind of relate to it, what’s your specialty? Is it medicinal? Makes you kind of get a scoop of the lives of doctors and what goes on around the white walls? Is it all CSI, inspector Derrick? Is it comedy, science, fiction, romance, tellenovelas, random ones like the series, DRIVE? Who ever watched that? It was about an underground cult of race driver junkies who would abduct someone you loved/ close to you and make you join a driving race and force you to kill someone at every stop, or they kill your dear person, anyway that was awesome! Not the death part but the thrill. Too bad season 2 never came out…

Well, now we are talking consistencies and this is the part where you get LOST…………….To start with, I am the kind of person who gets sooooooooooooooooo…. engrossed in a movie/ a series, we all do. But i really don’t know what exactly made me fall in love this deep with the series, I choose to write about it because am strange just like it is. It is mind stimulating, superstitious, well crafted, everything I love strangely enough! Critics/ haters have said it’s a waste of time, everything goes round and round, what was its whole point but i chose to try decipher all that myself. Because it’s how life is anyway, going round and round, if we don’t take time and try figure things out then we never even see the least of opportunities thrown our way!

LOST is an American sci-fi drama series, showing the lives of a Flight Oceanic 815 crash survivors on a mysterious island. The world’s most talked about TV show nears its SIXTH and last season, it’s been SIX years since it ventured and it’s writer’s prowess captured the audience’s addiction.The plane that was en route to L.A crashed somewhere in the South Pacific never to be found, well until a HUNDRED days later, after having dealt with the fact that the island was quite mysterious! It inhabited a smoke monster, polar bears in the tropic, other island dwellers popularly known as, “the others” and most of all it had supernatural powers, that could do a whole load of things. A great example, any woman would conceive in the island but no child conceived in the island would survive together with the mum, one of the two had to die. A secret research group of scientists was also based in the island, working in the island, known as the “Dharma initiative”, there was a  mysterious number punching code, 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.

Aren’t you lost just yet :-) OK,  no one would think they crashed in an island for a reason, ok apart from bad luck but believe you me, this one was for a reason. It took the “losties” HUNDRED days to either believe in the island’s  fate or not, some were rescued, some remained. It took those who left THREE years to realise that they had to go back to the island as it was their destiny, HOW?? See, now you are lost!? But you don’t wanna come out of it. What they didn’t know was that the island was a second chance to life, back in the real world, it was so shitty just like it was before plus there was a bad rumour among them that if they didn’t go back the rest who remained in the island would all die. They had started dying anyway. So they realised that they had to go back but not to stay, but to change their destiny, HOW?? This needs a part TWO.

The main Creators/ Producers/ Directors Damon Lindelof, Jack Bender, Jeffrey Lieber ad J.J Abrams are geniuses, they insist that from the start, they knew very well how the masterfully woven web would end. I know i wanna theorize for you how things went on and what symbols they represent, but do you think you can handle a PART 2?

To be continued….


In keeping with time-honoured tradition, series
creators JJ Abrams, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof are remaining tight-lipped. When asked about Lost’s ending, Lindelof sits teasingly on the fence: “Some people will think it’s enormously satisfying. Other people will think it’s not satisfying enough. It all depends on the way that you watch the show” (USA Today)

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