2011 Goodness

An awesome year it was so I decided to segregate my highlights into the things I adore most; living, loving and writing.


I obviously lived to see this day, so thank you God. I also thank family, friends and Grapevine fans for the support. In 2011 i met a brilliant Kerugoya kido, sigh. Read on him right here the-12-year-old-kerugoya-boy-%E2%80%A6

Hiking trip to Hell’s gate national park was adventurous. Riding a bike through the rough 8km terrain is no walk through an ordinary park. I fell off the bike a couple of times, some people tried to convince me to give up. I didn’t, and eventually made it to the gorge ready for another damning walk. It felt like life’s journey. People will discourage you but if you are tough, you should make it through. Speaking of which reading Lance Armstrong’s book titled ‘My Journey back To Life’- It’s not about the bike, redefined my understanding of self determination.

I also got my first modeling gig with True Love in their October issue fashion spread. The shoot dubbed ‘Spring date’ was a colourful impression in celebration of True Love’s 7th anniversary. Will post a picture or two as soon as I get them from super photographer Emmanuel Jambo. Thank you Sunny for everything. 

As for the reason why i write, it soothes me but THIS made my year —> blog-posts-that-speak-to-me-a-womans-prayer Stella, Black Roses is honoured to have been of inspiration.


Grapevine was really a fun ride, it was my second year at hosting and reporting at the show. We got a nomination for Kenya’s best entertainment show by Kalasha awards. Through the year, I conducted crazy interviews including EVE, Cecile and Elaine. And also the prestigious lead writer/ and executive producer of the Bold and The Beautiful, Richard Bradley Bell, bliss.

I grew up loving oldskul music, especially R&B. So when I got the chance to have a one-on-one with international R&B singer Donell Jones, I just felt like it was God send. It wasn’t an omg-donell-remove-your-pants moment (that was Fally Ipupa who i also got to interview). With Donell it was more like, God bless you for still holding it down for so gone is Montell Jordan, Case and most 90’s music groups. Read here the story I filed for UP Mag 505-a-toast-and-a-dance-donell-jones-in-nairobi

Music? Discovering Frank Ocean and Jahaziel was by far the best thing my ears and heart experienced in 2011. Thank you Raul and Masha respectively for that. A review on Jahaziel here the-still-livin%E2%80%99-mixtape-jahaziel

Books? ‘Love in the time of cholera’ was a beautiful read, thank you Wanjeri. 10 Quotes from the book here  10-quotes-from-love-in-the-time-of-cholera  I absolutely loved Khaled Hosseini’s ‘Kite Runner’. General best read goes to a feature titled ‘Best time to be alive’ from Intelligent Life magazine. Of all the places, this was my best  best-time-early-childhood

Thanks Octopizzo for introducing me deep into Kibera and Arusha, the slum’s Swahili food café with Ugandan chefs. Nakwambia, the true East- African bashment crew.

Thank you Wamathai for allowing me to host Wamathai december edition, together with Robert. It was a pleasure not peeing in my pants and seeing a successful end to the gig.

As for normal relationships, that didn’t happen. Not to say that I didn’t try sampling some fish off the proverbial ocean. I am still looking for a tall, dark and handsome man, who wears Neyo-fedoras and sings like Bez or Charlie Wilson. See, that’s why I am single 🙂


Arise (A definitive international style magazine on African art and culture) took me in as one of their freelance contributors from E. Africa, thank you Carinya. Here is my debut story for Arise, an interview with Winyo. P.S in my regard Winyo is the best musician from Kenya. Read the story here 101464

Also got a job promotion at Kenyan magazines UP (Urban Perspective) and Kenya Concierge. From a contributor, I became the staff writer at both 🙂 Yaaay, to me! I felt best at ‘Music behind bars’, God bless you Insect and Natalie for the noble cause. Read on it here 453-freedom-through-sound

In the short time I have been blogging and writing professionally, in terms of hospitality and wisdom; Mzee Elimo and Philda Njau of the Paa Ya Paa art centre are at the top. Follow this link to read on my love affair with Paa Ya Paa how-i-fell-in-love-with-paa-ya-paa

Bonus pix, at Kinanda festival with Kev, Sweetawa, Wanjeri and Nanjira. Reumac took the pix, thank you.

2011 taught me a lot. At the front, how to dust myself, if I don’t succeed or get misunderstood. I look forward to 2012 mostly because I have no choice, how can I look back? I have had visions in the past, I always either surpass them or achieve different ones altogether. So as 2012 takes off, I delve in like a blind bird. No resolutions. I am ready to soar into the unknown.

The Maasai Mara Safari

It happened in 2007 but I remember it like it was yesterday. Plus I always wanted to put it into writing.

Soooo…. my good good friend Smiles was scheduled to leave the country for Germany in a few days. She was not going to leave temporarily but permanently. Ouch! Reason being, she had found love, across the seas and the oceans.  Nway she finally was going to leave behind the LDR (Long distance relationship) thing and settle down with her man living in Germany. It was really  itching me that I was going to have to let her go. I had become attached because at that time she was living with me and my sis at our house, I kinda had chips fungad her permanently 🙂

I wasnt sure about this man she was going to live with, would he change his status later on, would he treat her like the queen she is, i just had so many questions in my mind! Well, before her decision to relocate she had been working at the Mara Sarova and her resignation came as a surprise even to the management. As her name suggests, Smiles has always been a person full of life and smiles, letting her go was like letting go of a beautiful summer day, soooooo.. as a token of appreciation she got a holiday for two at the Mara before her departure and guess who were in the next bus ride there? Me and Smiles wohoooo!

It was completely unplanned, first and foremost, we were soo broke so we had to jav all the way! The shuttle we took from Nairobi, Nyamakima was alright, I must say. Though I saw some funny looking people down there, well…  I thought they were funny looking until we got to where we were going…. wait on….We had been instructed by the manager of Sarova to be at Narok at 2.00 p.m, SHARP! This is because there was only one bus that would transport us to Sekenani, the town right before the National park a.k.a where the hotel was! If we missed that bus we would therefore have to cab, and we didn’t have enough money for that! So yeah, it was a matter of life and death!

Of course we were running late already, as woke up late back in Nairobi. Why does your alarm always mess you when you need it the most?  We got to Narok at 2.10 p.m.! Hungry and thirsty as hell but first things first, we panted towards the stage to see if we could still catch the bus seeing we were already 10 minutes into the late running! Sooooo…. just as we got to the stage, we saw the bus, sorry, “mini bus, i then reckoned” pull over from the stage, it had a sign, “SEKENANI/ Tanzania” We just hopped in, eastlands style, phew! We could now sit and sigh though we were still starving mad! We couldn’t sit together, as the only seats remaining were singles.

I sat next to an old Maasai  man, he was sitting next to the window. Smiles sat right behind us,  next to another old man who had been singing since the time we got into the matatu! “This should be interesting, ” I thought to myself.  Now, Narok to Sekenani drive should be slightly more or less than a 5 hours drive but as the journey commenced, it somehow felt like we were going back into time. The  road got worse, the stench in the matatu got heavier, the heat was more like hell redefined, and the damn old men couldn’t stop singing out loud! Wow, so helpful just when I wanted to nap, soooo the old man sitting next to me was drinking some lethal smelling alcoholic drink/ chang’aa style and chewing khat/ miraa. Oh gosh it was so disgusting!

He had a sequence, chew, drink then spit outside the window and after a while he just reminded me of my dreadful highschool days of Physics! That thing, was it called ripple effect or doppler effect? Which one is which? That when something is moving at a certain speed, the other thing adjacent to it, will move at a separate speed, probably slower? What was that now? Nway as he was spitting out the window, the moving car’s speed/ wind took over the effect and the spit didn’t go outside the window but into my friend Smile’s eyes! Remember? She was sitting right behind us! It was one of the most disgusting moments i had ever experienced, in my entire life! Her eyes were full of that green stuff, and what made it funnier? She started crying hahahahaha! That’s me laughing at her, little did I know my time was coming up ahead.

Finalement, we got there tired as junk, disgusted like I don’t even got a simile! The Sarova land rover or is it cruiser picked us up from Sekenani, first pittstop when we got there was shower, shower and shower! It felt like we were somewhere among the others in the LOST island, I loved the civilization 🙂 Later on eat and relax was the itinerary. No need to explain how the four nights we had there was, you know what girls do, bitch, gossip, eat, hug and drink and eat was the order per say!

Now on the last day, we did something stupid, or not, depending on how you look at it. We got so drunk!!!! We downed three boties of brandy. On the next day in the afternoon, Smiles was going to the embassy to pick her visa or something like that so we had to make that travel back through hook or crook! It was hardly two hours from the time we hit our bed in the wee hours of the morning when we had to wake up, that same deathly mini bus called  ‘DUB DUB’ from TZ was the same one we had to catch at 4.00 a.m.

So this time round, everything went well, we were up on/ in time and we caught the bus! The baridi was so frighteningly desert like,  what!? I was still so freaking high, now that was a confused feeling i had right there! When we got to the bus, it was full to capacity and then what? My friend Smiles said we had to get in, as I was already backing up from it. I didn’t want to get in, i even suggested for us to go  back, but in vain! So we had to stand through the whole journey, all that stuffiness that early morning! Apparently the next bus passing through Sekenani would be at 5:00 p.m., at that time we should have reached Nairobi!! #BUMMER

Soooo, after an hour, I started getting some heat rush and feeling kinda nauseous, so I told Smiles, ‘I don’t think am feeling too good.’ The last thing I remember was sweat dripping down my forehead/ spine. The next thing I saw when I opened my eyes, was ZEBRAS! The sun was starting to rise up, it was a beautiful day,  the grass was green and looking all dewy fresh, zebras were grazing right there in front of me and that’s when it hit me, “I must have died, wow! Thats how good heaven looked like!?, then I was like, God why did you have to take me so soon?” Suddenly, I heard someone shout, “AMEAMKA!”

Apparently, I had fainted in the bus, silly me to actually think that I had died and went to heaven. But that story was so funny, we laugh at it to date with my girl Smiles. We got to Narok/ Nairobi safe, she got her visa alright, she left me for her man, i cried alright, since then she visits often, we talk all the time/ Facebook of course, she is now happily married and living with her husband in Germany.

BONUS: Last year she came back home to have a Kenyan wedding here. Well she had already, had one before, the ngurario. Is that what they call it in Kikuyu? Then in Germany she did one too, so in total she has wedded this guy or vice versa thrice 🙂 I was her maid of honour and the only one in her bridal party. I am honoured to date 🙂 That was a pixx we took at the weeding, that’s me and her, her hubby and his best friend as his best man.


My Own Beyond Chance

I was the Miss U.O.N 2009  1st runners up….AHEM! I wrote this piece a while back, last year, kept it to myself, now i wanna share it…….

Exactly a week before the Mr & Miss U.o.N pageant, all the contestants including me traveled to Murang’a Kandara. We went there for a charitable event, lets just say that by the time we left that village, we had treated over 250 kids and old folks with jiggers too.

To be honest, I wondered to myself what I was doing in Murang’a, I kept on hoping time would pass so I would go back to Nairobi after all, I was scheduled to have a girl’s crazy night out with Wanjeri and the rest. The soil was red, it was dusty, not my kind of thing! So the doctor showed us the 3 ways of how to wash the jigger infested legs with medicine, gloves on and kazi ikaendelea! My attitude was let’s get this over and done.

I want to think that i am a strong person so I didn’t even think of crying… I washed and medicated a couple of kids feet/legs like 10 kids until my eyes caught this little boy….
So I took him to clean his feet, something inside me drew me close to that kid to date I don’t know what it was. As I started washing his legs, I realized that he had the worst of jiggers compared to the other children. His case was a bit severe. As it caught my attention, I asked him if he had ever wore shoes and he said well, yeah until they got worn out. Then I asked him where his mother was, he said she died and that the dad ran away so now he lives with the cucu. I heard the desperation in his voice, the hope that he would have wished things had turned out differently.. the regret, the loss of hope, somewhat apathetic.

At that particular moment, something gripped my heart like a vein went loose and it really hurt. Tears started coming down my eyes and I kept on telling myself, “fuck what the hell?”  These kids were not supposed to see a “role model” crying, you know someone they perceive as well off & all. Someone who is supposed to give them hope. It was bad because I couldn’t wipe the tears, as I was wearing the gloves. So I just saw my tears falling in the water basin the boy’s feet were in. My tears 1 by 1 ……

When I looked up, the baby boy was also crying! And I thought to myself what did I do? Why is he crying? Was it because I asked him about his parents or because he saw me cry? What do u think? I don’t know, i didn’t know then. So I told him to stop crying but he just couldn’t, tears were rolling down his cheeks like a river! Quite a moment as we were both crying. When I was done, with crying and the washing I didn’t care I removed the gloves and wiped the tears from his eyes.

I took him away, we went to some corner to bond. Then I interrogated him, police station style 🙂  He told me where he lived, among other things that he was in class 3 and 10 years old. I felt so weak/ bad because I couldn’t help him. At that particular moment I only had 100 bob (was a popper that day) and don’t forget I needed 50 bob to javv back home from town so I told him we could only split my 100 bob. I asked him wat he would do with his 50 bob and he said he would buy a mandazi, because he always gets hungry. Then I asked him to buy 1 mandazi per day for the next 5 days cz he said mandazi was 10 bob. So we became friends and we was chilling,  then suddenly he tapped me and told me in kikuyu, “ne wega” (thanx) BTW I hear and speak Kikuyu. Then I said “hatire na oru” (don’t mention it) then we was back to chilling …..

Then I realised shucks!! Hadn’t asked the kid his name, he said he was Joseph Ndungu’, and my heart skipped a beat!! And I asked him his surname, Njoroge, i got dumb folded….SHOCK.

What were the chances that I had gotten into a pageant randomly, went to Murang’a for charity, I even didn’t wanna be there, washed so many kids feet and not even looked at their faces leave alone asking them their names, but the little boy who touched my heart & made me cry shared a name with one of my closest friends, my homeboy who lives right across our house, we call him Ndocha but his real name is Joseph Ndung’u Njoroge, just like the little boys’. Identical!!

It then dawned to me, that things normally don’t just happen for no reason. The same way we don’t just meet people for no purpose but everything is written!!

At that same moment I saw my friend in another life. That would have been my friend, if he was born in an unfortunate world. Same to the little boy, if he was fortunate he would have been my neighbour today. I saw the same person in two different lives. Am sorry but am like that, that critical.

I was so freaked out, when I left that boy he ran out of my sight and I never saw him again…..

That night when I came back home, I showered and blackout on the couch thinking about that boy. When I woke up and decided to go to bed, I prayed for that kid. Then I got into bed but I couldn’t sleep!! All I could see were flashes of his crying face, haunting me for almost 40 minutes and I asked God wsup ??

That day I gave birth to a new ambition, that one day I will go back to Murang’a and find Ndun’gu and take him, adopt him. (SOMEHOW) He was in class 3 then, now 4. I have exactly 4years to go.. If I can’t adopt him, i gotta be realistic too, at least I can go get his contacts so one day I can check up on his life and may be one day I can be able to decipher why God made me travel all that way just to meet my friend in another life..

May be I am a dreamer, so help me GOD.

2009 in Review

Do you ever look back at your life, and feel like the days, weeks, the months were moving at a snail’s pace? Not necessarily to mean destructive days, neither automatically constructive days per say but it seemed like some sort of time travel. Well, i do feel like that, almost all the time but especially this time of the year. Just a few days into the anticipated 2010, there are so many things we all look forward to as Kenyans or non Kenyans. There is the new constitution, that may hopefully be passed in 2010, maybe we could actually choose the destiny for those who will live the VISION 2030, there is South Africa, a first for the world cup to be held in Africa, there is the return of LOST> one of TV’s best shows of all time! the final and the sixth season, there is a whole lot of stuff going on..  As 2009 draws to an end, a lot to be proud of and to remember as well. The second ever MTV awards Africa were held in our city Nairobi, a lot of Kenyans finally re unite and re define twitter activity, Facebook will not be mentioned. Statistics show that a record number of kids joined primary school, hallelujah to the Millennium Development Goals!! Statistics also indicate a decrease in the HIV infection rate in Kenya, mmmmhhh, eminent persons Kofi Anaan and Ocampo came calling, what better way to salvage Kenya if we wont salvage it ourselves?

What is there for you to re call? What is there for you to hope for? Well, we all have different memories of this past year, drunken, sober and as well as our sane aspirations… Like the image of the girl waking up, is the echo inside my being. I feel like i can hardly remember 2009 as much as i still remember the month of December 2007.. And you know what haunts me the most, is how easy we all forgot about the post-election violence. Did you ever think about the innocent lives lost, the innocent children left homeless and the innocent blood shed?  “This is so cliché”, what we all say, but truth is we can never deny what happened. I tried to, but it dawned on me that i am always keen to watch the news, hoping to see something different from gangs, dirty politics, machetes, pangas, blame games but that’s what this country is made of. I figure that, to change the future, is as good as taking a break a deserved rest, it doesn’t necessarily mean blinding ourselves of the past but admitting that we went wrong and taking steps never to go back down that same path. How do we do that, if until now half of us haven’t read the proposed new constitution? The other half never voted anyway and among them don’t bother to get any civic education.. just thoughts.  On the other hand, i can hardly remember any positive thing out of 2008. I am guessing we was all disoriented and trying to bring back pieces shattered in 2007.

2009 was a great year or should have been as i reckon, not so many disasters, ok apart from the recent Nairobi Katrina!! I completed my studies at University, amen!! Graduation party real soon…  2009 lessons learnt, anyiko be selfless, anyiko let go of the past, anyiko believe in yourself, wake up as soon as yesterday! As soon as 2010 comes knocking, open you door and explore everything it has to explore. What have you learnt?